Learn How The Queen Moves In Chess


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A queen can work wonders not just in her realm but also on the chessboard. The queen is the mightiest and the most feared piece in the game of chess. One of the reasons for its strength is the flexibility of the queen movement in chess.

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Let’s understand the amazing abilities of the queen chess piece and learn how a queen moves in chess—

What is the Queen’s Role in chess?

In chess, queen moves any number of squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and holds the power of the rook and bishop. In chess, game queen moves like the Rook and the Bishop combined i.e. the queen moves in chess in straight lines like the Rook and also diagonally like the Bishop.

One of the reasons why the queen is considered the most powerful chess piece is because she can move forwards, backward, right, left, and diagonally in any combination.

queen's moves in chess

In the game of chess, the power of a piece is denoted by the number of squares a piece controls. While a queen controls a total of 28 squares, a king can control a total of 9 squares from the center of the board.

What is the value of the queen chess piece?

In many chess games, you need to resign after the death of a queen. If the queen is used early in the game, it can be used most strategically and may become the most feared chess piece. You, therefore, have to be careful and try to safeguard not only the King but also the Queen.

There are various openings where the queen moves in chess very early in the game. Sometimes, you might have noticed that a player’s chessboard has additional queen chess pieces for Black and White. This means, the game of chess allows players to have more than one queen—this is called queening or pawn promotion. By this, you can gauge the value of the queen—players almost always promote their pawns to a queen.

Furthermore, the value of the queen also lies in her competence that she can move like a rook and the bishop combined.

Where to place the queen on the chess board?

On the chessboard, the queen always sits next to the king. The white queen sits on the left side of the king, and the black queen sits on the right side of the king. In chess queen moves from its respective colors i.e. the white queen moves in chess on d1 (a white square), the black queen movement in chess begins on d8 (a black square).

chess board setup

Popular phrases also originate from the way the queen moves in chess, such as “queen gets her color” or “the dress matches the shoes” or “queen on her own color.”

How to move the Queen in Chess?

The movement of queen in chess begins from her own colour as against the king’s moves that begin on the opposite-colored square. Based on the movement the chessboard is divided into two sides—the queenside and the kingside.

The movement of queen in chess is very flexible. She can move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Furthermore, the queen moves in chess in a combination of a rook and the bishop i.e. while rooks and bishops move only along their given axes, in chess game queen moves any number of squares in any direction, thus combining the bishop and rook moves.

Since the queen moves in chess in any direction, she can also capture the opponent. As long as there is no obstruction on the chessboard, the queen can move any number of steps in a single move by its own or opponent’s pieces.

However, you should also remember that, unlike the rook, king, and pawn, the queen moves in chess have no special grants like castling or en passant capturing. Neither the queen nor any other piece in chess can move like the knight. Therefore, the queen can also never jump over her opponent’s pieces.

Strategy and Techniques

Playing endgame with the Queen

There are many chess endgames featuring the queen. Here, the queenside generally has a decisive advantage, she moves in such a way that she shields a passed pawn from the opponent’s pieces when the pawn makes its way to the queening square.

You can master this move when you get a hang of the right sequence of pawn moves. Usually, after pawn promotion, checkmate is only a few moves away.

Playing against an aggressive queen

If your opponent moves its queen aggressively at the start of the game or uses its queen to aggressively attack, it’s usually a good idea to counter-attack the queen in the same aggressive way. With this technique, your opponent is bound to lose their tempo and you will be able to develop your pieces faster since the opening game.

Playing the Queen’s Gambit

You have to play White to play the queen’s gambit and start the game with a pawn to d4 move. Then, your opponent should move a pawn to d5. As such, both your pawns come in the center of the board. Now, your second movement of queen in chess (pawn to C4) will be the queen’s gambit.

queen's gambit

When to move the Queen?

The queen is more powerful than any other chess piece, therefore, players should master the timing.

At the start of the game, the Queen controls her army from the back of the board, so developing her too early in the game could jeopardize her position. Several players are tempted to bring their queens too early, and surprise the opponent with an early checkmate against the opponent’s king. However, experts believe this is not a good idea. Many experienced players reserve their queen for midgame or develop her even later.

In chess, it is important that you develop your other pieces before you plan to launch an attack with your Queen. The queen movement in chess midgame is most damaging. This is when your queen is most vulnerable and you need to protect her effectively.

A game centering the queen features lots of skewers and pins. So a good movement of queen in chess around this time will add pressure on your opponent without attacking your queen.

Remember, the queen always has the advantage over other pieces because she can move in any direction.

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Can a queen move backward in chess?

Yes, the queen can move backward in a game of chess, as long as there are no obstructions from its own or opponent’s pieces as the queen can’t jump over pieces.

How do you get the queen back in chess?

Players can get the queen back in the game of chess by advancing the pawns to the last row. After taking your pawn there, you should choose the queen as the replacement piece to get the queen back on the chessboard.

Can a Queen take a Queen in chess?

Yes, your queen can capture your opponent’s queen as long as it’s in your path.

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