What's a good Strategy to Play Micro Stakes Poker Online?

What's a good Strategy to Play Micro Stakes Poker Online?

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What is Micro Stakes Poker?

Micro Stakes means small stakes. Micro Stakes poker means poker with really small stakes. Also known as micro poker and micro grinder poker, this game od poker has very small stakes and limits. Players have limits of $25 to $50. Most players who play online think that these games are going to be boring as the stakes are very low. In reality, it is the complete opposite of that. Beating micro stakes poker is one of the most fun things you can experience in an online game. This is because most of players who play this game really know their stuff and are really good at crushing the microstakes.

Poker is a very interesting game to play but is not at all easy. Crushing micro stake poker is one of the best things a player can do for their career in poker or just to improve their game. In a lot of Poker tournaments, players who are beating micro stakes poker or crushing the microstakes on a regular interval get bumped up to a high stakes poker game. This is because that player has proved that they can play seriously and can handle a higher stakes game.

Strategies for crushing micro stakes poker

There are certain strategies to be used while playing a game of micro stakes poker and crushing micro stakes poker. These strategies are key to beating micro stakes poker and moving up in the world of poker. There strategies are-

  • The first strategy to beating micro stakes poker is to start small. Start at the smallest and the lowest limit. This can prove to be difficult for a lot of players who have been playing higher stakes game. Playing with the smallest limits build confidence and helps a player attain a certain level of patience along with crushing micro stakes poker. This is beneficial to a lot of players as when they get bumped up to a highest stakes game, they can easily manoeuvre their way through the game and have built a set of skills that can help them win.
  • The second strategy to beating micro stakes poker is to start with a good amount of money to play or, an adequate bankroll to fund your game. Managing your finances in poker is key. It gets very tempting to bet big when it comes to online poker. But, doing so is very disastrous and can end in you losing all your money. One rule that you should follow before starting a game is that you should always have enough money to fund 30 buy-ins of the game. This does not only go for crushing micro stakes poker but also for any other game.
  • The third strategy to beating micro stakes poker is to start off with one game type and stick to it. Many players make the mistake of starting with one game type and then switching their game type every now and then. This is one of the worst things to do in a tournament or a game online. This is because every variation of the game has a different set of rules. If you keep playing only one game, you keep getting better at that game and you end up doing well in that. By playing multiple types of games in one sitting, you end up not doing good in wither one of them and end up losing the games and finishing your bankroll.
  • The fourth strategy to beating micro stakes poker is to build your knowledge of the game. Along with building your knowledge, crushing the microstakes also requires you to improve your TAG techniques or, Tight and Aggressive play techniques. Micro stakes games are filled with players who do not know how to play and are new to the world of poker. Crushing micro stakes poker with these players is very easy. You just need to know your game and should have enough practice to take on all of your beginner opponents. But this does not mean that these players cannot win any games. Playing with these players can be a very interesting match as they can call even the most ridiculous bets.
  • The fifth strategy to crushing micro stakes poker is keeping the game as simple as possible. By keeping the game as simple as possible, you end up winning more and crushing the microstakes. A lot of players make the mistake of over thinking even the simplest situations in the game. This is also known as Fancy Play Syndrome or FPS. Having the FPS is bad news for your plans of crushing micro stakes poker. A lot of players playing at a micro stakes game play for fun. These players do not take the game seriously and end up losing the game and their money for fun. These players are part of the reason that you should keep your gaming strategy simple. It helps you win over these types of players.
  • The sixth strategy to crushing micro stakes poker is playing your strong hand combinations properly. In a micro stakes game of poker, the pot is very small. To win big, you have to make the pot yourself. Whenever you get dealt a very strong hand, you have to make it count. You need to start betting and keep betting until you win or you think someone else has a better hand and decide to slow down. Playing your strong hands like this is one of the best and the fastest ways to build the pot and win big.
  • The seventh strategy to crushing micro stakes poker is improving your game. This goes without saying but, the more you practice, the more you win. Playing micro stakes poker is the best way to improve your game. With the multiple online gaming platforms being launched every day, it has become very easy for everyone to play every day and improve your game. The more you improve your game, the faster you can climb the ladder and win more game. Getting bumped onto high stakes games becomes much easier when you become a better poker player.
  • The eight strategy to crushing micro stakes poker is to have fun. Being too serious starts taking a toll on you and your game and makes it hard for beating micro stakes poker. Being too serious all the time take all the fun out of the game. If you do not have fun in the game then your game starts to suffer as you stop losing interest in the game. Play seriously but also have fun. That is the best strategy not just for beating micro stakes poker but also any other game.

Now you are well versed with the best strategies for beating micro stakes poker and crushing the microstakes. Download the GetMega Poker app now and start playing!

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