Learn The Elephant Moves In Chess

Learn The Elephant Moves In Chess

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Playing chess is an incredible way to sharpen your memory as well as your cognitive functions. You can learn how to strategize based on how each piece moves on the game board and implement these strategic planning skills in real life too.

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There are different ways in which the rook, knight, queen, elephant, and king move in chess. Today, we will consider how the elephant moves in chess for a better understanding of the subject.

In most definitions of international gameplay, the elephant is referred to as the bishop but for the purposes of explaining the concept in Indian chess games, let us take a look at how the elephant in chess moves.

What are the rules for how the elephant in chess moves?

In chess, the elephant moves diagonally as a general rule. There are lots of perks to these movements, including setting an elephant trap in chess.

To understand why the elephant moves in chess are incredibly useful, you first need to know how the other pieces move:

  • The pawns move two steps forward the very first time and consequently, they can only move one step forward.
the rules for how the elephant in chess moves
  • The knights take two and a half steps, i.e., two steps in any north, south, east, and west direction then take one step to the right or left.
the rules for how the elephant in chess moves
  • The rook and king can move sideways, forward, and backward in any direction but the king only moves one step.
the rules for how the elephant in chess moves
  • The queen can move multiple steps in any direction both sideways, forward, backward, and diagonally.
the rules for how the elephant in chess moves
  • The elephant and king move in chess in diagonal directions but again, the king can only take one step whereas the elephant moves in chess for multiple steps.
the rules for how the elephant in chess moves

You see, since in chess elephant moves diagonally with multiple steps, they can cover long distances and capture the opponents’ pieces easily when the movement is otherwise impossible for most other pieces.

Ideally, the rules of the game facilitate setting an elephant trap by combining it with knights to prevent the opponent’s king from moving. Thus, it makes it easier to perform a checkmate at any given time during the game.

According to the rules in chess, elephant moves can be hindered if there are obstacles in its path such as your own pieces. If the elephant is blocked by an opponent’s piece in the diagonal plane, then they can simply capture the piece. However, after capturing an opponent’s piece, the elephant moves in chess must halt at that position till your next turn to advance to the intended square.

Since the elephant in chess moves diagonally, the rules allow the opponent to move their targeted chess piece to another location where it becomes impossible for the elephant to make the capture.

The rules pertaining to how the chess elephant moves are pretty simple so let us move on to how to set an elephant trap in chess.

How does the chess stone elephant go to set a trap?

The most popular use of elephant trap in chess is used in the Queen’s Gambit Declined strategy. The phenomenon can be implemented in any opening and middle game strategy though, even as far as to set an elephant trap in chess for checkmate.

In the Queen’s Gambit and similar plays, the pawn blocking the path in which the elephant moves in chess is played first. This has to be an inward movement towards the center of the game board in order for the elephant moves in chess to execute smoothly without interference.

Once the elephant is free to move, you can set a trap with your pawns and the elephant surrounding certain high-profile slots on the game board such as D4, D5, E4, E5, F4, and C5. These are the central squares where attack and defense strategies are executed.

If you can liberate both your elephants, you can set an elephant trap in chess that covers most of the black and white squares. Now you can bring out the knights, i.e., the horses that sat beside the elephant to cement the trap.

Since the elephant moves in chess are diagonal, they cover a lot of bases if you place them at the center of the board. Coupled with the knights and pawns, the elephant traps are unbreakable such that the opponent is bound to lose a couple of pieces in subsequent moves.

Thus, in chess elephant moves are one of the coveted plays that most grandmasters use to surround their opponent’s fleet from a distance but without compromising their own defensive strategy.

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