How To Play Blindfold Chess?


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Blindfold chess is also known as sans voir. It is a type of chess in which the players are blindfolded and do not touch the pieces. It forces players to keep a mental representation of the pieces' placements. Blindfold chess moves are communicated using a standard chess notation. For years, blindfold chess was thought to be miraculous, but now people who can maintain track of multiple blindfolded games are becoming more well-known. An intermediate frequently conveys the moves between the players in simultaneous blindfold play.

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Chess with a blindfold has been played for centuries. It's long been used as a handicapping method, allowing masters to assign odds to less experienced players. Also, on occasion, top GMs compete blindfolded on an equal footing. The Amber Chess tournament was the most well-known regular event of this type. It ran from 1992 to 2011 and featured a novel and very entertaining format that combined rapid and blindfold chess.

How is blindfold chess played?

While it is possible to be physically blinded, it is acceptable for the blindfolded person to begin with a notebook and pen, noting the moves without looking at the board. You record each move as the game continues using algebraic chess notation, which is effectively the contemporary coordinate system for expressing where pieces are moved.

Assume you want to play the role of the blindfolded in a game of blind chess. Preparing through exercises is a wonderful way to improve your blindfolded chess skills. One task would be to pick a random square based on its coordinates and determine whether it is light-squared or dark-squared as quickly as feasible. You'll have a better handle on it as you practice, and the blind chess board will become clearer to you.

The difficulty of retaining the blind chess board's arrangement is one of the particular challenges of blindfolded chess. I was playing Jeremy at one point, and after about an hour, he said he "lost the board," which meant he had lost his mental image of the board. While taking notes on the coordinates can be beneficial, keeping a mental image of the setup is difficult and requires work.

Maintaining a mental representation of the board, as you might think, takes more effort. If you're the one playing blindfolded chess, you should feel free to take breaks and avoid overworking yourself.

Benefits of blindfold chess

Some people refer to themselves as chess players in order to project a sense of intelligence. The ability to play chess blindfolded takes it to a whole new level, as amateurs feel it takes some kind of sorcery to be able to do so. The creators of the mini-series The Queen's Gambit took use of this reputation, demonstrating how Beth Harmon could play out full games in her head by staring at the ceiling.

You have the chance to improve your game with blindfold chess. If you have problems envisioning long lines during ordinary play or forget where the pieces are when calculating, this type of training can be quite beneficial.

Blindfold chess can assist players to hone down on memorization, which is crucial in pre-prepared lines, and this can significantly improve their game. Blindfold chess can also aid in visualization and math, which can be used in real-life situations. Blindfold chess is beneficial.

You'll be able to observe the interplay between your pieces and your opponent's pieces more clearly. You will be able to prevent mistakes and inaccuracies if you practice playing blindfold chess.

You can analyze your games in addition to other games; games are recorded using chess notations. To examine the games that other players have played, you'll need to be able to read chess notations and duplicate the moves they made.

You'll also be able to read some of the more sophisticated chess books that have been published by playing more blindfold chess. To instruct their readers, the publications use chess notations to show and advise them.

Tips to master blindfold chess

  • Identify the color of a square: Consider every blind chess board square and determine if it is a light square or a dark square. This practice will undoubtedly improve your awareness of the entire blind chess board as long as you discover the square's color by seeing the chessboard rather than employing a mathematical formula.
  • Attempt basic piece tours: The goal is to simply plot a path for any piece to get from one square to the next. How would a Bishop, for example, go from g1 to f8? g1-c5-f8 would be the answer. If the Bishop is the piece you've chosen, the start and finish points must, of course, be the same color.
  • Review memorized opening theory: As your game improves and your rating rises over 1000-1400, relying only on opening principles to get you through the initial part of the game will become increasingly challenging. You'd have to learn a few basic openings. Despite the fact that your ideal opening repertoire would be built on ideas rather than precise moves, you will undoubtedly need to memorize a few key lines. When compared to other types of positions, these vital lines are generally highly sharp and need considerably more precise technique. As a result, it's critical that you master them, and what better method to do so than with this exercise? All you have to do now is mentally recite the lines you've memorized.
  • Practice endgame theory: There are a couple of potentially winning endings that can be difficult to grasp. The Queen versus. Rook endgame, for example, or the Bishop and Knight checkmate. After reviewing these endings, you can reinforce the patterns by blindfolding yourself and playing these positions against yourself. When playing moves for the defending side, make sure to give it your all.
  • Complete the Knight vs. Queen tour: In this exercise, your Knight begins on the h1 square, while your opponent begins on the d4 square with a Queen. The goal is to transfer the Knight to every tile that the Queen does not control while avoiding being attacked by the Queen. After a few tries, you can swap the Knight's starting square for a new one.

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