Who Are The Top 20 Inspiring And Aspiring Female Figures In Poker?

Who Are The Top 20 Inspiring And Aspiring Female Figures In Poker?

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Poker is a competitive game; don’t let anyone tell you differently. Although variants such as strip poker are played for fun, professional poker players go through immense studying, training, analyzing, and pressure before they make a living.

Yes, it is challenging but if you have a passion for the game and manage to strategize before you make your move, professional poker is a viable means to earn for anyone. Female players are now on the uprise, so take some time and learn how to play poker on online channels such as GetMega to get started on a career path for greatness.

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List of top 20 female poker players

Here is a list of the top female poker players and their net worth to prove just how fulfilling a career in professional poker can be.

1. Jennifer Tilly ($25 million)

The richest female poker player is a pro at the table. This shark lady poker player started her career as an actress but soon discovered her love for Poker. Her father was a gambler so, even though Tilly loves to circle the tables, she is determined not to become like him. Her love for the game is close to devotion and has earned her several titles.

2. Jennifer Harman ($15 million)

One of the most celebrated female poker players of all time, Jennifer Harman made history as one of the female poker stars. With 2 WSOP bracelets and 12 final tables, along with several titles, she sure earned her place in the second position of the Female poker players list. Harman frequented the Bellagio to attend the high-stakes games and played several hands of the game on ‘Poker After Dark.’

She is now in the Poker hall of fame for her noteworthy accomplishments throughout the course of her career.

3. Vanessa Selbst ($11.8 million)

With 3 WSOP bracelets and several final tables and money finishes, Vanessa Selbst has been named the Best woman poker player thus far. She ranks 41st on an all-time co-ed list of poker players and surpassed the Duchess of poker for the title of highest winnings.

4. Annie Duke ($8 million)

The duchess of poker is a shark that no one will forget. Annie started her career with major tournaments and soon moved to Vegas to pursue professional poker games. She has won a WSOP bracelet and several titles to her name including the highest-earning female poker player till Vanessa Selbst surpassed her winning streak.

Annie trained Liv Boeree, one of the most famous women in poker. Her accomplishments now carry on through her prodigies, although Annie still remains in the game.

5. Kathy Liebert (6.17 million)

A legendary woman in poker, Kathy has a whopping 47 WSOP money finishes to her name along with a bracelet. This resident of Las Vegas has taken her love for poker to the tables in tournaments and small games alike. Her dedication is unbound which she proves time and again with her skills.

Kathy understands the concept that you can either lose it all or live to play another day. Despite winning only one bracelet, Kathy remains one of the top female poker players of all time.

6. Vanessa Rousso ($6 million)

This attorney turned blonde poker player has accomplished a lot throughout her life. She has been playing the live circuits and amassed huge sums in cash-outs for years. Although she never won a bracelet for her skills at the table, Vanessa is still regarded as one of the Top women poker players of our time.

Vanessa is often referred to as ‘Lady Maverick’ around the circuits and her accomplishments brought her numerous deals for endorsements. Her career is certainly one to watch.

7. Liv Boeree ($4 million)

The contestant from ultimatepoker.com shutdown is one of the highly regarded members on this Female poker players list. Her coaches were the ‘Poker Brat’ Phil Hellmuth, Dave Ulliott, and Annie Duke who is one of the most accomplished women poker players on this list.

Liv has not only won a bracelet but also an EPT championship and the female player of the year award. She has since gone on to host, report, and comment on poker tournaments. She was also elected one of the sexiest poker players of our time.

8. Maria Ho ($4 million)

Reputed as one of the Famous female poker players and among the Best women poker players, Maria Ho has a lot to bring to the table. She holds the title for ‘Last Woman Standing’ in 4 WSOP events which introduced her into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Maria attended the poker world tour and won. She soon started hosting and commenting on live televised games. Her career has been on an upward trajectory and Maria intends to keep it that way.

9. Maria Costanza Lompropulous ($4 million)

Maria began her career as a remote professional at IBM. However, her travels brought her across poker tables at the age of 30 when she was dating Ivan Luca. She was an avid online poker player before she hit the live tables. Now she is one of the best Girl poker players.

She is the first woman in poker to win the PCA and PartyPoker Main Events.

10. Joanne Liu ($3.2 million)

Joanne was the runner-up of the 2007 WPT Championship and has since made a name for herself as one of the best female poker players. Her career has brought her great success and immense cash-outs in several poker tournaments that she used to become a hotelier.

Joanne did not stop playing but she did slow down with age to take a step back and enjoy her success. She doesn’t hold any bracelets for her expertise but that did not sway her from becoming a famous woman in poker.

11. Victoria Coren Mitchell ($2 million)

Victoria was one of the Female professional poker players from Britain for a major part of her life before she started hosting BBC’s quiz show ‘Only Connect.’ She has also been a writer since she was only 14 years old.

Victoria was among the first women poker players to win the European Poker Tour. She continued to play in tournaments before she became a regular commentator on poker shows.

12. Annette Obrestad ($1.7 million)

Although not recommended, Annette began playing the online poker circuits at the tender age of 15. She fell in love with the game and went on to become one of the famous poker stars. Her streak in Pocket-Fives won her the title of best poker player in the world.

Annette holds one WSOP bracelet and several titles. She is also among the few Poker female players to make it to the final table on EPT.

13. Clonie Gowan ($1.5 million)

One of the most accomplished female poker players, Clonie has several achievements to her name. She was Miss Teen McAlester, then seventh in State high jump, and an active participant in varsity basketball.

Her Poker career started soon after and she won the Ladies’ WPT which shot her to fame. Since then, Clonie went on to play several tournaments after which she combined her love for the poker circuit and pageantry to host and guest comment.

14. Mimi Tran ($1.5 million)

Undoubtedly among the top Female professional poker players, Mimi Tran’s career had a rocky start. After an accident, she was unable to continue her job in Silicon Valley which left her a little out of sorts till she fell in love with poker.

She was trained by her former boyfriend Barry Greenstein who encouraged her to play in tournaments. Mimi is unmistakably the Best woman poker player in tournament circuits and an expert at high-stakes games.

15. Barbara Enright ($1.5 million)

One of the Female poker pros, Barbara has taken her love for poker to a whole new level. She holds WSOP bracelets and holds the record for being the only Woman in poker to play the $10,000 buy-in table.

Barbara is now the editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Woman Poker Player’ and a motivational speaker. She inspires lady poker players around the world that you don’t have to lose your grace to dominate the world.

16. Lucille Cailly (1.55 million)

Lucille was introduced to the world of poker by her roommates but her interest was instantly piqued. She flew to Las Vegas to try her luck and her natural instincts turned her into one of the best female poker players.

Although she hasn’t been in the circuit for very long, Lucille is developing her game while dabbling in journalism for poker.

17. Esther Taylor-Brady (1.51 million)

One-half of the Brady power couple in poker is one of the rising stars to watch. So far she may not have won any bracelets or rings but Esther is high-rising on the scene of poker circuits.

More than anything, she just loves the game.

18. Allyn Jaffrey Shulman (1.47 million)

Allyn has not only become one of the regarded women in poker but she is also an attorney for the magazine ‘Card Player.’ She is still developing her game although her winnings and net worth speak for themselves as she continues her journey in the poker circuits.

19. Loni Harwood ($964,000)

Loni happens to be one of the youngest women poker players. Given her age and that she is a blonde poker player, many people underestimated the girl in her early years. However, that did not dissuade her from becoming one of the best female poker players winning $1.6 million with her intense skills.

She was trained by her father and has since won 2 bracelets and 5 rings to go with her titles.

20. Xuan Liu ($850,000)

Having played a little over 40 cash games and major tournaments, Xuan has won 4 titles. As one of the top women poker players of her time, she was sponsored by 888poker up until 2015.

Xuan had a great knack for the game which sure helped her on the table. However, in recent years, she has opted for a slow-paced life to take a breather. It is not unheard of though for poker players to return to the table after a hiatus.

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