Cover in Poker

Cover in Poker

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In any game of poker, you need to “cover” or hide your cards so that your opponents do not get to know what cards you are having. There is another phrase which is used for this case i.e. “to protect your hand”.

However, this rule does not apply in online poker. You do not have physical cards and so there is nothing that is to be protected from the opponents. Therefore, the term “cover in poker”, here, refers to something very different than “hiding”.

What does cover in poker mean?

In online poker “Cover” means to play just enough hands in order to make the hit and run on a bonus ineffective. In other words, cover in poker refers to having enough chips to eliminate someone else’s hand. If a player wants to cover another player, he should simply have more chips than him. Here, the player having more chips is known as the “covering” player and the other one is the “covered” player.

The concept of “cover in poker” is important in poker tournaments. Here, the covering player can easily eliminate the covered player from the tournament. Also, even if the covering player loses a game, he can call-in all the chips of the covered one and still have chips left with him to continue in the next game.

The term “cover” is used in many different card games other than poker with different meanings. For instance, in Contract Bridge, it means a card that is used to compensate for the loss of a partner. In spades, it refers to making a good hand on a bid. In some other games, it means to play a high-ranked card on a previous card.

There are many such terms as poker cover which are of great relevance while playing poker either online or at places such as casinos. These terms help the players to understand the game and to communicate with other players better.

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Mahesh Mahale
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Behrooz Rostaye
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Kshitij Khandelwal
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