Who Wins If Two Players Have A Royal Flush In Poker?

Who Wins If Two Players Have A Royal Flush In Poker?

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Poker is one of the most played card games among all generations including kids, adults and old people.  It is a game of skill, as it is what you do with your hand that determines whether you will be the winner or not. To make the winning hand, you need to be sure about the rules of poker, especially related to the hand rankings.

There are many different hands that one can have, like two pairs, one of a kind, straight flush, royal flush and so on. So, what happens if two players have a similar hand at the end of the game? More importantly, what happens when two players have a royal flush?
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What happens in a game of poker?

Poker is a card game with a deck of 52 cards that has 4 suits consisting of face cards such as King, Jack, Queen and other numbered cards. The 4 suits are namely ♠, ♦, ♣ and ♥. At the end of all the rounds, the winner is the player who holds the highest ranked hand when all cards are shown at the end of the round. And, this is known as showdown. The winning player could also be the one who makes the last uncalled bet, hence winning the whole round without having to reach the showdown.

What is a flush and what happens when there are 2 royal flushes?

In a typical poker game, straight flush is said to be five cards in numerical order, all of them being identical suits. If there is ever a tie when playing with these set of cards, the highest ranked card at the top of the sequence wins. Four of a kind are a set of cards where there are four identical cards with one side card or kicker. In the event of a tie, the highest four of a kind wins or the highest side card wins in case of a community card game where everyone has equally ranked four of a kind cards. According to the rules of poker, straight flushes come in varying strengths from five high to a king high. In the event of having a king high, only a royal flush can beat the same.

The best possible straight flush is known as the royal flush. The royal flush consists of a king, queen, jack, ace and ten of a suit. A royal flush is said to be an unbeatable hand. This phenomenon is also called an ace high straight flush. Hence, there are 4 royal flushes: TJQKA (all spades), TJQKA (all hearts), TJQKA (all clubs) and TJQKA (all diamonds). If you are dealt 5 cards, you have 4 chances over 2,598,960 to receive a royal flush. These chances are even lower when you consider 2 royal flushes.

Note that when there are 2 royal flushes, there can be no tie breaker whatsoever. Apart from this, if there are 2 royal flushes, the pot is split between the two. The odds of this happening are extremely rare. Moreover, the board requires three cards of the same suit for there to be 2 royal flushes.

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