Here Are Some Of The Top Best Chess Games Ever Played!


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Chess is a game of the mind. It involves a lot of strategizing and intricate movements to successfully deliver a checkmate to your opponent. Whether you are a beginner chess player or a professional one, you must always take a good look at the best chess games to derive unique strategies and learn good moves.

The best chess games in history featured gambits and tactics that could boggle your mind. If you observe the best chess games ever played, you will notice how the chess masters sacrifice the components that you usually believe are game-changers. But, in subsequent moves, they deliver a checkmate, turning the tables such that a losing game soon becomes the winning game.

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In this article today, we will discuss the best chess games of all time and the people who played them so brilliantly that these greatest chess games made history. So, let’s take a look at the best chess games that you can study and develop your own strategies immaculately.

The top 10 chess games of all time

The top chess games on this list feature some of the famous Grandmasters of chess who have indeed pioneered the movement of strategizing and sharing these moves with other players. You can learn a lot from the top 10 chess games to improvise your strategies in the future. So here goes:

1. The Kasparov and Karpov chess game of 1985

In 1985, when Garry Kasparov faced the challenging chess master Anatoly Karpov, there was more anticipation than ever. Rightfully so because this game came to be the greatest chess game ever played.

Kasparov had a desire to take the World Championship title and it seemed possible too when Karpov made the inaccurate tactical 11th move of black bishop shifting to Bc5. The obvious solution would have been the opportunity he lost to move the black knight that sat on B4.

From then the match pretty much favored Kasparov and he took the title.

2. The Kasparov-Karpov chess game of 1987

The Kasparov-Karpov chess games sure have a tendency to be nail-biters.

As evidenced in the prior example of the best chess games, Kasparov had taken the title of World Champion from Anatoly Karpov just two years before the best chess game ever played took place in 1987.

Karpov was desperately hoping to regain his title and Kasparov was under a lot of pressure. In the height of the chess middle game, during the 32nd move, the arbiter at the championship game had to remind Kasparov to note down the moves he made for posterity, as was the rule. He was so completely lost in the gameplay that interrupting his train of thought resulted in the biggest blunder during the 33rd move he made.

Garry Kasparov pushed his king to the incorrect square which immediately gave Anatoly Karpov an advantage. He was able to develop a defense strategy and came very close to regaining his title from the one who took it.

However, in the heat of battle and due to the unfortunate chess clock, he missed one of the best moves that could have brought him victory. From then on, Kasparov was on the winning streak, and in posterity, chess players actually discovered the major mistakes made by the two Grandmasters, not to mention the greatest players who ever lived to play the greatest chess game ever played.

3. The advanced chess game between Vishy Anand and Kasparov

You are starting to see a pattern here right?

Garry Kasparov was one of the best chess players that ever graced us with his presence. He would still be the greatest chess player to play the best chess games of all time had he not retired in 2005.

In 1995, Garry Kasparov faced Vishwanath Anand, one of the greatest chess champions from India. Kasparov appeared to have come prepared with the opening moves well into the middle game. A strange phenomenon unfolded when Garry Kasparov played his 21 moves in less than 5 minutes as per the chess clock while the rapid-chess champion, Vishy Anand needed excessive time to rethink his moves.

Turned out, the opening moves that Kasparov had preplanned and executed to precision actually made the greatest difference. Clearly, he had prepared well for all the possible pitfalls of his move before he even came to the match and Grandmaster Vishy Anand played right into his hand in the advanced chess game.

In posterity, we found that the moves made by Kasparov were as efficient as they come. Needless to say, he won the match.

4. The famous chess games between Vishy Anand and Topalov

Vishwanath Anand has sure displayed immense talent in strategizing and achieving grand titles. There are so many titles to his name and we can actually trace them through time by looking at the best chess games that he played. Unfortunately, not all of them can make it into this list but the game he played against Grandmaster Veselin Topalov in 2010 is certainly the best chess game ever.

The Catalan strategy is best known for being one of the positional openings with long-term moves. However, in this game, Vishy Anand tossed aside the theory of it all and went on to create history.

The move of the black pieces was completely unprecedented and definitely not one of the top choices. The gameplay involved such complex tactics that the palpitations rose. Finally, Vishy Anand emerged victoriously for having turned the Catalan into a mating attack. Thus, this is one of the best chess games ever played in history when the intent of a strategy was completely altered.

5. The best chess games between Spassky and Petrosian

In 1966, Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian played against Grandmaster Boris Spassky and won the game with a brilliant move that made this one of the best chess games of all time.

Petrosian was known for his style of making exchange sacrifices but in this game, he took the strategy to a whole new level. The endgame was so enticing that the moves were decisively regarded as brutally tactical.

In the first exchange sacrifice and the tactical shot played in the endgame were beyond brilliant. The moves in between were absolutely unpredictable and offered him quite the advantage on the game board.

6. The most famous chess game between Bobby Fischer and Spassky

Boris Spassky lost another very important and critical game against the most famous World Champion Bobby Fischer.

Fischer started the game with 1.C4, which traditionally became his signature move throughout his consequent matches in this game. The gameplay wasn’t extraordinarily faulty on Spassky’s side per se. He made intricate moves and played a well-thought-out game to the point that by move 26, he had not lost any significant material.

In time Fischer just took the lead and got a considerable advantage on the game board that he was able to exploit regardless of the different insignificant pieces.

The reason this is one of the best chess games is that it demonstrates the necessity of strategy despite how well your opponent may be performing.

7. The famous chess games between Botvinnik and Tal

One of the most famous chess games that Mikhail Tal played was against Mikhail Botvinnik in 1960. He played an Nf4 with the black knight in the 21st move, one that was so tactical that most chess players would not even have considered it. In fact, seeing as a computer AI can detect possible threats, the chess move was played only to discover that it is inaccurate.

Needless to say, even a great Grandmaster like Mikhail Botvinnik missed the complexity and tactic behind the move which resulted in a win for Tal.

8. The best chess games between Kramnik and Leko

The reason that the Kramnik-Leko match is one of the best chess games ever played is that in many ways it resembled the anticipation of the Kasparov-Karpov chess games of 1987.

In the palpable tension, Kramnik was losing against Grandmaster Peter Leko. The latter made some tactical exchanges for his black pieces such as the 8.Bxc5, 15.Nxd4, and the most popular 16. Qxd2+. Much like any computer AI, Kramnik was unable to see the complexity and stability of these moves.

Despite his brilliance with exchanges, it turned out that Leko made grave errors that actually ended up benefiting Kramnik in his gameplay and subsequently helping him ultimately win the game.

The takeaway from this most famous chess game is to realize when to make exchanges and when to hold your horses.

9. The best chess game in the world between Steinitz and Chigorin

The father of positional chess, Wilhelm Steinitz faced off against the Romantic-style master of attacks, Mikhail Chigorin. Wilhelm played the 20.Qf1 move has become celebrated gameplay for many grandmasters in today’s times.

Wilhelm had an innate gift of identifying positional moves, which he proved in this game when he found the 24.Rxh7+ and the 25.Qh1+ moves. Chigorin’s decline from his attack position was a given when he failed to anticipate these two moves and lost the game to Steinitz.

10. The greatest chess game ever played between Lasker and Capablanca

This game came right at the time when Emmanuel Lasker was considering resigning the game and the title to play as a competitor. You can imagine his mindset going into the game against one of the strongest endgame players of all time.

Lasker made an error during his two-move combination and Jose Capablanca crushed the game even though he was in a losing position earlier. The moral of this game, aside from the brilliant moves made by Capablanca is that when playing chess, keep your head in the game. Don’t quit because you couldn’t find a way out.

As you can see from this list of the top 10 chess games, the idea of learning a few moves is absolutely meaningless. Your opponent can turn the tables on you at any time as Vishy Anand did with the Catalan strategy or how Garry Kasparov took the titles in both the Karpov chess games.

If you want to learn how to play chess well, then study the best chess games in this list of the top chess games and identify the tactical moves. You never know when they will play out in your favor in a crucial chess match.

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