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Chinese 8-Ball Pool or the “backward 8-ball play” is an 8-Ball Pool but in reverse. Pretty cool, right? The idea that fueled the creation of this epic game is very simple: anything can be done in reverse to its original form, and it’s the same for a game of pool. Keep reading to know what this game is all about, where you can play it and how you can make money while doing so!

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What Is the Chinese 8-Ball Pool?

We’ve all played carrom at some point in our life. Chinese 8-Ball takes some of its antics. A typical shot-call game played between two individuals but with a funky twist. The only time the cue ball touches your stick first is when you’re breaking. Instead of hitting the cue ball at the object balls, the players hit the object balls at the cue ball with the hope of pocketing the other object balls as a result. The rules are the same as regular 8-ball — one player gets solids while the other receives the stripes. To win, you must pocket all your balls and then finally pocket the 8-ball or the ball with the number 8 on it.

How To Play a Chinese Pool?

The first thing to do is to set up the triangle rack. The 8-ball should be in the middle and the 1-ball at the apex, while all other balls can be placed randomly inside the rack. The only thing to keep in mind is that a solid and a striped ball should be at each end corner. After the rack is set up, a player shoots the rack with his cue-ball for the first and last time, so savor it! The break is only considered legitimate if an object ball gets pocketed or two object balls hit the cushions. After the break, hit the object call and get it to ricochet off the cue ball and then into the predetermined pocket. While you’re at it, don’t forget to praise (or curse) the genius who came up with this!

Rules Of Chinese 8-Ball Pool

Are you too cool to follow the rules? Well, you must be, given that you’re here reading about the Chinese pool. No, but honestly, learn the rules first, and you can think about breaking them after. As a standard, rules for the Chinese pool have been made to speed up the games and to make it more exciting and fun. First things first, your break must be legal. If it isn’t, then you need to set up your rack again and give it another go.

After the break, at no point in the game can you hit the cue-ball with your stick directly. You must also call the pocket in which you intend to score before you actually take your shot. After contact, either the cue ball or the object ball must hit a cushion. When going for a skill shot, the cue ball must first make contact with your ball before making contact with your opponent. If

you hit your ball successfully but don’t pocket it, but then it goes on to pot your opponent’s ball, it is called a loss of turn. In this case, your turn just ends, and the opponent’s turn begins. There are no two shots in Chinese 8-ball. However, the most important rule is to play fair and have fun!

How To Win, Penalties, and Skillshot?

Winning sure is nice, isn’t it? You’ll win if you’re ahead of your competition, so keep reading. A single game or frame is won when you pocket all your balls, either stripes or solids and then pocket the 8-ball. In a modern tournament format, you win in one of two ways - win 13 frames first or win the most number of frames within 140 minutes. Winning is cool; fouling isn’t. Be sure to avoid these mistakes for a smooth 8-ball experience! Potting the cue ball, Potting your opponent's ball without making contact with your own, and lastly, if your cue ball or object ball doesn’t touch a cushion after a shot (unless it gets potted, of course). If you make any of these fouls, the other player can take the cue ball and literally place it wherever he wishes on the table. Yep, say goodbye to winning, then.

Do you know what’s better than winning? It’s winning with style. Skill-shots are your friend if your goal is to win. Potting an opponent's ball is not necessarily a bad thing, at least not always. If you pot your ball and an opponent’s ball simultaneously, it isn’t considered legal. It can be helpful if it clears up your table path in trying to pocket another of your balls or the 8-ball to grab the elusive victory.

Brief about Chinese 8-Ball Cue

In the initial days of the Chinese pool, there was no unique cue used to play. Just the regular 8-ball cue or a snooker cue. As the game matured, a master of the game Gareth Potts, ideated and executed the creation of a specialized cue. It is tailor-made for the sport and a must-have for newbies and veterans alike! Named after Potts himself, the Chinese 8-ball cue has a tapered ash shaft with carbon fiber, thermoplastic ferrule. This makes the cue feel less clunky while striking the larger and heavier balls. The unique ferrule makes it so that there are hardly any deflections while shooting.

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Question Answer
What is Chinese Pool, and how is it different from other pool games? Chinese Pool is a popular variant of the traditional cue sport, combining elements of both pool and snooker. It is commonly played with 15 numbered balls and a cue ball, but unlike regular pool, players pocket balls in a specific order rather than by numbers.
What are the basic rules of Chinese Pool? aIn Chinese Pool, players must pocket balls in numerical order, starting with the lowest-numbered ball. The game ends when all balls are pocketed, and the player who pockets the 9-ball (the highest-numbered ball) wins the game.
How is Chinese Pool played? Chinese Pool is typically played on a larger table than regular pool, and players use a cue stick to hit the cue ball to pocket the numbered balls. The game requires both strategic shot-making and positional play to succeed.
Can players use combinations or caroms in Chinese Pool? Yes, players can use combinations (hitting one ball to pocket another) and caroms (hitting one ball to pocket another via a cushion) to pocket balls in Chinese Pool. Skillful use of these shots is essential for success.
Are there any special rules or variations in Chinese Pool? Yes, there are various regional and house rules that players may adopt in Chinese Pool. Some variations involve different scoring systems, the use of "penalty balls" for fouls, or additional challenges to increase the game's complexity.