Play Uno Online: Learn The Rules, Gameplay, Strategies And More

Play Uno Online: Learn The Rules, Gameplay, Strategies And More

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What is UNO game?

Uno is a card game that is similar to crazy eights and derives its name from the number one in Italian and Spanish. The reason is that when playing Uno if a player has one card remaining in hand and he or she doesn’t scream ‘UNO!’ then they must pick up all the cards if someone points it out.

The premise of the game is simple: You play cards resembling the color or the digit on the last card(s) played by the player before you. If you have none, you can either play a special wild card or pass your turn.

You can use Uno game cards to play other games too, such as Bluff, Spit card game, etc.  You can learn how to play Uno online with friends as well. It is just so much more fun, especially during lockdowns or when you’re miles apart.

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How to play Uno cards? What are the variations and Uno card rules?

People who play Uno often confuse the rules and gameplay. There is a bit of leeway when it comes to how to play Uno. Some people prefer the 7-card deal whereas some prefer a higher number when they play in smaller groups. Of course, for large groups, you must maintain the basic rules of how to play Uno to avoid confusions.

There is a difference between playing the game online and offline with physical Uno game cards. You cannot scream ‘UNO!’ in the end which takes away the essence of the game, however, it adds to your chances of winning.

The rules of the game on how to play Uno online with friends and family or even strangers may differ based on the platform you use. Regardless, here are the Uno card rules when you play this entertaining game at home:

  • Each player is dealt 7 cards. In offline versions, the cards are dealt face down and the remaining Draw pile is left facing down as well.
  • There is a Discard pile beside the stack. This is where you accumulate the cards that have been played. The Discard pile is initiated with the first card from the Draw pile.
  • The game starts from the left side of the dealer, pretty much like any other card game.
  • In offline games, the first card of the Discard pile is in the center of the table. The following player must play a card that either matches the number or the color of that card.
  • If the first card in the Discard pile is a Wild card then it is returned to the stack pile and shuffled. Another card is drawn from the stack to initiate the game.
  • If the first card is an Action card, then the next player must follow through on that action and the game continues adhering to that color.
  • Ideally, a player must only play one card at a time. However, there are variations in Uno wherein players can play more than one card of the same number. There is a contingency that they must first play the card matching the running color then place the other cards matching the number they played.
  • In case of a Uno wild card, they can play the +4 card in multiples however, the plain Uno wild card can only be played one at a time.
  • Players can also play the Action cards in Uno in multiples depending on the variation of the game.
  • If a player doesn’t have a matching card to play, then they must pass their turn by drawing a card from the stack pile.
  • In case a player has a matching card but wants to hold on to it for strategic reasons, they must draw a card from the stack. This additional card drawn is a sort of penalty for not playing the card they have.
  • A player can pick a card from the pile when passing their turn and still play the card they picked if it matches the criteria. However, if they pick cards due to a Draw 2 or Draw 4 enforced upon them, then they cannot play a card after they pick from the stack pile.
  • The Uno cards game ends when all but one player is holding cards in hand. The other players automatically win and disperse when their cards are finished.

You can also alter the rules of the game slightly to play variations of Uno. For one, you can allow players to play multiple action cards or Draw 4 cards. They can also be allowed to play more than one number card at a time.

What are the different special cards in the Uno card game?

Let’s start with how many cards in Uno are out there.

There are a total of 108 number of Uno cards in play. The 4 colored and numbered cards range from 0 to 9 thus making 40. The remaining 68 cards are special cards also known as Wild cards and Action cards based on their function.

Here are the types of Uno Wild cards used in Uno game. Each type is available in 4 numbers so, at a time it is possible for 8 players to have at least one Wild card.

  1. Simple Wild cards that have 4 colors on them. The player who doesn’t have either the number or the color in hand can play a Wild card to change the color. The player who played the Wild card gets to choose the next color.
  2. Draw 4 Wild cards also have 4 colors to facilitate a change in the color that was being played. The twist is that if a Draw 4 Wild card is played, then the next player must pick 4 cards from the stack. In offline games, these Draw 4 Wild cards can also be played two or three at a time which is risky for the following player.

There are also 3 distinct types of Action cards in play. They are each available in 4 different colors and sets of two.

  1. Draw 2 cards imply that the next player must pick 2 cards from the stack.
  2. Skip Cards are used to skip the turn of the following player. This is particularly helpful if the next player has one card remaining to win the game.
  3. Reverse Cards are used to change the cycle. For instance, if the players are playing in a clockwise direction then the reverse card will change it to anti-clockwise. This can be done constantly between two players as well.

How many members can play Uno at a time?

You can play Uno game with 2 to 10 people. Uno is a fast-paced game. No one requires inordinate amounts of time to make their next move. Therefore, the game can easily support up to 10 players. The limit drawn thereafter is to ensure that there are enough cards left in the stack for penalties, Draw 2’s, and Draw 4’s.

Which games are available on GetMega’s platform?

The online GetMega platform allows players to play card games, casual games, and trivia games. Here is a list of games you can play on GetMega under each of these categories:

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