8 Ball Pool Top Players: List And Names Of The Best In The World

8 Ball Pool Top Players: List And Names Of The Best In The World

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Top 10 8 ball pool players in the world

The game of 8-ball pool is a standardized table sport that has gained recognition worldwide. Men and women alike have made their mark on this incredible gameplay.

Top 8 ball pool players

As old as the game is, the 8 ball pool top players in the world have recognized the potential for this game for decades if not a century. Today, we will discuss the top 8 ball pool players in history, namely:

  • Willie Mosconi,
  • Ralph Greenleaf,
  • Alok Kumar,
  • Luther Lassiter,
  • Elfen Reyes, and
  • Rudolf Wanderone.
Best 8 ball pool player

Of course, there are other top 8 ball pool players who have won significant titles but these players have carved their names in 8-ball history.

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List of top six best 8 ball pool players

1. Willie Mosconi

An all-time champion of the sport, Willie Mosconi’s name was among the first to be introduced in the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress.

In 1954, Mosconi achieved the highest run of sinking 526 balls one after the other, thus setting a world record for the game. He was nicknamed ‘Mr. pocket Billiards’ because of his keen ability to make trick shots. Needless to say, it is not easy to make as many trick shots in one game but Mosconi is the revered champion who has accomplished this feat to become the best 8 ball pool player in the world if not in history.

2. Ralph Greenleaf

Ralph Greenleaf was among the first three pool players in history who made it into the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress. His ability to perform any shot, be it a straight pocket or a trick shot is beyond exquisite.

Greenleaf has won the championship of World Pocket Billiards 20 times which is nothing short of a record in itself.

3. Alok Kumar

Although not an easy accomplishment but Alok Kumar has recently won the first-ever medal on behalf of India in the Asian Games. His career-bests are yet to come which will definitely cover major accomplishments around the globe.

However, in India, Alok Kumar is regarded as the best 8 ball pool player and we believe he will be the first Indian to be inducted in the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress.

4. Luther Lassiter

In his early years, Luther was commonly known as the ‘King of Pool Hustlers.’ Of course, his introduction changed over the period of time when he became a six-time champion thus making his way into the American Hall of Fame for Billiards.

Pool players across the globe admire Luther’s intense affinity and coordination during gameplay.

5. Elfen Reyes

The first Asian in 8 ball pool top players to enter the American Hall of Fame for billiards Congress, Elfen is a legend in the game. He is commonly referred to as the ‘Magician’ because of his long-term affinity for winning 80 championships on an international scale.

He won the Derby championship 14 times, which is remarkable as it is but he didn’t stop there. He went on to win the World Pool League twice.

6. Rudolf Wanderone

Luther Lassiter’s brother Rudolf has been a promoter and advocate for the table sport for 10 long years. His intrepid style has been studied by many online 8 ball pool top players to learn his technique.

Not only has he provided the means for the 8 ball pool community to grow but he is also a member of the American hall of Fame for Billiards Congress. It is not wrong to assume that 8-ball pool skills run in the family.

So, there you go. If you’re looking for inspirations then these six 8 ball pool top players’ definitely have something to contribute to your technique.

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