Hand In 8 Ball Pool: Meaning, Rules, How To Play, And More

Hand In 8 Ball Pool: Meaning, Rules, How To Play, And More

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When playing a hearty game of 8-ball, snooker, 9-ball, 10-ball, cutthroat, and other billiard games, you may have come across the term ‘Ball in hand’ on more than one occasion. This is a very important phenomenon in pool games, so today, we shall learn about the ‘ball in hand’ pool rules to aid you in your next game.

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What is the significance of the ball in hand pool rules?

To understand the significance of ‘ball in hand’ rules, we must first understand what that means.

In any variant of billiards games, pool ball in hand signifies that the player can move the cue ball by hand and place it anywhere on the pool table for their convenience. There are various reasons why the ball in hand rules in pool are levied but the most common is a Scratch.

The pool ball in hand rule was established as a penalty for when a player commits a foul. Their opponent is granted a chance to simplify their game and win points. It is like a free throw or penalty kick. The player gets a well-deserved benefit for transgressions committed by their opponent.

What are the rules and fouls of the ball in hand?

There are several fouls that result in a pool ball in hand:

  • Potting the cue ball alone or along with an object ball.
  • Bouncing the cue ball off the surface of the table.
  • As per 8 ball pool ball in hand rules, pocketing the 8-ball before removing all the assigned object balls.
  • Tapping the cue ball instead of striking it during a shot.
  • Make contact with anything but the ball with the lowest digit during 9-ball and 10-ball.
  • Touching any of the object balls or the cue ball by hand in the middle of a game.
  • According to 8-ball ball in hand rules, taking a shot when it is the opponent’s turn.

In the event of a foul, ball in hand rules in pool suggests penalties. The following rules are set in place to keep the game fair:

  1. If a player commits scratch, ball in hand pool rules allows the opponent to pick the cue ball in hand and place it anywhere behind the head string for a convenient next shot.
  2. During a tournament, ball in hand 8-ball rules dictates that in case of a foul, the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere on the table, not just behind the head string. This rule is particularly developed to discourage players from taking purposeful foul shots to put the opposition at a disadvantage.
  3. If a player pots the 8-ball or 10-ball during the respective namesake games, then the ball in hand rules are coupled with spotting the 8-ball and 10-ball to the table.

Although ball in hand rules may not be very elaborate, they are an important component of pool games. The simple fact is, if a player commits a foul, then the opponent gets the advantage of pool ball in hand.

On online forums and virtual games, this particular benefit is awarded to the next player due to logistical anomalies.

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