How To Play Black And White Carrom?

How To Play Black And White Carrom?
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Carrom is a popular indoor tabletop game that is generally played by two or four people. The carrom game is commonly played in a group in India often at social events with family or with friends. Carrom is generally played by two or four people.
Now that you have learned the basic carrom game, you can learn about the other variants of carrom.

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What Is Black And White Carrom Game?

Black and white carrom is a variant of the basic carrom game. The objective of the game is to pocket the coins of your color as soon as possible.

Points In Black And White Carrom

In carrom, 18 coins [9 of black and 9 of white] are used with one red coin [also termed as queen] and a striker.

Points in black and white carrom are as follows:-
Black= 1 carrom point
White = 1 carrom point
Queen= 5 carrom point

How To Play The Black And White Carrom & its rules?

How to play black and white carrom

In this section, you will learn how to play black and white carrom game. You will also learn the carrom black and white rules.

Carrom Black And White Rules

The players must choose their color- black or white. You can opt for a coin toss to select. For example, you have chosen black. If you pocket a black coin then you get another turn. You must try to pocket your 9 black coins as soon as possible.

  • The player pocketing all the coins of their color wins the game. For example, if you pocket all 9 black coins before your friend then you win the black and white carrom game.

Can we hit the opponent's coin in carrom?

  • However, if you pocket your opponent’s coin then you have to give it to him. So it becomes an advantage to your opponent. You lose your turn and your opponent gets to play.

Queen In Black And White Game

  • In the black and white carrom variant, the queen is less important.
  • You must remember that you cannot pocket the queen alone. You can pocket the queen only with a coin of your color.
  • If you pocket the queen then you must cover a black coin. Otherwise, you have to keep the queen back at the center.
Queen in black and white carrom

If you pocket queen and your opponent’s coin

  • For example, your coin is black but you pocketed a queen and a white coin. Then you have to keep the queen at the center and give the white coin to the opponent. So it becomes an advantage to the opponent.
  • Also, you lose your turn and your opponent gets to play.

Queen in winning the game

  • If all coins are covered by the players at the same time,  then the player covering the queen will win.
  • However, if you cover all your coins but did not cover the queen you still win the black and white carrom.

What if the striker goes with red coin?

If the queen and striker are pocketed together by a proper stroke, the queen will be taken out to be kept by the umpire. An additional C/M will be drawn to keep by the opponent and the player will continue his turn.

With this, the article on black and white carrom rules comes to an end. Now you know the black and white carrom rules and have learned to play the game. Download the GetMega Carrom app now, and start playing the exciting game of carrom with your friends and family!

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Irshad Ahmed
Irshad Ahmed

This article is authored by Irshad Ahmed Ansari, one among the top carrom players of India who won the Eight International Carrom Federation Cup at PYC Hindu Gymkhana Pune in December 2019 which is regarded as a “Mini World Cup of Carrom” with players participating from 16 countries. He defeated two-time world champion Prashant More of Mumbai. Belonging to Nagpur, he has won multiple competitions for Vidarbha Carrom Association while representing them at National Championships. The carrom skills he portrays are incredible as he is the first one to defeat the two-time world champion.

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