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Skill games are the backbones of any profession. Regardless of how relaxed or laid back your work is, you require certain typical skills at the ground level to get yourself started. Games like Chess offer the initiative to exercise your talents and skills and improve your abilities with hearty gameplay.

In this current era, when everything is optimized with technology, games like chess also jumped on the wagon to fit into this progressive world. Now, you don’t need to seek partners to play chess, nor do you need to stop. There are countless chess apps in the market where you can play a spirited game of chess on the go, with players from all around the world, and even pause the gameplay when you need to follow your primary profession.

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We have a list of the best chess apps that you can use to play games with worthy opponents around the clock, and on some of these chess game apps, you can even make money. These chess earning apps make it easier to practice your skills and earn money from your passion while pursuing your alternative career. In time, using these best online chess apps, you can develop your skills to the point that you can leap towards a career in professional chess playing and make a name for yourself too.

List of 10 best chess apps

We could talk a lot about the best chess game apps available in the market for years but it is difficult to select the ones that offer real-time benefits in your life. That is why we have compiled a list of the best chess apps in the market these days. You can find options for the best chess app to play with friends and earn cash and the best chess engine for android or apple as well.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the best online chess game apps that you can use for your specific needs, even if it is to play chess for fun:

1. GetMega

GetMega offers the best online chess games that you can play with friends, family, and strangers on the internet too. They only allow verified profiles to play the best chess online games on the best chess game app to keep the games fair since you can earn money on this platform.

In fact, GetMega is the best chess earning app where you can challenge beginners to advanced players as per your preference and make a lot of real cash by winning the games with excellent strategies. We will tell you all about the GetMega site in a minute.


One of the best free chess apps, for the most part, is the app version of The computer AI generates several strategies based on general chess theories and strategies.

You can also play against the AI programs of accomplished grandmasters like Fabiano Caruana and many more but you need to subscribe to the paid version for that.

3. Dr Wolf

Dr Wolf I the best app to learn chess under the tutelage of animated grandmasters. The program is optimized with the strategies and gameplay of grandmaster Wolf and his three companions. You can learn a lot from the best free chess app version but if you want to improve your skills, you have to purchase the option.

4. Chess by Abstract Strategy

If you want the software to practice your chess skills with your contacts, you can opt for one of the chess app to play with friends in the play store.

The Chess app is self-explanatory in its name and one of the best chess app to play with friends online. You can find multi-level games to practice your innate chess skills and implement them on the board against worthy opponents on the internet too.

5. Lichess

Lichess is one of the best free chess apps with open-source coding to help develop your game. There is a huge community of Lichess chess players with whom you can interact to exchange new strategies and learn a lot about the game.

6. Learn Chess

One of the best app to learn chess goes by the definitive name of the activity. Learn Chess is a tutorial app for chess where you can play with several worthy contenders and develop your skills in the game.

On Learn Chess, you can study and analyze the basic chess positions, develop basic strategic skills, practice moves that require combinations, and much more. This is one of the best chess apps for beginners since it also implements good opening and endgame strategies.

7. Wifi Chess

One of the best chess apps with a unique concept that allows you to play games within your home or people on the same wifi network in confined spaces is Wifi Chess. The concept of this chess engine for android and iOS is amazingly suited for times like a pandemic or when you are simply lazing around at home.

8. Chess Clock

You can probably infer from the name that Chess Clock is one of those best chess apps that you can use to practice your skills for Rapid and Blitz games. There is a chess timer built into the chess game app and you can play against your opponent the same way you would in live tournaments.

9. Droidfish Chess

Droidfish is the best chess app android for those who have mastered their chess skills enough so they continuously beat the AI system. Droidfish uses an advanced computer AI chess engine that predicts your movements more accurately and resembles human play to a very high extent.

10. Play Magnus

The best chess app that will benefit any chess player in learning and executing the intricate strategies involved in gameplay is Play Magnus.

In this app, which is available as chess game android and iOS, you have the ideal chess engine app that plays like the no. 1 chess player Magnus Carlsen. The chess engine is developed with previous games and strategies shared by Carlsen to the point where it can imitate his gameplay closely.

Not only can you play a spirited game of chess on the best chess engine for android against one of the most accomplished chess players of all time but you can also learn a lot of new strategic moves and underlying schemes. This makes it the best app to learn chess as well.

How to play games at GetMega

GetMega is the online destination for anyone who wants to play games and make money. In order to reap the benefits of this incredible platform, here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by registering on the site using your Facebook profile. This is important since, as we have mentioned before, GetMega only allows verified profiles to play games.
  • Once you finish the registration process and receive your bonuses for signing up and referring people, take a look at your wallet balance. If you don’t have enough cash on it, you can deposit a little money using secure payment UPI.
  • Now, you need to select your games. Take a look at the available games under Trivia, Casino, and Casual games, and choose the ones you know well. For those games that you don’t know how to play but offer high earning potential, you can simply learn how to play them on the site itself. They have a lot of available information.
  • Once you’ve selected your games, all that remains is to decide if you want to play cash events, tournaments, or contests. There are different buy-in values for all of them starting from Rs. 5 and ranging to thousands.
  • Pick the buy-in values that suit your immediate needs and join the tables.

Playing games on GetMega is a simple endeavor but the returns are highly promising. You can play the games that you know very well or even learn and play new games to keep up your earning potential.

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