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All of the cash games including poker are focused mainly on the act of betting. Different games use different betting styles. These betting styles have some set of protocols and variations in playing. Moreover, betting limits are applied to every betting style which set the minimum and maximum amount a player can raise or open with.

There are four common forms of betting limits: no limit, pot limit, fixed limit and spread limit. Among those four, the first three are most commonly used. Here, we will introduce you with the pot limit in poker.

What does pot limit in poker mean?

The meaning of the term “pot limit” in poker resembles its literal meaning. It is the form of betting limit in which a player can bet only upto the pot size at any given time. The player is limited to raise his bet not more than the pot size. So, the size of the bet depends directly upon the size of the pot. As the size of pot increases, the size of bet also increases. The most commonly played variant that uses a pot limit betting structure is Omaha.

The size of the pot includes the starting pot, trail (previous action in the current betting round) and a call from the player who makes a raise. If a player raises the maximum amount, it is referred to as “raising the pot” or “potting”.

In games including the pot limit betting structures, the dealer is allowed to tell the players about a pot size and a pot raise even before it has been made. The dealer also has to return any amount which is above the maximum raise or the pot sized raise to the player. There can be some misinterpretations while remembering these values. Therefore, we can calculate the maximum raise or the pot sized raise amount by this formula:

(3L + T) + S = M


L = last wager,

T = trail,

S = starting pot,

M = maximum bet

Does a limit on the pot affect the betting style of a poker game?

Each of the betting structures affects a poker game in one way or the other. As discussed earlier, a player cannot raise his bet more than the pot size. This limits the player’s hand but it can be as risky because the amounts bet and raised can shoot up very quickly.

Pot limit in poker involves calculations regarding the maximum raise. This seems too easy in case of very small games. However, as the tournament levels improve, we have to include the amount of small blind, big blind, minimum and maximum raise etc. which can be confusing in most cases.

In addition to that, watching a pot limit poker game is less exciting as it is known earlier that no one can push all-in at any hand. Sometimes, you also need a big bet to win a hand which is not possible with the pot limit betting structure

Although they have their own pros and cons, no betting style is regarded as best or worst. What matters is how comfortably you can use it. In pot limit poker, we lose the ability to raise the bet above the pot size so we should start building our pot with good starting hands. Else, our opponent can easily call against our bets by limiting the pot.

Since learning anything requires rigorous practice, you can use these tricks only if you practice hard. To enjoy online poker with your family and friends, download the GetMega Poker App now.

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