Giuoco Piano Opening- All You Need To Know About It


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Getting Started with Giuoco Piano Opening

If you are a chess fan like us, you will know the multiplicity of chess strategies that people use to play the game. For all those who are new to the game of chess and want to get started with the game, there are a certain set of moves that are played together in a particular order, and this order has been given a particular name. The Giuoco Piano Opening is a very popular chess opening that is very well known among beginners and grandmasters alike. Giuoco Piano is a pair of Italian words that translate to “Quiet Game” in English. There are many variations to this game and we shall be talking about the same in this article.

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What is the Giuoco Piano Chess Opening?

One of the oldest chess openings in chess that were ever recorded, the Giuoco Piano opening is aggressive, aimed to directly position the white bishop in such a way that it weakens the F7 square of black.

For all of those who are new to chess, a chessboard has different squares and two colors of pieces, white and black. The different squares have a unique identification by naming the squares horizontally from A-H and vertically from 1-8. The position of one square is determined by looking at its horizontal position in alphabets and the vertical position in numbers.

The Giuoco Piano, although known as the “Quiet Game” is not quiet at all in reality, belonging to the group of aggressive opening chess strategies. Further in the article, we shall cover everything from how to approach the opening and what move does every piece makes to arrive at the final position of the Giuoco Piano Opening.

How to Reach the Giuoco Piano Opening?

So, the main idea of the Giuoco Piano opening is to take the pawn at F7 and check the king at E8. Kindly refer to a chessboard if you don’t know where F7 and E8 are so that you can have a better idea as to what we will be talking about from here on out.

Now, The steps to reaching the Giuoco Piano are as follows:

  • First, white moves the king’s pawn at E2 to E4
  • Black then retaliates by moving his pawn two steps to ie. from E7 to E5
  • Next, white moves his knight at G1 to F3
  • Black replies to that with a mirror move by moving his Knight at B8 to C6
  • Then an interesting step, white moves their bishop from F1 to C4. this directly targets the black pawn F7 and hence, proves to be a threat to the black king
  • Black responds to that move with a swift bishop move from F8 to C5, which would also threaten the white pawn at F2 and put the white king at a risk.

You have now arrived at the Giuoco Piano opening, which is threatening both the white king and the black king with their opponent's bishops respectively. As you can see, it may look like a very complex move, it can also be used by beginners who understand the game well. We shall discuss this in-depth further in the article so stick around.

Why play the Giuoco Piano Opening?

Contrary to popular opinion, the Giuoco Piano is a great opening because it aims to achieve what many refer to as the “three pillars” of a chess opening strategy:

Control the Center

As you can see, from the start of the game itself, the strategy revolves around taking control of the center and targeting the pawn diagonal to the king of your opponent.

Develop your Pieces

Throughout the opening, white quickly develops their kingside pieces to the best squares which prove as an advantage towards the start of the game itself.

Protect the King

On the fourth move itself, white is ready to castle, thereby protecting his king.

The opening is simple to understand, with hardly any complicated moves. It's pretty straightforward but effective and hence, the Giuoco Piano opening is used by beginners and intermediate players throughout the world.

Every Step Explained in Detail

Now that we understand why you can play the Giuoco Piano Opening in chess, let's also understand what every step is and why is it important. This process is mainly divided into three phases namely, The Main Line, Evans Gambit, and finally the Giuoco Pianissimo.

The Main Line

Probably the most popular version of the Giuoco Piano, the main idea of the Main Line is to gain the advantage of being in the center and proceed with a coordinated attack on the black kingside.

Now black can come back in two different ways:

  1. Play a closed and strategic game by placing their queen on E7
  2. Play a more, open and tactical game by putting their knight on E6

The main idea of white is to push and gain control of the center as black tries to defend their king and respond to whites’ moves.

Evans Gambit

The Evans Gambit, in a nutshell, is a distraction game. Remember the Giuoco Piano opening we discussed earlier? The same moves are played out here, but then white sends out his pawn to distract the black bishop and veer him from the path of getting into white territory.

The main aim of Evans Gambit is to prevent the black king from castling. Instead, you must try and get black off-guard with a central attack. As a white, you must attack and try to get mid control rather than exchange pieces with black.

Giuoco Pianissimo

In this variation of the Giuoco Piano chess opening, where white decides to move the queen's pawn (D2) to D3, preparing to further move it up to D4 and take out either black pawn or black bishop. Why is preparation necessary?

If white moves pawn to D4, then black can simply kill the pawn and claim D4 square. To avoid moving and then simply dying, white also places the bishop's pawn (C2) to C3 so that in case blacks pawn or bishop decides to take out white pawn at D4, then white pawn at C3 can retaliate, killing off the black piece occupying D4. It's a strategy that cannot fail and you are sure to end up with one exchange and leave your opposition struggling.There are further details to the three variations of the Giuoco Piano Opening. However, we tried to keep this explanation simple and all those who are not familiar with chess positions can simply keep a picture or a chessboard nearby to understand all the piece placements easily

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