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“Faces don’t lie.” - This is a very popular phrase. It means that a person’s expression can tell about his thoughts and emotions. The facial expressions of every common person change according to the situations they are in.

However, there are some “stone-faced” people who have strong control over their emotions. They do not panic even in the worst of situations and so their facial expressions remain the same. In the world of poker, this is known as a poker face expression or a blank expression.

Poker face expression or Blank expression

The term “blank expression” refers to a blank or expressionless face which implies a lack of emotions or thoughts. This expression does not reveal anything a person thinks. When the facial features of someone are positioned to be neutral, they have a blank expression.

This blank expression is also known as “poker face expression”. This is because the professional poker players remain expressionless while playing so that their opponents are unable to guess their strategies or situations in the game. Every player maintains one’s composure while playing the game in such a way that enables them to conceal their emotions. A poker face expression is as important in a poker game as a good hand. If you keep changing your facial expressions according to the cards in your hands, you can put yourself in trouble. The opponent can then make predictions about the hand you have and start using strategies to ruin your hand and make the game in their favour.

In poker, all the players bet money on their hand. Therefore, as a part of strategy every player must hide their cards from other players. If a weak player gets to know about the cards of a strong player, he will not bet as much money as he should have. So, the player with strong hands will not be able to earn a lot of profit. Hence, all the players keep their expressions completely blank.

Origin of the term – poker face expression

The term “poker face expression” did not originate in the game itself. In the 1920s, an American sportswriter coined this term for a competitor who was not at all affected by any of the stressful situations that the game threw at him. Since then, it has been used for every poker player that remains calm and expressionless, irrespective of the kind of hands they have.

Whenever you are playing poker for money, try to keep your face completely blank. Else you will face heavy losses even if you have a strong hand. Infact, a player with a weaker hand can earn more profit by bluffing with his facial expressions, but a player with a strong hand will always incur loss.

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