What Is The 28 Card Game: Everything You Need To Know

What Is The 28 Card Game: Everything You Need To Know

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Card games are pretty popular be it online or offline. These games have been around for centuries but received more recognition in the last couple of years.

Today, we will discuss one such game called the 28 card game, which is a fun four-player rendition of several tricks and bid games.

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What is a 28 card game?

The 28 card game is a 4-player trick-taking game in which there are two teams of two players each.

The actual gameplay only uses cards from a single deck of 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces. The Jacks hold 3 points each which make them the most valuable whereas 9s are assigned 2 points, and 10s and Aces are assigned 1 point each. These 28 point-designated cards contribute to the name of the game. The remaining cards have no point designation but the high cards still matter to win the tricks.

The remaining deck of 2s through 6s are used as cash cards during the game and are used to bid.

The objective of the game is to finish with the maximum number of points.

28 card game tips and tricks

What are the 28 Card Game Rules?

The 28 card game tips and tricks can be a little difficult to follow in the beginning. It takes time to develop strategies that work and are also compliant with the guidelines. Here are the card game 28 rules that you need to follow. Strategize according to them and you will win most of the time. Lets starts with the rules 28 card game rules.

  1. The player who selects the trump card and places it face down cannot play a trump suit unless another player requests to see the trump or it is the last remaining suit in the game.
  2. The players must always follow suit during a single trick. However, if they don’t have a card in that suit, they can discard other needless cards from their trick or request to see the trump.
  3. Any trick that is lost before the trump card is revealed remains a loss.
  4. If a single player is dealt all four jacks from a deck during a 28 cards game, then the game is reset.
  5. If one or more players have no point cards in their hand, i.e., no Jacks, no Aces, no 9s, and no 10s, then the game is reset.
  6. The first bidder must start at 14 points. If a player from one team has already bid before, then the other player in that team must start from 20 points.
  7. If the team whose player chose the trump is holding all the 8 trump cards in play, then the game is null and void, calling for re-deal. Remember, this 28 card game rule is only applicable after the trump card is revealed.
  8. The players of the losing team must offer the players of the winning team two of their cash cards.
  9. If a player runs out of cash cards due to multiple, consecutive defeats, then they will be dealt a fresh new round of cash cards from another deck.
  10. The bidding system determines the points scored by each team. If a team bids 19 points then they receive 1 point for winning but lose 2 points if they don’t complete the bid. Similarly, for Honours game bid wherein a team bids 20 to 24 points, they will be awarded 2 points for winning or lose 3 points if they don’t finish the bid. If a team bids 25 points or more, then they receive 3 points for winning or lose 4 points for an incomplete bid.

Now that you know the rules for 28 card games, let’s take a look at how it is played.

How to play 28 card games?

The players of each team sit opposite each other and the game begins with the dealer dealing 6 of the cash cards to each team.

The dealer starts the game by dealing 4 individual cards to each player in each team. On the basis of the cards they received, each player makes a bid for the number of tricks that their team can collect. The players start their bid from 14 and if a player of one team wants to up the ante for their team that has already bid then they have to start from 20.

The last bidder, preferably the highest one, gets to choose a trump suit in secrecy, placing it face down but that particular player cannot play a trump card before all other suits have been exhausted during gameplay.

After choosing the trump, the dealer distributes another 4 cards to each player, one at a time, and the players can choose to bid again or begin the gameplay.

The player sitting on the right side of the dealer begins the game by playing a card. The other players have to follow the suit of that card and play their hand to win the trick. If a player doesn’t have any card of that particular suit then they can either play to discard cards from other suits or ask to see the trump card in order to play a trump suit.

The 28 cards game continues till all the tricks are finished at which point the score is tabulated for further rounds. If a team wins the number of bids they made, which is the number of points they wagered, then the losing team must relinquish two of their cash cards to the winners.

Remember, the winning team wins only if they complete their bid. Therefore, if a team bid 19 points and won 6 of the 8 tricks but still only made 12 points, then they lose the bid. The idea is to win the number of points while winning tricks. Therefore, a team can bid 19 points and 3 tricks. If they accumulated the points and tricks, only then do they win.

Simply put, the scoring is reliant on the bid, not on the accidental points scored by collecting tricks. Now you are familiar with game and you know hoe to  play 28 card game try out with your friends.

Tips to win the 28 cards game

Although the 28 card game tips and tricks is pretty straightforward, there are some game tricks that you can use, keeping on par with the 28 card game rules to win.

  • Keep an eye open in order to recognize the trump card. Since you may be discarding cards when you can’t follow suit, it is good to identify the trump card as soon as possible. It is a secret so keep an eye open to see which suit the trump bidder is not playing.
  • Request the trump card if the game is not divided into phases. You could win a lot more tricks and complete your bid quickly by using trump cards.
  • Play your Aces on an uphill battle. That means, when you don’t see a way of winning the trick but there’s a Jack already on the table, play an Ace to win the trick. You get the points for both.
  • Don’t play point cards to win a trick when there’s Kings and Queens involved. That means, store your Aces and let go of the trick with small-value cards.
  • Strategize before you start playing. Look at your first four cards and use a little mathematical advantage before you start bidding. If you lose the bid, you lose an extra point too.
  • Bid low and win high. You won’t get extra points for high bids so make a low bid, preferably between 14 and 19. Let the opponents choose the trump and play their cards first. Bid what you know that you can absolutely finish, then win more.
  • Win more bids than you lose to at least account for positive scoring rather than negative. Remember, you get 1, 2, or 3 points for winning based on your bid. However, if you lose the bids, you lose 2, 3, or 4 points. If you lose continuously, you’ll be on the negative scale.
28 Card Game Rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What methodology are you using to figure out who the trump is?

A. Without informing anybody, the bidding team places a card as trump. The rest of the players must predict the trump depending on the defender's movements. The player who put the trump is prohibited from playing any card bearing the trump's symbol. This is the most accurate indication of the trump sign. You must pay special heed to the players' actions.

Q2. What if I don't have a specific point in the first hand I'm dealt and I have to contact someone?

A. You can end the game if you have a hand with no points throughout your turn to bid first. You won't be able to do so if you don't bid first.

Q3. What if I obtain all the 4 jacks?

A. Jack is considered to be the most strong and effective card in 28-card game and that is why a game comes to an end if all any players obtain the 4 jacks. It is obvious that this situation shall arise only if one single player obtains all the Jack cards. Also, the game won’t come to an end if the jack is obtained by the same team but is disseminated amongst different participants of that team

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