What Is King In The Corner: Know Its Meaning, Rules, And Gaeplay Here

What Is King In The Corner: Know Its Meaning, Rules, And Gaeplay Here

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Meaning of King in the corner

King in the corner is a precursor to the variations of Solitaire. Although ‘Kings in the corner board game’ is a valid terminology, the game is not really played on a set board.

The objective of Kings Corner solitaire is to arrange the cards in a sequence following a rule of opposite colors in descending order. The literal meaning of King in the corner, or king around the corner refers to how the 4 King cards can be used to build a new foundation at the 4 corners of the table.

This game is often referred to as ‘4 corners card game,’ ‘card game four kings,’ or ‘four kings in a corner’ due to the premise of the gameplay.

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How to play, rule, variation, scoring, gameplay, deals

In order to play King in the corner cards, you need two to four players and a regulation deck of 52 cards. Each player receives 7 cards and the rest of the deck is placed in the center of the table as the stack.

The dealer picks the first 4 cards from the stack and places them on the 4 sides, i.e., north, south, east, and west of the stack pile. These cards are left facing up and act as the foundation to start the Kings Corner card game.

The player sitting on the left side of the dealer starts by picking the top card from the stack pile and adding it to their hand. They can then proceed to play a card sequence underneath one or more of the foundation piles. Their turn continues as long as they build sequences from the cards now in their hands. Once they run out of valid moves, the next player takes his or her turn.

If a player has a King in hand then they can place it on one of the four corners of the table to start building another foundation. The game ends when one of the players has finished all the cards in their hands by building valid sequences and emerging victorious.

Variations of Four corners card game

You can play different versions of the Kings Corners card game as follows:

  • If a player finishes all their cards in hand, the remaining players are penalized based on the cards they are holding. Each card can account for 1 point except for the Kings cards which are worth 10 points. In this case, scoring points is a bad thing, not a winning strategy.
  • The players are not allowed to pick a card from the stack to begin their turn. Instead, they must play with the hand they were dealt until they run out of cards to make valid sequences. Then they can draw one card from the stack.
  • The players can only make sequences under the foundation cards or the King corner cards
  • A maximum limit of points is predetermined. If a player reaches the maximum points (which is bad) then the game stops and the player with the lowest points wins.
  • You can add a touch of penalty betting wherein if a player runs out of cards to make valid sequences then they must add a chip to the pot as a penalty.


The deals in the King Corner game are simple. The dealer distributes 7 cards to each player then keeps the remainder of the deck in the center. Then they take the first 4 cards from the deck and place them such that it creates a ‘+’ sign around the stack pile. These 4 cards are the foundation on which the players must play their cards.

Kings in the corner Scoring

If a player finishes all the cards that they were holding from the deal as well as the ones they drew by creating valid sequences, then they win. The remaining players may be penalized based on the variation of the game you play.

Each card in hand is worth 1 point and a King is worth 10 points. It is possible that the player is left holding the King card instead of placing it in one of the corners because they never got their turn or wanted to hold off on allowing other players to create a sequence.

Rules of King in the corner card game

There are a few rules to this incredible gameplay which you must adhere to while playing king in the corner:

  1. The players must only play valid moves to create sequences in descending order.
  2. Each card played should be one below the previous number and of a different color. For example, if the last visible card is the Jack of Clubs then the next card must be the ten of diamonds or the ten of hearts.
  3. The Kings must be placed in the corner slots, not the foundation pile.
  4. Kings are high and Ace is low. That means Ace is worth 1 which is the lowest rank and must be placed below 2.
  5. The players can move an entire pile from the foundation only if they can add it to the King pile in the correct sequence or to another foundation pile.
  6. If a foundation pile is moved, then the players can add any card to the empty slot of the foundation pile to start a new sequence.


  • What is the maximum number of players to play a hand of King in the corner?

King in the corner can be played by a maximum of 4 players.

  • Is King in the corner the same as castling?

No. Castling is a term used to put the King in the corner of a chessboard. However, King in the corner in itself is a card game very much similar to solitaire where you build descending sequences of opposing colors.

  • What happens if a King is revealed when building the first four foundation piles?

Since the Kings are the only cards that are allowed to be placed in the four corners of the table, if they are revealed during the deal, then you can move them to the corner. In this case, the dealer will draw another card from the stack to create a foundation.

  • What to do if I run out of cards to play in King in the corner?

It depends on your situation. If you run out of valid moves to make because none of the cards you are holding add to existing sequences on the board, then the player after you gets their turn and you must wait. When it is your turn again, you can either try to create sequences or draw a card from the stack and see if that helps you add to existing sequences.

If, however, you run out of cards in your hand, then you win the game.

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