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Carrom is a popular board game in India, and it's unlikely that someone has not seen or heard of it.

Carrom was an essential component of summer vacations, family reunions, and social activities for years. With the passage of time and technological improvements, the carrom board has evolved into a popular online gaming platform with various carrom game versions.

While the rules and action in online carrom differ drastically, the games nevertheless guarantee entertainment.

Carrom, also known as Karrom, is a popular game in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, with many players competing in carrom competitions. Despite their popularity, many of you may not be familiar with the various carrom game varieties.

While the ICF - International Carrom Federation (the regulatory organisation of carrom) has established standard rules and regulations, some regions do not adhere to all the ICF's carrom rules and laws, resulting in various variations. Here are some fascinating carrom board new games versions.

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Types of carrom games

There are multiple types of carrom games played in different regions of Asia. The International Carrom Federation and respective continental Federations recognize a few of them. Given below are the four best carrom games variations, which the committee recognizes.

Total point carrom

In India, when you play carrom on a genuine board, you're playing the full point version of the game. Total point is a lively and exciting types of carrom games where all players are allowed to pocket any pucks. Each white carrom man is worth 10 points, whereas each black one is given 5. The one and only red queen is equal to 50 points and must be covered by a carrom man after being pocketed.

At the beginning of the match, all nine white and black carrom men are located in the centre of the board, with the queen on top. A player keeps on striking until pocketing the carrom men. Another player is given the next chance if a player misses pocketing a carrom man.

In every round, the player with the highest points wins. The player with the fewest carrom men in the upcoming round should place all the carrom men on the board. And all the participating players should put the same number of carrom men as the one with the least number of carrom men.

The players keep playing until one of them wins all the carrom men on the board.

Family-point carrom

The Family-Point Carrom, also known as the Simple-Point Carrom, is a popular types of carrom games among all. The main feature of this variation is that it can be played even with an odd number of participants. In numerous parts of South Asia, family-point carrom is extremely popular. A player can pocket any carrom men, regardless of the colour. The game's primary goal is to pocket the carrom men in any four pockets with one flick to the striker.

While most of the rules are more or less similar to the classic carrom, differences in this variation are given below:

  • Each of the black carrom men gets you 5 points; the white carrom men fetch 10 points and 25 points for the one and only queen.
  • The player must pocket carrom men of any colour immediately after pocketing the queen in the same chance to fetch the queen's points. If the player cannot cover the queen, she has to be put on the board again for other players to cover.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the maximum points wins.

Black and white carrom

In this types of carrom games, all players are assigned a colour, either black or white, and they can get only pocket pucks of that colour. The rules are commonly prevalent in the United Kingdom and India.

Given below are some of the rules of the game:

  • The game has 29 points, but once a player scores 21, they cannot score further points for covering the queen.
  • From now onwards, the queen can be pocketed at any point but before the final puck. The twist is that pocketing queen and cover in the same pocket is not allowed.
  • The game-winner receives one point for every opponent's puck, and if the winner covers the queen, they get three points.
  • To pocket the pucks, players can use any striking style as per their choice.
  • A player loses a puck when they steal a striker.
  • The queen is covered by default once a queen and allocated puck are pocketed in one shot.
  • A player must incur a penalty if they touch the final puck directly before the queen.

Carom Billiards

It is a variant of billiards played on a table without pockets using three balls (two white and one red). There is a spot on one white ball. This game's table has no pockets and is designated with three spots – one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom.

Because it originated in France in the 18th century, it is also known as French billiards or carambola billiards. This type of billiards is more prevalent in Europe and Asia, especially in Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam. However, in the United States, this game is not as well known.

Carrom business

Carrom's business is a spin-off from the traditional carrom game. The main difference is that you need to use your points for buying sections of the board in this variation. It's identical to monopoly as you own sections of the board in both games. Any number of players (2/3/4) can play this carrom game. But you need to keep these carrom board business game points in mind.

The rules of the game are given below:

  • It would help if you played a classic carrom game. This will assist you in gaining points.
  • You can start playing carrom business after the game is finished.
  • You will buy sections of the carrom board in this edition of carrom.
  • The participant with the most points is the one who gets the chance to buy first. Simultaneously, the second and third winners are allowed to buy.
  • You can keep buying more board sections as you collect points in carrom business.
  • The game is ultimately won by the participant who has gained the most points.


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