Top 15 Richest Poker Players In The World

Top 15 Richest Poker Players In The World

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Who says that a game of cards will only land you in trouble?

Poker is a game based on human psychology and mathematics. Those are things we learn in school. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make a living by combining the two?

These 15 richest poker players in the world certainly think so.

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Take a look at how playing professional poker changed the life of these world richest poker player:

1. Sam Farha

The richest poker player in the world(poker player richest), Sam Farha has a net worth of $100 million. He fell in love with poker while he was still a very young man and his interest only seems to have piqued since then. He holds 3 WSOP bracelets and intends to earn more but he cashes out at optimum times during tournaments. The loss of so much money would probably hurt more than not having the bracelet.

His all-time composed demeanor has other players refer to him as ‘Mr. Cool,’ and why wouldn’t they? Sam figured out that the best way to accomplish success in any field is to keep a calm mind.

It is next to impossible to push Sam on ‘tilt’ which doesn’t bode well for other players. No wonder he is one of the top poker players in the world. He doesn’t get mad. Instead, he brushes it off with a smile and gets even. That’s the one strategy he tries to inculcate in every aspiring poker player during his appearances on television.

2. Phil Ivey

People know him as the best poker player out there but the truth is, he is tied for the first position as the richest poker player with a net worth of $100 million.

Phil’s achievements are rooted in his mysterious aura. He can have conversations with regular people without revealing too much yet learning everything about the other person. He applies a similar strategy at the poker table to identify an opponent’s bluff and use it against them.

It is kind of a given that he is one of the highest-paid poker players with 10 WSOP bracelets and numerous titles to go with it. He played the highest-stakes at the Triton 1 Million Euros in Asia against the Wealthiest poker players. Needless to say, if Phil and Sam paired up, the world of poker would probably experience the best game they have ever seen.

3. Chris Fergusson

If you see a Jesus look-alike at your table, it is unmistakably Chris Fergusson. This not-so-flashy contestant happens to be one of the Top 10 poker players in the world with a net worth of $80 million. His ragged look is part of his strategy to lower his opponent’s guard.

Chris’s parents are both mathematicians so it comes as no surprise that he is an analytical mastermind at figuring out the probability of a hand in no time. He already holds 6 WSOP bracelets but has no plans of stopping there. He aims not only to be the World’s richest poker player but also the number 1 poker player in history.

4. Doyle Brunson

‘Doyle Brunson net worth’ is a commonly asked question in the circuits. Who wouldn’t want to know how much this legendary poker player has amassed over the years? The answer: $75 million.

We were shocked too. We expected him to be a Billionaire poker player but hey! Going strong at his age is nothing short of an accomplishment in his own rights. He still is one of the richest poker players. His consistent success on the tables made poker players name a hand after him wherein there is 10 deuce of spades. It was his winning hand in the WSOP finals of 1976 when he took the cards along with the bracelet he earned.

The man is a hero and an inspiration to poker players around the world. He holds 10 WSOP bracelets and countless WPT titles. His appearances on Poker After Dark are watched by aspiring poker players of all ages on the off-chance that they might get to live like their hero one day.

5. Bryn Kenney

One of the Highest earning poker players ever in tournaments, Bryn also started his career as a magician. He wasn’t highly optimistic about poker yet he managed to amass a net worth of $56 million with his talents.

He holds one WSOP bracelet but compensates with 28 titles in poker. He consistently makes it to the final Triton rounds even if he doesn’t win. However, being one of the richest poker players of all time, he doesn’t seem to care all that much about fame.

6. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is not only among the Top 10 poker players that we all love but he is also one of the richest. With a net worth of $50 million to go with his fame, this outstanding poker player earned the title of ‘Kid Poker’ because he was the youngest person in the circuit on most tables.

He has 6 WSOP bracelets which is an incredible accomplishment but not at all surprising. Daniel can read people like a book. He is known for his outstanding skills of analysis and helpful nature. A true hero among men, isn’t he?

Most people on the table may not think so though because Daniel just loves to talk when everyone else is concentrating.

7. Justin Bonomo

This handsome man happens to be one of the Top 10 poker players of all time because of his innate talent to identify any set of hands dealt. He is as calculating as Klaus Mikaelson and the way he strategizes every move he makes is legendary.

One of the World’s richest poker players explains his analysis and calculations in such depth that even the richest online poker players hang on to his every word. Therefore it is no surprise that Justin rightfully earned a net worth of $49 million as the young World poker Pro long before it was a thing.

8. Tony G

Antanas Guoga, popularly known as Tony G. in poker circuits is not only the richest poker player ever but he is also an active businessman, entrepreneur, and political member of the European Parliament. Tony has a net worth of $36 million. His skills of reading people and manipulating them are unmatched by any player. Therefore, it is no surprise that he successfully founded the Pokernews website and took it to great heights with the help of his highly strategic mind.

9. Antonio Esfandiari

One of the highest-earning poker players ever yet his career started by fluke when the ‘Magician’ was invited to a poker game randomly. His net worth is now $27 million which he earned by winning bracelets at the WSOP and continuously honing his skills through the years.He still goes by ‘The Magician’ in poker circuits but being one of the top 10 best poker players is no joking matter.

10. Jennifer Tilly

As the richest female poker player recorded to date, Jennifer Tilly has a net worth of $25 million. Her career started off as an actress but she quickly caught the poker bug and turned to the tables where she earned more money and recognition than her acting career.

Jen’s father was a gambler but she decided to play on a healthier note and won several titles including the Ladies NL Hold ‘Em of 2005. She continues her gaming but doesn’t play too many tournaments anymore. Still, being the richest female poker player does have its perks. She is one of the Top 10 richest poker players after all.

11. Patrik Antonius

Although he holds no WSOP winning titles, Antonio has amassed a net worth of $25 million. His cold stare at the poker table intimidates his peers which happens to be his secret weapon. He is not much of a talker but his skills in the game speak louder than words. He is a World poker Pro even if he has consistently been the runner-up in most tournaments.

12. Phil Hellmuth

Popularly known as the ‘Poker Brat’ in circuits, Phil Hellmuth has acquired a net worth of $23 million. This incredibly talented poker player has more WSOP bracelets than he can count which does make him one of the top poker players in the world.

Phil is a smart player who earned the title of the youngest WSOP winner and had a backer for his National Heads-Up tournament, thus winning him 100% profits. Just goes to show how well he strategizes for his games.

13. Phil Laak

The talkative ‘Hoodie’ of poker, Phil Laak has a net worth of $20 million with more wins than most poker players. One of the Highest earning poker players maintains his distinctive look to not only set him apart at the table but subliminally dominate the other players.

Phil Laak’s net worth is grounded in cash games where he wins at high-stake tables. Although his tournament winnings don’t account for much, Phil still remains in the Top poker players of all time’s hall of fame.

14. Jennifer Harman

Jennifer is a two-time winner of WSOP with a net worth of $15 million. Not only is she a Millionaire poker player but one of the two richest female poker players around the world.

She grew up in Vegas and acquired an interest in poker quite early on in life. For ten years, she won the World Series and made a name for herself.

15. Scotty Nguyen

With 5 bracelets to his name, one of which is from WSOP for 1st place, Nguyen has a net worth of $12 million. Unlike other Most profitable poker players, Scotty had an unconventional start in his career. He loved card games and after being expelled, he worked in a casino till the poker bug bit him. Now he is one of the Wealthiest poker players out there.

Who is the richest poker player?

Although Phil Ivey and Sam Farah are the richest poker players in terms of poker winnings, Dan Bilzerian is the richest poker player out there. His net worth is $200 million although not all of it was earned through poker.

Still, he is an accomplished poker player with $10 million in winnings from a single session and a remarkable winning of $50 million in 2014. It is difficult to determine how much he totally amassed from poker since the player also happens to be a successful Producer and model.

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