SPR (Stack To Pot Ratio) & The Strategy Around It

SPR (Stack To Pot Ratio) & The Strategy Around It

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What is SPR in poker?

Stack to Pot Ratio or, SPR in poker is the ratio of the shortest stack in the game to the size of the pot on the flop. The SPR is bound to change after the revelation of every community card or street. This is because in every round, after the revelation of the community cards, there is bound to be some betting done by the players. This betting changes the values of the pot, the pot becomes bigger and it also changes the value of the stacks, the stacks become smaller. There is a chance for the SPR in poker to be the same in two rounds but this is only possible if there has been no betting between those two rounds.

The equation for SPR in poker is -

There are two types of situations when it comes to SPR in poker. One is low SPR in poker and one is High SPR in poker. When it comes to low SPR in poker, it becomes easier for players to play. This is because the large pot size and the small stack size make it easy for players to control the game. Due to the large pot size and the small stack size, there is a reduction in the number of decisions and actions to be made post flop which makes it easier for the player to eventually gain control of the game.

On the contrary, high SPR in poker can make the game quite complicated. This is because the stacks are huge in high SPR situations as compared to low SPR situations. High stack sizes mean that there are more chances of betting on the flop followed by the fourth street and the river. Nonetheless, the severity of the situation also depends on the hand that the player has. If the player has a good hand, then there is nothing to worry about because they can eventually win.

Also, with a good hand, betting more is good because the pot size can increase substantially as compared to low SPR situations where the pot sizes cannot increase by that much. If a player has an average or a bad hand, then having a high SPR is bad news for them because if they continue with the game, they might lose a lot of money and eventually exhaust their stack. For players like these, a low SPR situation is ideal because there is not much money to bet on so even if they decide to continue with the game, they might not lose that much money.

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Numbers to tell you the position of SPR in a game

When calculating SPR, there are specific numbers which can tell you where the SPR of that game stands at. These are-

  • High SPR - 17 or more. The best hand combinations for a high SPR are sets, strong drawing hands and big flushes and high end straights. These are the most premium hand combinations in the game. The reason that these cards are best suited for a high SPR game is because in a high SPR situation, the money is huge and with these cards, you as a player can become unstoppable. You can win a huge amount of money if you end up playing a high SPR situation with cards like these.
  • Medium SPR - 7 to 16. The best hand combinations for a medium SPR are Top two pairs, sets, good drawing hands and flushes and straights. The reason that these cards are the best hand combinations for a medium SPR is because with a slightly higher SPR as compared to low SPR, playing with these cards can prove to be more profitable and there are chances that you can win a good amount of money.
  • Low SPR - 0 to 6. The best hand combinations for a Low SPR are Over pairs, Top pairs and bottom two pairs. The reason that these mediocre hands are the best hand combinations for a low SPR is that in low SPR situations, the need to make decisions surrounding these cards is very low so with cards like these you do not become committee to the pot.

How to determine the SPR you need?

You can determine the kind of SPR you need in a game just by looking at the hole cards that have been dealt to you. The cards you hold and the hand combination that you make or hope to make decide the SPR that you should get. You can also influence the SPR by either customizing your raises before the flop or by not entering the pot first. By customizing your raises before the flop, you can take control of the final pot and the stacks of the players. This is because the amount of bet that you raise will affect the other players’ stacks and also increase the pot by a certain amount. This amount can be decided by you according to your cards and SPR needs. Sometimes folding can help you recover your losses and not make any in a game. The hole cards that you are dealt matter the most when folding your hand. This is because if you do not have good cards or feel like you can be better off with better cards, it is advisable to fold. By folding an unwanted hand, you end up cutting your losses and live to fight another day.

To win a game and get a good SPR to aid you, it is vital for you to start planning the hand combinations that you are going to need from the very beginning of the game. This is because the more you plan, the better you play and you end up playing according to your plan. This helps you in not just winning the game but also improving your gameplay and getting a good SPR to help increase your winnings by a substantial amount.

With this, you have enough knowledge and information about SPR in poker. Download the GetMega app now and test out these SPR strategies in an online game of poker.

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