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Poker tournaments make the game of poker look extremely easy. Well, yes, it is, but most of these poker games are rife with a myriad of poker terms that add a kind of thrill to the entire routine of playing poker. Now, one such poker term that can help you understand the poker conversations and strategy articles better is orbit in poker. So, what do you think an orbit means in poker? We’ll give you a hint; it has something to do with rotation. In this post, we have highlighted the meaning of orbit in poker and answered the crucial question of why orbit is important in poker?

What does the term orbit in poker mean?

In poker, orbit is generally defined as a full rotation of the blinds at a standard poker table. To put it simply, in poker, orbit is referred to as the one full movement of the button otherwise known as a dealer button around the table in a standard poker game. So, an orbit effectively represents a one full cycle of the game. An orbit in poker is mostly equal to the number of players at the table. For instance, in a 9-handed poker game an orbit will last for 9 hands while in a 12-handed poker game, an orbit in poker will effectively last for 12 hands. So, irrespective of whether you are playing a poker game with 3 players, 6 or 9, in poker, orbit will be completed once when you serve as the dealer and place your blinds.

To understand the concept of orbit better, just imagine a runner racing around a track. Each time that runner will complete one full circle of the track he would have completed one “lap”. So, in poker, each time one player would serve as a dealer one poker orbit will take place.

It is imperative to remember here that the term orbit in poker only applies to those variants of poker that use a dealer button to decide the dealer for the current round such as games like Texas Holdem and Omaha. In some variants of poker, such as 7-stud, the concept of orbit in poker does not exist.

Why is poker orbit important?

This is because in poker, it is due to the concept of orbit that every player gets a chance to serve as a dealer. Relative to this, the dealer is by far the strongest position that any player can hold in a game of poker. It is because the player who is serving as a dealer or has the button position generally acts last in a majority of poker rounds except pre-flop. This in turn gives the dealer a major informational advantage over his opponents.

As any experienced player will tell you, when it comes to poker, position usually holds utmost importance. Vital to this, to become a winning poker player, you must learn the skill of understanding position and playing the right moves at the right time from the right position. Now, if you are looking to practise some key poker skills and strategies then register on the GetMega app and start playing poker today.

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