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Playing games has always been a relaxing activity that is often frowned upon by those how to think we are wasting our time. However, games like chess help build a foundation for strategic thinking, analytical progressions, and even people skills to some extent.

People who play chess often demonstrate invaluable skills in life. Their minds are acutely optimized to identify patterns and make logical deductions no matter the circumstance. So, if you are remotely interested to learn chess games, it is something that you should pursue.

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Learning chess for beginners can seem very cumbersome when you have absolutely no idea what to do. That is why we have compiled the chess rules that you need to know to learn chess the right way. We also have a detailed account of how to play chess so you can learn the chess game from scratch.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

How to play chess step by step

When you seek how to learn chess for beginners, you have already taken the first step towards a lifetime of exciting gameplay. Now it is time to learn to play chess with the right setup, strategies, moves, tactics, and whatnot. We have step-by-step instructions for your quest in how to play chess game that you can implement on a physical chessboard or even on online platforms.

So, how do we play chess?

Let’s find out. Here’s how you learn to play chess step by step correctly from the start:

• Begin by learning how to set up the game board

Setting up the game board is a pivotal part of learning how to play chess game. The positional aspects of the pieces have a great impact on gameplay. The movement of the bishops is entirely contingent on the color of the square that it occupies during the setup.

To know how we can play chess with the right setup, you can refer to our article or follow the rules below:

  • Always have the black square on the left edge and the white square on the right edge for both players.
  • Line the white pawns on the second row and the black pawns on the seventh row.
  • The white rooks occupy A1 and H1. The black rooks occupy A8 and H8.
  • The white knights occupy B1 and G1. The black knights occupy A8 and G8.
  • The white bishops occupy C1 and F1. The black bishops occupy C8 and F8.
  • The white queen occupies D1 and the black queen occupies D8.
  • The white king occupies E1 and the black king occupies E8.

• Learn the names and movement of each piece on the chessboard

It is important that you learn the names of the pieces when you learn how to play chess for beginners. The names of the pieces actually have significance to true war scenarios and you will enjoy learning chess for beginners when you realize the resemblance of war.

Each piece on the game board has different styles of movements, which we will discuss in the rules for how to play chess. Every strategy is contingent on the movement of your chess pieces. Therefore, to learn how to play chess well, you must learn and understand the names and movements of each piece.

• Study the special moves and rules

There are special rules in a game of chess and they are as follows:

  • If a pawn reaches the other side of the game board, it can be promoted to an important piece. You can choose anything from bishop, knight, rook, or queen.
  • A pawn can perform an en passant and move sideways to capture an opponent’s pawn if the move happens instantly after the opponent makes the blunder.
  • During the Castling of the king, the rook and king exchange positions from right to left while crossing each other by two to three steps.

• Who makes the first move?

To know how to learn chess for beginners start with the basic rules. How can we play chess initiation?

In answer to that and to learn chess game accurately, you must know that the player with the white pieces always makes the first move. Both players can toss a coin or decide unanimously who gets to play the white pieces before the commencement of the game.

• Learn how to play chess well with research

You shouldn’t just learn how to play chess, you need to know how to play chess well, and that can only happen with research. Learn how to play chess games and the winning strategies of chess masters. There is a lot of material to read the chess notations and follow the gameplay of significant grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov or even Anatoly Karpov.

• Check out all the popular gambits, tactics, and strategies

There is also an abundance of material to learn to play chess with tested strategies.

There are numerous gambits like the Queen’s gambits, king’s gambits, and even bishop or knight gambits that can help you bait your opponent. There are several well-known game strategies like the English game, The Spanish game, the Italian game, etc. There are also popular game tactics like the Fool’s mate, Scholar’s Mate, etc.

Learn these schemes in detail and implement them as much as possible when you learn how to play chess.

• Learn how to play chess well with practice

Ultimately, the only way to learn how to play chess is to actually play the game. Partake in as many games as you can with friends or family. You can play chess on apps and websites online against strangers across the internet. You can even take advantage of the techno boon and explore traditional AI or AI developed with Neural Networks infused into chess engines.

In any case, you can learn how we play chess and test everything that you studied regarding strategies, gambits, tactics, special movements, etc.

Chess rules

Learning chess for beginners can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know the rules. In order to know how to play chess, you need to learn its rules and regulations to become a good chess player.

Here are the rules for how to play chess game:

  • Always follow the movement of the pieces precisely for how to play chess. Here’s how the pieces in chess move for how to play chess game:
  • The pawns can only move forward in single steps. Only during the development move, the pawn can move two paces forward. It can move one step forward diagonally when capturing an opponent’s piece. It can also move to an adjacent square during en passant.
  • The rook can only move in horizontal and vertical files in multiple steps.
  • The knight can move in an L shape. Therefore, it has to take 2 steps in the north, south, east, or west direction and then take a right or a left for one square.
  • The bishop can only move diagonally on its assigned square. The bishop squares are assigned based on the color of the square it occupies during the setup of the chessboard. The bishop moves multiple squares at a time.
  • The queen can move in any direction for long ranges but in straight lines. She could move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • The king takes one step in every direction horizontally, diagonally, or vertically as long as he doesn’t move to a square that is under attack.
  • You can castle the king on any side of the board as long as you meet the following criteria:
  • The king only castles with the rook.
  • Neither the rook nor the king should have moved since the commencement of the game. That means it is the development move for both pieces.
  • There must be no pieces between the king and the rook, i.e., the pieces in between must have already developed as per the strategies in how to play chess.
  • The king has to take two steps towards the rook and the rook takes two steps towards the king during the kingside castling.
  • The king takes two steps towards the rook and the rook takes three steps towards the king during the queenside castling.
  • Know how to play chess well by checking the king correctly. A king is in check if any of the opponent’s pieces are attacking it for capture. This will be contingent on the movement of that piece. Therefore, here’s how the pieces in chess can attack the opponent’s king:
  • A pawn can attack an opponent’s king diagonally in front.
  • Bishop can attack an opponent’s king if it is diagonally on the same colored square as the opponent’s king.
  • A knight can attack the king if they are in an L-shape space where the knight would move two steps in any of the four sides and then take a right or a left.
  • A rook can attack an opponent’s king if they are both on the same row or column files of the chessboard.
  • A queen can attack the opponent’s king if they are both in a direct line of sight horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • A king cannot check the opponent’s king.
  • The king is allowed to capture an opponent’s piece even if it is in check as long as the capture does not result in a subsequent check. It is very important to know when you seek how to learn chess game that you never walk your king into a check as part of the rules.
  • Once you learn how to play chess, you will also learn how to checkmate an opponent’s king. A King is in checkmate if an opponent’s piece is attacking it directly and the king has no place to move away. This may be because the king is surrounded by its own pieces, or the squares he can move to are also under attack.
  • Stalemates are important factors for how to play chess games. A game of chess is rendered ending in a stalemate if either king on the game board has no valid moves to make without encountering a check but he is not checked in the current square.
  • In regards to how can we play chess well without losing, you can also conclude the game I a draw. For a draw game to be valid, you need to know how to play chess well with the remaining pieces. Thus, you need to follow the below rules for the game to be rendered draw:
  • When both players have moved 50 times but there have been no captures or pawn movements.
  • Both players only have their king pieces remaining.
  • Both players agree to a draw.

Now that you know the rules of chess and basically how to play chess, let’s start playing…

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