Busting a Player in Poker?

Busting a Player in Poker?

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Every game of two or more players, whether played online or offline, has one rule in common - there is always one winner, unless mentioned otherwise in certain variants of the game. All other players are eliminated slowly from the game and the one who stays till the end is regarded as the winner. This elimination of players from the game is known as ‘busting’  or poker bust in terms of poker.

To ‘bust a player’ in poker

Busting or poker bust not only includes the elimination of any player but it also implies that the player who is ‘busted out’ has run out of poker chips and he/she will not be allowed to play thereafter. So, ‘to bust a player’ means ‘to eliminate that player’ from the game and for the player who successfully manages to do that, it becomes a poker bust.

In some situations in poker, a chance is given to players to rebuy the chips. However, the busted out players are exempted from this chance too. They are relieved from 100% of their chips.

If a player puts his/her last chips on the table and if those last chips go to another player, then we can say that the other player has ‘busted out’ the first player. Such poker busts must happen in poker or any cash game to get a winner at the end.

Can busting out be used as a poker strategy?

You can use ‘busting out’ or a ‘bustout hand’ as a part of your poker strategy.  A ‘bustout hand’ is the hand that takes the player out of the tournament.

Players must at first see how many busted draws are possible in the game. In the situations where the number of busted draws is large, the possibility of winning the pot becomes easier.

Players can do a poker bust on themselves as well, when they are running out of chips.

Unlike other cash games, poker is less dependent on luck and more on strategy. It is not necessary that you can predict the busted hand of your opponent every time. However, it is always beneficial to know about the kinds of hands that your opponent could possibly have. The idea should always be the player who manages to make most poker busts.

To truly get a hang of poker bust and bustout hands, you must play on a regular basis. For that, you may download the GetMega Poker app and play various online poker games with ease.

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