Loose Aggressive Strategy: Meaning, How To Use, & Tips

Loose Aggressive Strategy: Meaning, How To Use, & Tips

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A player who plays loose aggressive poker is undoubtedly one of the hardest opponents to go against in a game of poker. Being a painful thorn for all the players, a loose aggressive poker player will always exploit the other players and keep on raising the bets.

In this article we will discuss and learn all the things related to playing a loose aggressive game with the basic and the best loose aggressive poker strategy, so let’s begin!

What is loose aggressive poker?

Loose aggressive is a type of poker playing style adopted by players wherein, they open and play more than average hands and play them in an assertive and forceful manner.

The term loose aggressive can be broken down to explain its characteristics more clearly –

  • Loose – this means that the players open more hands pre-flop in comparison to their opponents.
  • Aggressive – this means that the players play by choosing aggressive betting options like – betting and raising.

Since loose aggressive poker play involves a lot of opening hands preflop, bluffing levels in this type of poker strategy is quite high but at the same time good loose aggressive players tend to be very selective and don’t bluff as much.

Now that we know about the loose and aggressive play, let's also check out the other types of playing styles in poker –

  • Tight aggressive – a player playing tight aggressive poker will play very less starting hands but will play them in an assertive manner, choosing the aggressive betting options – bet and raise.
  • Loose passive – a player playing loose passive poker will play more starting hands in comparison to their opponents and will play them in an unassertive manner, choosing the more passive betting options – check and call.
  • Tight passive – a player playing tight passive poker will play fewer starting hands in comparison to their opponents and will play them in a submissive manner, almost always choosing the passive betting options – check and call.

After covering basic poker playing styles, lets dive deep into the loose aggressive poker strategy.

How to use the loose aggressive poker strategy?

Assuming that the player follows a tight aggressive poker strategy, adjusting and transitioning to a loose aggressive game can seem daunting. Below we have provided you with the adjustments for playing loose aggressive.

1. Some pre-flop adjustments –

Opening wide –

Loose aggressive players open raise more extensive than tight aggressive by and large. This situation is particularly the case of three steal seats, BTN (button), CO (cutoff) and SB (small blind). A few loose and aggressive players will even venture to such an extreme as to open raise any two cards in the BTN and SB in the event that they think their rivals are powerless enough.

Wider defending of the big blind –

Although the loose and aggressive players usually don’t call much in comparison to tight aggressive players, they do intend to defend their big blind widely while facing open raises. While a tight player will cold call the big blind with a 23% frequency, on the other hand, a loose player will cold call the big blind with a frequency of 30% or above.

Aggressively more 3 betting –

Loose and aggressive players are happy with 3 betting with a little higher range in comparison to tight players from basically every position. For instance, tight players frequently tend to have a small blind 3bet of around 7-8% while a loose player will have 3bet somewhere in the range of 9% and 12% from the exact same position.

These were some of the adjustments that are needed to play the loose aggressive poker strategy. Next, let's get down to see and learn some of the post flop adjustments that can be made in loose aggressive poker.

2. Some post flop adjustments –

Striking the auto-profit spots – An 'auto-profit' spot is one where a normal rival player folds at an excessively high recurrence. Loose aggressive players realize which spots are folded over and over and hence, will bluff tirelessly.

Below are some examples -

1.       Betting vs missed cbets - float bets and probe bets

2.       Stop and go lines (bet-check-bet)

3.       Triple-barrel bluffing in position

Improving Textural Awareness –

Good loose aggressive poker players realize how to peruse board surfaces well and change their play likewise.

Below are 3 situations –

1.       The flops having ace high dry are folded more frequently than others.

2.       Board run outs where all that bricks are particularly suited for triple-barrel bluffs.

3.       Rivals players bluff less on specific board run outs where everything finishes. There are a number of different considerations like these that great loose aggressive poker strategy players consider when settling on their choices and decisions.

Improving opponent awareness -

Great loose and aggressive players have a keen knowledge and awareness of their rival players in respect to their tendencies leading the aggressive players to exploit their opponents. If a rival player is folding an excessive amount to flop raises, an accomplished loose and aggressive player will raise flops persistently until his rival player changes and adjusts.

These were some of the loose aggressive poker strategy tips  that will help you become a loose and aggressive player thereby increasing your chances of winning.

The next thing to cover is how to beat a loose aggressive player, so that you know how to deal with them, which will help you in understanding their strategies and also make sure that you look out for some of these tips if used against you, when playing a loose and aggressive poker strategy.

How to play against loose aggressive poker players?

The way to beat loose aggressive poker players is to play better beginning hands better than them and exploit their assertiveness. You can generally check to the aggressive players with even your strongest hands since they are probably going to wager for you. On the chance that they are excessively forceful, you can even bet with your strongest hands and in turn be raised by your loose and aggressive opponent.

With this we come to an end on the discussion of the loose and aggressive poker strategy. Now that you know all the basics of loose aggressive poker and players, why not try this strategy in poker games with your friends? Download the GetMega Poker app now and start playing to employ the above strategies and increase your chances to win big!

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