Points Rummy: How To Play, Rules, Scoring, Strategies And More

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What is Points Rummy?

You’ve all heard of Rummy and how the game requires players to make two valid sets with the cards they are dealt, with at least one pure set.

A variant of said game is Rummy points.

In this particular rendition of Rummy, there are Rummy point values associated with currency. But that’s not all, it gets better eventually.

The winner of point rummy doesn’t just score based on their sequences and win their money. No, the rummy counting points system is used to determine the points of other players who did not win. Then the rummy points calculation shows the monetary value of those points which is multiplied by the values assigned with currency. This amount is presented to the winner.

Neat, isn’t it?

Now that you understand why rummy points are so important, let’s get started on how to play the game and rummy point values so you can win more money.

At this point you may be wondering, how do you count points in rummy, and who decides on the values? We’ll get to that in a minute, don’t worry. By the end of this article, you will know everything about rummy points and how to use them to your advantage.

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How to play Point Rummy and what are the rummy rules with points?

Point Rummy is played with two decks of cards, i.e., 104 cards + joker cards.

The game starts when the dealer cuts the deck and places the top card from the deck onto the table to signify the beginning. Then he/she proceeds to deal 13 cards to each player on the table. The deal is done face down and one card at a time till each player is holding 13. At this point, the first card that was left on the table by the dealer is declared as the joker. However, if that card happens to be an actual Joker card, then the players can use the Aces in their dealt hand as jokers.

Now begins the fun.

Each player must build their cards in sets. They can exchange cards from their hands for those in the dealer’s deck for a certain amount to make one pure and one impure sequence.

A pure sequence means at least three consecutive cards from a single suit. Think of a shorter hand of Royal Flush for the pure sequence. For the impure sequence, you can have cards from any suit but they must line up.

Once a player has finished making their sequence, they must move their point rummy cards to an empty slot and declare that they are finished. In an online game, players can move the finished hand to the Finish slot and press the button that says ‘Declare’ on their screen.

The first player to finish their valid sequence and declare it wins the game and then it comes to the rummy rules scoring system to decide just how much money they won.

The Points Rummy rules are as follows

Now, as interesting as it is, Points rummy has a strict set of rules to follow:

  1. The rummy card points and their subsequent currency values are determined beforehand.
  2. The players must make at least 1 pure sequence with the cards in their hands.
  3. When decks are in play, then players cannot use mirror cards to make a sequence. For example, they cannot use two Jacks of hearts in a single sequence or two 10 of spades in the same sequence.
  4. The players must have two different sequences, i.e., one pure and one impure sequence that is on par with the point rummy rules before they place their cards on the finish slot and declare their win.
  5. The player who finished their sequences first and declares sothereby receives zero points and is thereby the winner.
  6. The remaining players have to calculate their rummy points based on the cards that are not in any sequence.
  7. The players who lost must calculate the designated currency against the points of the cards that are non-sequential and pay the sum to the winner.
  8. Rummy point rules dictate that if a player leaves the table during the first round of gameplay, they must make a payment equivalent to 20 points.
  9. The rummy points rules also have a penalty for any player who declares their hand even though they don’t have valid sequences. In such cases, that player is awarded 80 points and they must pay the equivalent sum to the next player who declares their hand and emerges victorious.
  10. The maximum number of points in rummy awarded to any player is 80.

How to score rummy points?

This is a common error that we need to address. You score Rummy points based on the point value designated to each card and the subsequent currency.

To clarify, the objective of point rummy is to score zero points and collect your winnings from players who have more points. Therefore, to actually win and score rummy points, you must not score points at all.

Build your sequences as quickly as possible and declare it to win 0 rummy points and win money from other players.

Therefore, you need to know how to count points in rummy by not scoring any.

What are the point values and how to count Rummy points?

As we have stated before, points are actually designated to players who lose due to their unsuccessful attempt at building valid sequences before their opponents. So how to count rummy points and determine what you need to pay?

The point system for rummy can be a little tricky in the beginning but here’s how rummy point calculation works:

  • All the face cards and Aces are awarded 10 points each. That means if you hold 1 Jack and 1 King or 1 Queen, or any of these cards, you get 10 points for each of them.
  • All the number cards are worth the same as their ranks. Therefore, a 5 of spades is worth 5 points, a 9 of clubs is worth 9 points, and so on.
  • The joker card is worth zero points.
  • If a player makes one pure sequence, then the cards in that sequence will not be counted in the rummy point system.
  • If a player does not make any sequence, which means no pure and no impure sequence, then all the cards in hand are used to calculate the points.
  • The amount to be paid is determined based on the pre-fixed currency value for each point. Therefore, the losing players’ hands are evaluated based on the equation: rummy points of each player X the point value designated.

Why should you play rummy on GetMega?

As you know by now, Rummy in all its variants is a fun game in which you can win a lot of money. However, since gambling is illegal in most countries, you can participate in these games via online gaming platforms that are legal and certified to allow players to play Rummy.

One such incredible platform is GetMega where you need to be of legal age and sign up for a verified account. Not only does it eliminate frauds and scams but also helps keep children away from these games. The verified accounts are the only ones permitted to play so you know that you will always receive what you’re owed.

GetMega conducts several contests and tournaments, which are great to participate in and play with like-minded gamers. You can learn new techniques while chatting with friends and family during gameplay. You can also win substantial money from these tournaments and cash prizes in contests.

Another amazing offering is that GetMega allows players to participate in paid leaderboards. These are special leaderboards wherein if you maintain your position in the top 10 players then you receive additional gifts, gold coins, and sometimes mobile phones too.

Lastly, the GetMega platform is legit. You can find rummy rules accessible to you at all times. You can use it to improve your understanding and gameplay in order to win more money.

Personally, we are sold on the fact that it is a legit platform that allows us to play interesting and exciting games like Rummy with legal players and win a lot of money. Hope you have as much fun playing rummy on GetMega as we do.

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