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If you are a chess enthusiast, if not a chess player in learning, you know the difficulty we face when we want to play a spirited match but can’t because we have no one to play with. Such are the woes of any aspiring chess player or it was till recent times when technology has sprung forward to allow you to play chess games on the best online chess sites.

These best online chess platforms always have a number of players just like you looking for an opponent. At any time, day or night, you can log onto the best chess website of your choice and start playing.

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If you are an amateur, then the sites that offer chess for beginners online should be more beneficial in the early stages of learning. Once you feel like you have enough information and expertise, you can switch from the online chess for beginners sites to more evolved gameplay. Essentially, chess online for beginners also offers higher levels of difficulty too, so perhaps if you choose the best website to learn chess and the best site to play chess online, you can easily transition from beginner to intermediate, to advanced player.

Without further ado, now let us take a look at the best chess websites where you can not only learn but play the game.

Best websites to play chess online (description and features

In these times of apps and programs for everything, it is difficult to navigate through the array of chess sites and choose the best online chess gameplay. Don’t worry though, we have the top chess websites for you to explore, learn, and play numerous chess games with worthy opponents. So here they are:

1. GetMega

GetMega logo

GetMega hosts the best online chess games and is certainly the best chess website to learn as well.

This is among the top chess websites for three very important reasons:

  1. It allows you to play chess and earn money.
  2. It prohibits fake players who develop bots to play the games, thus destroying the experience for other players.
  3. GetMega has a veritable cornucopia of information that you can access on the site itself to learn the rules and various strategies to play chess, thus making it the best site to learn chess.

If you love playing chess games, then you don’t need to look for any of the other best online chess forums. This site is programmed to facilitate smooth gameplay regardless of your level of expertise in chess.

You can find all the popular strategies, opening moves, middle game moves, endgame moves, the benefits of singular pieces, and so much more information on GetMega. In no time, you will find yourself on the path to becoming the greatest chess player all because you opted to play on the best chess website to learn and earn.

2. logo

A genuinely good option for the best websites to learn chess is also The site offers innumerable articles and information on chess strategies, opening moves, and a lot more. offers training options where you can learn the gameplay of certain strategies by simply playing the game online. It is a free tutorial site that allows you to play games against the computer AI.

Although a healthy choice for chess for beginners online, it can be a bit dull for professionals and it is not great for your self-confidence. Once you learn through the training programs, it is best to move onto the best online chess platform that allows you to play games with humans to get an idea of live tournaments.

3. Chess24

Chess 24 logo

One of the top chess websites to learn and play is Chess24. The site allows you to play chess games with varying levels of difficulty. You can play the training program to get an idea of the gameplay, important moves, basically tips for chess online for beginners.

Once you develop good chess skills, it is time to play with various time controls. You can even start partaking in tournaments. The best chess website to learn also comes in an app version. You can download it and play multiple games to learn and challenge other spirited chess players.

4. logo

Another nice option among the chess sites is where you can play chess games in 8 variations of chess such as the 3-check chess, chess960, etc.

There is a training segment on Lichess where you can learn the basic tactics, types of gameplay, and even try out the games with time control. The only problem is the best online chess site is not very popular so you won’t always find an opponent who is inclined on playing the same chess variation that you chose.

5. logo

A chess game interface run by a company called ChessBase is As one of the best chess sites, it offers opportunities to play the chess game of your life with worthy opponents of the same level of experience.

Not only can you play games with several strong opponents but you can also watch live matches played by stronger chess players. This is a beautiful way to use this site as a game of chess for beginners’ online forums and learn useful tactics or simply enjoy the thrill of gameplay.

Since the website is directly integrated with the software program from ChessBase, you may come across Grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, and others playing games. It makes for a good learning experience.

Using any of these best online chess websites, you can not only learn the intricate details of gameplay in chess but you will also find several like-minded chess players trying out new strategies. You can learn as well as develop your skills at the same time using these fabulous chess websites.

How to play and earn on GetMega?

GetMega is a multiplayer gaming platform that is available online so you can play games at any time and earn money. In order to play the games on GetMega though, here’s what you need to do:

  • Register on the GetMega website using your Facebook account. This step is necessary because the security protocols on Getmega only allow verified profiles to play games and earn money. No bots and scammers are allowed on the site.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive 60 gems as a signing bonus and a referral code from which you can earn 40 gems for each successful referral.
  • You need a little cash in your GetMega wallet to play so check the balance. If it doesn’t seem sufficient, you can deposit some money into your Getmega wallet using secure UPI networks like PayTM, Google Pay, etc.
  • Once you’ve got enough money, check the drop-down menu for the list of games under the gaming categories of Trivia games, Casino games, and casual games. Choose the games that you know well or learn a new one using all the essential rules and strategies for the game on the GetMega platform itself.
  • You will find options for cash games for all the available games that you can join. If you are confident in your skills, you can join contests and tournaments as well. You can find low-stakes tournaments starting from Rs. 5 and ranging to thousands in high-stakes games.
  • Once you’ve found a game that you want to join, put up the buy-in value and start playing.
  • In order to earn money, you need to win the games on GetMega, so take some time to learn before you indulge in tournaments and high-stakes games.

When you earn enough money from winning games on GetMega, you can withdraw the cash directly to your bank account using the same UPI channels. So, you see, playing and earning on GetMega is very easy.

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