The Most Useful Bankroll Management Charts

The Most Useful Bankroll Management Charts

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What is a poker bankroll management chart and how is it significant in a game of poker?

Bankroll in poker, in simple words, is the amount of money that is set aside for the sole purpose of playing poker. When it comes to people playing poker, managing their bankroll should be on the top of their priority list because if they run out of money to play then how will they fund their game. The reason that bankroll is money kept ‘aside’ is that a lot of poker players who play without a bankroll tend to keep adding money in their playing fund so that they can keep the cash flowing through their game and play the game for as long as they would like. The only and the biggest problem with this approach is that at one point in time, they will end up putting all of their money on the line and if they lose, they lose it all. There is no going back from there. The need of a poker bankroll management chart arises here. When we look at a poker bankroll management chart, we can manage our bankrolls better and make better decisions regarding our money.

Poker Bankroll Management Chart for Low-stake Games

In lower stakes games, there are a substantial number of poor players. As such, at lower stakes (maybe 20bb/100 at 2NL), a strong player would usually achieve a better bb/100 win rate. As compared to medium and higher stakes (such as 3bb/100 at 200NL), this rate is greater. For lower stakes games, it becomes obvious that a good winning player would often need less stringent bankroll management guidelines. They need more because of their corresponding bb/100 win rates at higher stakes games. The poker bankroll management chart below shows exactly that.

Rate of winning Number of big blinds required Number of buy ins Money at stakes ½ Money at stakes 2/5 Money at stakes 5/10
3 big blinds/ 100 10,000 100 buy ins 20,000 50,000 100,000
5 big blinds/ 100 8,000 80 buy ins 16,000 40,000 80,000
7 big blinds/ 100 6,000 60 buy ins 12,000 30,000 60,000
10 big blinds/ 100 4,000 40 buy ins 8,000 20,000 40,000
13 big blinds/ 100 3,500 35 buy ins 7,000 17,500 35,000
16 big blinds/ 100 3,000 30 buy ins 6,000 15,000 30,000
20 big blinds/ 100 2,500 25 buy ins 5,000 12,500 25,000
25 big blinds/ 100 2,000 20 buy ins 4,000 10,000 20,000

Poker Bankroll Management Chart with respect to Buy-ins

To get an accurate result, a win rate can always take from 25,000 to 100,000 hands at the very least. As and when you move through this sample size, it's always necessary to review and re-assess your figure and where it comes in the poker bankroll management chart. Then you can relate it to how many buy-ins you need to have to remain at the stake you are playing in the best and the most comfortable way possible. The fact is that this win rate could be true for poker worth three sessions. But sustaining this pace over a 25k to 100k hand sample size is going to be almost impossible. There are reasonable occasions when you may want to implore either safe or violent bankroll management norms. The poker bankroll management chart below shows exactly that.

No Limits Stakes Minimum Buy in amount Maximum buy in amount Bankroll Requirement
Safe Aggressive
2 No Limits 0.40 2.00 200 40
5 No Limits 1.00 5.00 500 100
10 No Limits 2.00 10.00 1,000 200
25 No Limits 5.00 25.00 2,500 500
50 No Limits 10.00 50.00 5,000 1,000
100 No Limits 20.00 100.00 10,000 2,000
200 No Limits 40.00 200.00 20,000 4,000
500 No Limits 100.00 500.00 50,000 10,000
1000 No Limits 200.00 1,000.00 100,000 20,000

Poker Bankroll Management for Big Games

Up until now, we were talking about normal and small games. It is time to think big. It is time to think about poker tournaments and how a poker bankroll management chart applies to tournaments. Often, to calculate the games you can play, you can use an Average Buy-in Rule. Say, for instance, their bankroll needs money worth about a 100 buy-ins. They will only play 215 tournaments with a 10,000 bankroll if they mix any lower buy-in, as well. Tournaments also bear distinctive bankroll management guidelines. The variance you will encounter will rely a great deal on variables such as:

·         The number of players present in the tournament.

·         For such tournaments, what is your Return on Investment?

·         How big is a rake?

Over the long term, many live, small-buy-in' regular tournaments are not beatable. The rake is too big compared to the prize pool. These questions are very important to ask yourself when looking at a poker bankroll management chart and when you as a player are looking at tournaments.  The system of the tournament is that there will be more variation between turbos and hyper-turbos. You as a player will be all-in more frequently and quicker, with faster blind speeds. The poker bankroll management chart below shows exactly that.

Number of players playing in tournaments Number of buy ins required
9 players playing in tournaments 24 required buy ins
45 players playing in tournaments 69 required buy ins
90 players playing in tournaments 103 required buy ins
245 players playing in tournaments 154 required buy ins
550 players playing in tournaments 219 required buy ins
1,200 players playing in tournaments 289 required buy ins
2,600 players playing in tournaments 375 required buy ins

The need for these charts is becoming more and more as the game of poker progresses and as more and more people try to make a career out of this game. The efficiency of a player can be judged by how they manage their bankroll and by how well they adhere to these charts.

With this, you now know all you need to know about poker bankroll management charts. Download the GetMega app and play poker with your friends now!

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Kanchan Sharma Author
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