PFR (pre flop raise) And How To Use It?

PFR (pre flop raise) And How To Use It?

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What is PFR in poker?

In simple words, PFR in poker or Pre Flop Raise in poker is a very smart strategy to use while playing the game. It does not only reduce the number of players playing that round at the very beginning, but also increases your chance of winning the game. Using the PFR in poker strategy can be a little tricky for a lot of players. The reason for it being tricky is that you cannot just raise the pot pre flop in poker without going over the cards in your hand. Playing blind is a bold move and does tend to reduce your competition but it also presents a huge risk when playing to win. Playing blind is all about bluffing and luck. Poker is won by strategies and playing the man. You should only raise the pot pre flop in poker if you have the cards to handle the heat that comes with it. When you raise the pot pre flop in poker and you notice the other players calling your raise, it is an indication that these players think they have the cards to win and bring the heat along with them to the table.

PFR in poker

When you enter a game without raising the blind pre flop in poker, it is called limping in. Limping in means that you just call the blind which is calling the big blind. There are only two reasons for players limping in a game. The first reason is that they have substandard hole cards. The other reason is that they are playing a pair of premium or good hole cards in a very weak position. You do not want to be in the latter position. If you have premium or good hole cards, you want to have a very aggressive stance from the very beginning. This aggressive stance filters out the players for you in the beginning because people with substandard or mediocre cards end up folding their cards and going out of the game.

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How to use PFR in poker?

There are multiple ways to use PFR in poker to get the best possible results. As mentioned above, there are certain times at which you use PFR in poker. Whenever talking about raising pre flop in poker, you need to pay close attention to your cards and how good they are. If they are good cards, then you go for the raise. There are certain hole card combinations with which you should raise pre flop in poker. These are-

Ways to use PFR in poker
  • Suited Aces - A suited ace is a hole card combination in which you have 2 hole cards of the same suit out of which one of them is an Ace. Suited aces are a very powerful hole card combination when playing poker and can be used for PFR in poker or raising pre flop in poker. Having a suited ace gets you very close to finishing up with a flush. With hole cards like suited aces, you don’t only have more of a chance of finishing up on a flush, but also have the chance of bluffing with better chances of winning that bluff.
  • Suited Broadway - A suited Broadway is a hole card combination in which you have any 2 hole cards from either of these cards- Ace (A), King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J), and Rank 10 (10), both of the same suit. This is called a suited broadway because these cards give you a better chance of ending up with an Ace high straight at the end of your game. Just like the suited aces, even this hole card combination is very important and a very powerful hole card combination to have and can be used for PFR in poker or raising pre flop in poker. With these cards, you will have a chance to get an Ace high straight along with a high pair and at times even a flush.
  • Premium Broadway - A premium Broadway is a hole card combination in which you have any 2 hole cards from either of these cards- Ace (A), King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J), and Rank 10 (10). The suit does not matter in this hole card combination. Just like the suited broadway cards, with this hole card combination, you have a better chance to end up with an Ace high straight at the end of the game and can be used for PFR in poker or raising pre flop in poker. These are very good hole cards to have in the game and increase your chances of winning if played right. With these hole cards, you also get a chance to end up with a pair, after combining it with the other community cards on the table.
  • Suited Connectors - A suited connector is when you have 2 hole cards of the same suit. Suited connectors can be made up of any two cards and can be used for PFR in poker or raising pre flop in poker. They do not necessarily have to be in a sequence or high cards. A player can get an Ace (A) and a card of rank 3 (3), both of the suit diamonds, and they would still be suited connectors. Suited connectors are not as powerful as the other three types of hole card combinations mentioned above. They are very important as they can increase your chances of ending up with a flush at the end of the game along with a pair or a high card hand combination.

These were just some of the examples in which you can raise pre flop in poker. It all really depends on the type of player that is playing. If you like to take risks, then these PFR in poker strategies are perfect for you. If you like to play it safe, then these strategies would not be good for you as they require a certain amount of elevated risk.

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