Concentration Card Game: Rules, Gameplay, Strategies And More

Concentration Card Game: Rules, Gameplay, Strategies And More

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What is a concentration card game?

The concentration card game is played across the globe and goes by several monikers such as Memory card flip game, Pelmanism, Pexeso, Double concentration card game, etc. It is, as the name suggests, a memory game with playing cards where the player must try to match the cards.

In this excellent mind-sharpening card game, the players must remember where they saw a specific card and try to find a pair. All the numbers and face cards pair with each other in a concentration card game with a single deck, which is recommended to avoid complications. If you use more than one deck, then you can match the same suite number to another.

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How to play the concentration card game?

Assuming a single deck, which is ideally used in the memory card game, all the 52 cards in a deck are laid out with their faces down. Avoid using jokers in the gameplay.

The players take turns to flip the cards two at a time. If the cards match, they add it to their personal pile beside them. If they cannot match the cards they picked up, then they must place the cards back in their original position and pass their turn to the next player if it is a multiplayer game.

Once all the cards have been matched, the scores are tabulated in case you plan on playing multiple rounds. The player with the highest number of concentration cards matched wins the game.

The memory card flip game can be played solo or with two players. It is ideal to use one regulation deck of cards because 104 cards make the game overly complicated, almost impossible really. The memory game with playing cards is a viable option for kids as long as it is a regulation French deck. There is also a variety of cards in a kid’s pack with whimsical characters or customized items to promote brain growth.

What are the rules of concentration or memory card games?

The rules of the game are simple but deeply rooted in the name. The players must focus the power of their minds to remember which card is where. Here are the basic rules used in concentration card games:

  1. All the cards must be arranged face-down.
  2. If a player picks up a card but doesn’t find its match, then they must place it in the exact position from where they picked it up.
  3. Predetermine the memory matches. For instance, black cards of the same number must be matched with other black cards such as 8 of hearts with 8 of diamonds and 7 of spades with 7 of clubs.
  4. If you play the 4 card memory game then any number card can be matched with any suite as long as the numbers match. For example, 2 of clubs can be matched with 2 of diamonds, or 2 of spades, or 2 of hearts.
  5. You must only flip two cards in your turn unless you match. If you match two cards, your turn continues till you fail to match.
  6. Players can set a maximum number of turns as well. Both players get a limited number of turns to flip cards and attempt to match them. When the specified number of turns ends, the scores are calculated.
  7. Do not tabulate the placement of the cards. The idea is to improve memory power not to cheat.

The rules for a concentration card game for kids can be a little more lenient than those for adults. The idea, for children, is to improve their memory power without devaluing their self-esteem. You can modify the rules to help them understand the game and focus their powers of concentrations to find appropriate matches.

What strategies can be used to win?

Although the concentration card game is to encourage stimulating your memory and having fun, there are still some strategies that you can use to consistently win the game. These techniques are particularly helpful when you play the memory card game competitively. There is still scope for these games to be played online or in board games for prize money.

Here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Remember a certain set of cards. If you or your opponent pick a card that hasn’t been matched, remember where it is placed. As soon as you find the second pair to match, pick that card instead of randomizing the game.
  • Go through a row or column in order. It will make it easier to remember if you already found a matching card in a particular row or column.
  • Don’t get flustered. The entire gameplay of the concentration card game relies on keeping a calm mind to remember where the cards are.
  • Aim to get as many pairs in your turn as you can remember. Don’t take chances on new cards till you have found the pairs that were already uncovered.

The variations of 4 card memory game make it a lot easier to win but if you are playing challenging editions, you need to stay calm. The trick is to memorize the places of the cards that you or your opponents have already flipped once.

There are online variants such as Double concentration card games and memory card games that you can play competitively. You can also play concentration card games online.

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