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If you are familiar with poker, then you must have come across the term pot committed. Now, if you are wondering what does the term pot committed in poker mean, then here’s a quick guide wherein we have explained the meaning of the term pot committed in poker and answered the pivotal question is being pot committed a bad thing in poker?

What does the term pot committed in poker mean?

In poker, pot committed refers to a situation wherein a player has invested so much into the pot that he can no longer afford to fold. Relative to this, a player is generally said to be pot committed in poker when the pot odds for whatever amount he is left are far greater than his odds of winning the hand. Herein, the pot odds are dictating that the only correct move for him henceforth is to either call a bet or raise. In poker, pot odds represent the ratio between the size of the pot and the size of the bet.

Now, let us understand the meaning of the term poker pot committed better with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a Rs10/Rs20 poker game. You currently hold the nut flush draw and therefore decided to play all the way till the river round. At the river round, the pot is worth Rs 900, and you are now in possession of a missed flush draw and a middle pair. Your opponent bets Rs 20 at the river round and you are quite sure you are going to lose the hand. Now, herein you are pot committed in poker. Why? Because the pot’s odds here are dictating that you must make a call. After all there is a slight chance that your opponent might have missed a flush draw as well, plus Rs 20 bet relative to the massive size of the pot is literally nothing. Therefore, being poker pot committed you are now compelled to make the call.

Is being pot committed in poker a bad thing?

Now that you know the meaning of the term pot committed in poker, let’s move forward and answer the very vital question of ‘Is being pot committed in poker truly a bad thing?’

Truly speaking, there is no single answer to this question because being poker pot committed can actually be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation of the game. For instance, if you have a very strong or premium hand on the flop, you won’t really mind being pot committed in poker, after all you have a good chance of winning the pot. On the contrary, if you decide to become pot committed in poker despite holding a weak hand then you are probably calling for trouble.

Now, herein the question arises how can a player potentially avoid being pot committed in poker?

1)      First things first, always select your preflop starting hands very carefully. A lot of times, players accidentally become pot committed in poker when they overestimate their starting hands and thereafter get entangled in complicated pots.

2)      Secondly, always refrain from calling an opponent’s bet if calling the bet will actually make you poker pot committed.

3)      Lastly, to refrain from being poker pot committed, do not ever run after the draws against the odds. Because chances are you will end up with a made hand that would be easily beatable but the one that will leave you pot committed.

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