How To Play Carrom Business And Rules Of The Game

How To Play Carrom Business And Rules Of The Game
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Carrom business is a variant of the basic carrom game. The only difference is that you purchase parts of the board using your points in this version of the carrom game. It is a bit similar to monopoly in that in both games you own parts of the board.
In this article, we will help you to learn how to play carrom business and the carrom business game rules.

Business carrom is played similarly to normal carrom game. If you don’t know how to play carrom or want to brush up on your skills, click here.

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How to Play Carrom Business?

Carrom business is a variant of the basic carrom game. The only difference is that you purchase parts of the board using your points in business carrom. It is a bit similar to monopoly in that in both games you own parts of carrom board.

Business carrom can be played by 2,3,4 people can play or by forming groups of 2.
We will explain clearly how you can play carrom business with your friends

How to play carrom business

Steps To Play Carrom Business

  1. First, you must play a normal carrom game. This will help you to get points.
  2. After the game is over then you can start playing carrom business.
  3. In this version of carrom, you will purchase parts of carrom board.
  4. The player with the highest points gets to buy first. Then the second winner followed by the third winner gets to purchase.
  5. As you accumulate points in business carrom, you can keep on purchasing more parts of the board
  6. The player with the maximum points wins the game.

How To Buy Parts Of Carrom Board?

This section explains how to buy the parts of the board and carrom board business game points.

  1. Each arrow (Diagonal line) = 50 points
  2. Each base (side bars)= 100
  3. Each Pocket= 150
  4. Centre circle (where coins are placed)= 200

Rules of business carrom while buying the parts of carrom board

You can buy the next category only when the lower category is fully purchased.

So, you can buy the base only after 4 arrows are purchased

  • Buy holes after 4  bases are purchased
  • Buy center after 4 holes are purchased

Rules Of Business Carrom During Play

The primary carrom board business game rules are as follows:

  • Start playing the game like a normal carrom game.
  • In business carrom, you don't need to sink or pocket coins. If a coin touches any part of the board purchased by you then it is yours.
  • If your coin lands on your opponent’s parts of the board then the opponent gets your coin and you lose a turn.
  • There is a number of possibilities when you say the last pawl is double deuce in Carrom. When the last piece is yours and the double is due, you must pocket two more coins again. Of course, it will be your turn.

Bought arrow

For example, after the 1st shot, your coin touches the arrow you purchased. Then the coin is yours.  If your opponent’s coin is on your arrow, you get the coin.

Similarly, if your coin lands on the opponent’s line then the opponent gets your coin and you lose a turn

Remember, only the diagonal arrow is owned. The dots at the end of the arrow are not considered in the arrow. So if a coin lands on the dot at the base of your arrow, you cannot pocket it.

Rules of carrom business

Bought base

If you have bought a base then the red dot at each end is owned by you. If any coin lands anywhere on the base including the red dots, then you pocket the coin

Bought pocket

Any coin falling in the pocket you bought is yours. It does not matter whether the coin is yours or your opponent’s.

If you pocketing a striker is called 'Due'. Due is a penalty term, when the player commits a foul and has to give up a coin for placing in the center

Bought Centre

If you buy the center then any kept at the center automatically belongs to you.
Therefore, the Centre is the best place to buy. But it is usually bought much later at the end of the game.

The above carrom business rules should be kept in mind if you want to learn how to play business in carrom board accurately and win.

Queen In Business carrom

  • Like a normal carrom game, if you pocket the queen, you have to cover it.
  • You have to cover the queen even if the queen is pocketed in a hole which you own
  • The queen cover is allowed in any hole.

Scoring In Carrom Business

At the end of the game, you have to add points of your coins along with the points of the parts of the carrom board you purchased.

For example, you have

  • 1 line of 50
  • 1 sideline of 100
  • 2 pockets of 150 each
  • 80 points

Therefore your score will be 50+100+150+150+80= 530

The player with the highest points wins.

Is Backshot allowed in carrom?

As per internationally accepted norms, you are allowed to hit in any direction from the carrom bed. If you want to hit backward, you can use your thumb to flick. Some rules also say not to hit backward, so if you have pieces of your own color between you and your carrom bed you must use a rebounding shot to move or pocket them. Many online games also allow hitting backward. But keep in mind that you should sit while hitting.

This concludes our article on carrom business. Now you know how to play business carrom and the rules of the game. Download the GetMega Carrom app now, and start playing the exciting game of carrom with your friends and family!

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