Artistic Billiards: Everything You Need To Know

Artistic Billiards: Everything You Need To Know

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artistic billiards

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What is artistic billiards?

Artistic billiards, also known as Fantasy Billiards is a variant of table sports wherein players must complete a series of preset shots to win.

There are a total of 76 shots that the players must complete accurately. If they are able to perform these shots correctly, they are awarded 4 to 11 points based on the difficulty of the shots.

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The important thing to remember in the artistic pool is that each shot is preset with a varying level of difficulty. These competitions host skilled players because the shots take a certain amount of panache to execute correctly. Not only do you have to perform the shot in a set trajectory but you also need to pay attention to the stance and outcome of each shot.

Players are provided a maximum of three attempts for each shot. If they accomplish these preset shots of artistic billiards accurately, they win the designated amount of points for that shot. If they fail, their point total is below 500 which is the maximum number of points you can score in artistic billiards.

The player who scores the maximum points by performing the 76 preset shots perfectly in artistic billiards wins the game.

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