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If you are an avid chess player you must know that there are a few special chess moves that have specific names and are used by players in games. If you are not aware of them, do not worry because this article is to educate you on exactly that. From beginners to professionals, these chess moves and some of the rules we are to mention will not only help you increase your efficiency in-game but since these are not very well known by beginner chess players, knowing them will also give you an edge over many other players who are just getting started with chess. Bear in mind that the special chess moves that we shall talk about are not the most basics of rules in chess, rather they are a little complicated but helpful moves that will definitely enhance your chess gaming experience.

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The first of the special chess moves that we are talking about is something that is used most frequently by all chess players, regardless of them being professionals or players who play the game recreationally. Castling is a move that is generally used to improve the king’s safety and it is the only move in the entire game that allows two pieces ie. the rook and the king to move simultaneously.

However, there are certain conditions that have to be met in order for a player to castle. They are as follows:

  • Both the rook and the king must be in their original positions at any point of the game in order to make castling possible. If either of the pieces is moved even by one square, castling is not possible, even if the pieces are later moved back into their original position.
  • All of the squares between the king and the rook have to be left empty in order to make castling possible.
  • Castling is a special chess move for which the king has to be out of check. Also, the king cannot castle if he will be checked after moving to the new position.

If all of the above-mentioned conditions are met, then castling is possible. Let us also understand how castling is done:

  • You can move the king two squares to the rook on the corner of the board
  • Move the rook over by one square so that it ends up on the square right beside the king.

Although castling may sound like a complicated process at first, it gets easy as you practice and also is a special chess move that can save you from getting into uncomfortable situations. The only thing you need to pay attention to before castling is that all the mentioned conditions for castling are met and the move is done in the right manner.

Pawn Promotion

Most people know the pawns for being the weakest pieces of the chessboard. However, the truth is that pawns can actually be really strong pieces if used the right way. The pawn too can be used for performing a special chess move famously known as the pawn promotion, where once the pawn makes its way to the other end of the board, you can now exchange that pawn for any other piece, other than a king.

Normally, most people would trade the pawn for the queen, since she is the most powerful piece in the game. However, you are free to choose a piece based on your requirement. For example, you can exchange your pawn for a bishop, a rook, a knight, or a queen. Since promoting the pawn to the queen is very common, the name that has been given to pawn promotion to the queen is “queening”, and it is allowed to have two queens of the same color on the board at the same time.

Like we mentioned before, you can not only promote the pawn to the queen, but also other pieces like the rook or bishop. The name that is given to the pawn being exchanged for another piece besides the queen is known as “underpromotion”. This is because the queen is the most powerful piece on the board, hence promoting to the queen is a promotion, but swapping out the pawn for another piece is an underpromotion since the other pieces are not as strong.

Although the move is called underpromotion, it does not mean that it is a bad move. Sometimes, all you need is a knight or the rook in order to win the game, and hence, underpromotion is the move you should go for. Other than that, pawn promotion to the queen is the special chess move you want to go for.

En Passant

Last but not the least, we arrive at the last of our special chess moves that can help you become a better player. “En Passant” is a french term that means “I am passing” and it is a move that probably confuses most chess players even today, with many players not knowing that the movement exists.

Coming to the question, what does the en passant even mean in the world of chess?

Well, the En passant is a special chess move that can only take place immediately after the pawn moves two squares from its starting position, and it could have been captured by the enemy if the pawn had advanced only one square.

Before the 15th century, this move was not implemented in the game of chess, and pawns were not allowed to move by two squares on their first move. However, the two square pawn move was added later to quickly move up the starting phase of the game and that is when players started noticing that the En Passant move was possible after this modification to the game rules. This special chess move enabled a pawn to sneak past the other pawn by moving two squares instead of one and now the move is used by amateurs and professionals alike to enhance their gameplay.

However, just like all the other special chess moves we mentioned earlier, the Passant chess move also needs to fulfill a set of conditions to successfully perform the move. They are as follows:

  • The pawn that is capturing must be on its fifth rank
  • The pawn must be moved exactly two squares, ending up directly alongside the pawn that was captured on the fifth rank
  • Only once chance is given to perform this special chess move and hence, the capture must be made immediately.

If all of the above-mentioned conditions are met, then the Special chess move En Passant is possible.

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