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Chess enthusiasts all over the world have one goal in mind: ‘How to master chess.’

Regardless of at what age you started playing the game and how long you’ve been playing it, the question of how to play chess like a pro or how to play chess like a grandmaster is one that we never get over. Luckily, it is that kind of dedication towards an ambition that makes most players strive harder to attain the title of Grandmaster.

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It is not a feat that you can accomplish in a day but it does help when you have all the information that you need for how to learn advanced chess and how to play chess like a pro. That is why today we will share a few important tips for how to master chess and become a pro player in the field. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Best 10 tips on how to learn advanced chess

When you are seeking ways to develop your game, you cannot learn how to play chess master level from the get-go. You first need to start by learning how to play chess for intermediate ad then how to play chess like a grandmaster.

Still, the tips that we are about to share works well in any level of gameplay, so, in the beginning, stages of implementing these tips, you may not feel like you know how to play chess like a pro but they provide the best way to learn chess and implement complex strategies. Thus, eventually, you will learn how to master chess games and play like a pro, if not a grandmaster.

Here are the tips for how to play chess like a pro:

1. Start by learning the critical moves

Every chess piece has a different type of movement and different ways in which they can threaten or capture the opponent’s pieces. If you want to know how to how to play chess like a pro, start by learning how each piece moves and the critical attacks that they can deliver.

2. Develop consistency to open with a pawn

There are several chess strategies that you can use when you learn advanced chess gameplay. You will notice that most of the opening moves, regardless of which color you play with, starts with a pawn. This is because, even though you can develop a knight without moving the pawn, you need to make way for your bishops and queen to develop at an early stage.

Ideally, it is best to shift the position of the king’s or queen’s pawn by two paces in the opening moves the follow-up by developing the major pieces. The best way to learn chess is to practice so try out these moves and you will see why they are so beneficial.

3. Develop your bishops and knights at an early stage

As we have mentioned, develop your bishops and knights during the opening strategies if you want to know how to play like a grandmaster.

These pieces have a wider range than the slow-moving pawns, and they can penetrate enemy lines sneakily. Thus, developing your knights and bishops is one of the basic strategies for pro-level players, one that you must learn in advanced chess games.

4. Don’t leave your pieces hanging

A common error of beginner players is developing pieces, be it pawns or major pieces, and leaving them hanging without any backup.

You must always flak your pieces so that if an opponent targets to capture one piece, they can identify another piece that will defeat the purpose of that move. Thus, you end up with a higher material count, which you can use to checkmate the opponent’s king in the endgame.

5. Use every opportunity to weaken the opponent’s strategy

A very important thing you need to learn when seeking how to master chess is to know how to weaken your opponent’s strategy. There are a couple of things you could try such as breaking their pawn structure, luring major pieces into a trap, disallowing them to castle the king, and a lot more.

6. Always, always castle your king early on in the game

Speaking of Castling the king, it is very important that you castle your king on the queenside or kingside as early as you can. Castling has several benefits. Not only is your king ensconced in a safe fort where any attacks or checks are easily defeated but you also have the opportunity to sneak the king out at any minute to defeat your opponent’s complex gameplay.

7. Develop your moves in opening strategies and attack during the middle game

Choose your viable strategies during the opening moves of a game and build the pawn structure and attack-defense system. When you learn how to master chess, you will notice that creating your defense system preemptively allows you to launch several attacks on your opponent’s pieces during the middle game, which ultimately leads to your win in the endgame.

8. Analyze the opportunities that open up for losing a piece

It is important to know when to sacrifice important pieces in a chess game.

Analyze the board and identify opportunities where sacrificing one piece would create leeway for you to not only weaken the opponent’s strategy but also challenge their king. This is one of the main components for how to play chess aggressively too.

9. Revise general strategies to befit advanced gameplay

Often, when you seek how to learn advanced chess or how to play like a grandmaster in chess, you will be offered intricate, complex strategies. However, you must remember that not all popular strategies befit every game.

Thus, learn the basic opening strategies and improvise your gameplay so you can transpose them into complex strategies during the middle game. It takes a while but as you learn how to master chess, you will find this process becomes much easier to implement.

10. Develop the ultimate strategy to win the endgame

Your starting moves, i.e., the opening gameplay should lead to steps that ultimately result in a winning game during the end.

In order to achieve this, your starting moves should be optimized tactically so it leads to a certain pawn structure with a majority. By the time the endgame rolls around, the structural integrity of your pieces should be such that you have an advantage over your opponent to win the game.

This is done best when you have a few checkmate strategies in place and lead up to it slowly with important sacrifices but also cornering the opponent’s king during the middle game.

These basic steps for how to master chess are innately helpful during actual gameplay. Start implementing these tips and you will soon see how often you end up winning the games against both human and computer AI.

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