Is Carrom Included In The Olympics? Why or Why Not?


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Carrom is a table sport that originated in India and has been quite a popular game in this subcontinent through the years. The game utilizes a square structural board made of plywood on which the game is played. It is a lot like a game of pool except without the cue sticks and the cue balls and object balls are replaced by small, plastic coins called Carrommen. Carrom is widely recognized as an indoor family game because of its portability and compactness.

The gameplay is very exciting and usually played with two to four players in pairs or singles. The idea is to use a large, white striker to hit the other coins marked either black and white or black and brown. There is a red coin which is the Queen. After a player makes all their shots at object coins, they need to lock it by pocketing the red coin.

While the gameplay is competitive and it is very popular in India, even to the point of hosting Carrom tournaments, the game is not so popular in other countries. Still, you can play a hearty game, perhaps teach people from other countries an exciting game that will keep them on their toes.

is carrom an olympic sport

Why Carrom is Not in the Olympics?

The Olympic Games do not feature games that involve more mental activity than physical stamina. The idea is to demonstrate some amount of physical activity and Carrom is considered more a game of the mind.

Although, the concept is a bit bizarre since carrom in Olympics does involve physical movements. Unlike a game of chess which is completely based on cognitive functionality, Carrom displays skills of force, agility, as well as mental strength. However, the sport lacks popularity.

Most people across the globe are either unfamiliar with the sport or do not enjoy its gameplay as much as rigorous events such as Pool, Snooker, etc. It requires knowledge of physics and Math, much like billiard games, however, it does not require a lot of equipment which doesn’t appeal to the sensibilities of many individuals.

Is carrom played in the Olympics?

This lack of popularity is one of the major reasons why carrom board olympics is not featured in the Olympic Games. The likelihood of Carrom becoming a part of Asian games or Commonwealth events is still a possibility. However, unless the game invites players from other countries where it is defunct, it has no scope of making it into the Olympic Games.

The possibility of Carrom being introduced in the Olympic Games will become higher once the International Federation acknowledges the sport as a physical strain of sorts. The idea is to call forward players from different countries to partake in the sport so that even when it is introduced in the Olympic sports, it will draw in more participants. Otherwise, even if Carrom one day becomes part of the Olympics, chances are, it will be eliminated again much like sporting events such as Cricket which only experienced participation from two countries.

Perhaps if the force and agility required to play Carrom were publicized more than the mental challenge of figuring out the angles then Carrom would be classified on the lines of games like Pool and Snooker rather than being clubbed with Chess and Checkers. This could inspire more participation from other countries, thereby introducing Carrom into the Olympics eventually.

carrom olympics

Other Sporting Events that Failed to Remain a Part of the Olympic Games

There are several games like Carrom that could not continue its reign in the Olympics. People ask all the time why Carrom is not in the Olympics and the answer is the lack of physical activity for the most part However, the bigger question is, why are the following sporting events not included in the Olympics?

Most of these games require a tremendous amount of physical hustle which should inspire Olympic participation. However, for one reason or another, they failed to hold their position. Let’s take a look at some of these sporting events and why they were eliminated from the Olympic Games:

1. Cricket

The coveted sport was part of the Olympics Games back in 1900 where England and France competed against each other. Due to the lack of active participation from other countries, the sport was immediately eliminated from the Olympics.

2. Motor Boating

The water sports of Motor Boating were only part of the Olympic Games in 1908. Three boats were raced for 70 kilometers but the sport was soon eliminated from the events.

3. 60-meter dash

Probably the shortest sprinting event in the Olympics from 1900 to 1904 was canceled after two events due to the reduced physical strain. It was hardly challenging.

4. Tug of War

From 1904 to 1920, Tug of War was part of the Olympics where the teams were deemed as Clubs. The sport was canceled after 4 events, possibly due to the lack of individual contribution.

5. Kite Flying

Kite Flying was a part of the Olympics in 1900 when a gadget was used on the kite itself to measure the height of flying and the duration. However, the sport was canceled thereafter.

6. Racquetball

Back in 1908, Racquetball made a big splash in the Olympics, especially inspiring British nationals to participate. It featured singles as well as doubles tournaments but it was soon canceled.

7. Ballooning

It’s not what it sounds like. Ballooning is actually the sport of using hot air balloons to travel long distances. Due to high fuel consumption, the Olympic Games introduced a variation where balloons filled with Hydrogen gas were used in 1900. However, the sport was soon canceled, probably because of the fuel problem.

8. Polo

Polo is one of those sports which lasted 4 Olympic events and inspired hope in people back in 1900. However, due to the decreased popularity of this high-end sporting event during WW2, it was canceled during the Summer Olympics of 1936. It did make a small appearance during the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics though, so we hope it will make a comeback soon.

9. Rope Climbing

This sport had a short run in the Olympics for 4 events from 1896 to 1912. The challenge was to climb a rope that was 7 meters long to display core strength and stability. However, it was soon discontinued even though it was a demonstration sport.

10. Equestrian Vault

Equestrian vaulting is a sporting activity that requires extreme agility and gymnastics on the back of a horse. It was part of the Olympic Games back in 1920 and had a one-time run but was soon eliminated from the event itself, possibly due to the high risk of accidents.

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