What's the Black Lady Game, you ask? Find out!

What's the Black Lady Game, you ask? Find out!

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Black queen card game is the most popular variant of the game of hearts. Overtaking the popularity of hearts, the black queen card game has become a game in its own right. Also known as the black lady, it is different from all the other variants of the game of hearts because of the queen of ♠, which carries a penalty of 13 points. In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information about winning the black lady game.

Setting of the game

Black queen card game is one of the most popular trick avoidance games. It is a game of discard where 3 cards are discarded by a player to the neighbour player turn by turn. The number of players in the game are generally from three to seven. The best game of black lady is played between 4 players and a standard deck of 52 cards is used.

Objective of the game

To win the black queen card game a player has to avoid scoring points. The player with the lowest points is the winner. Usually, the upper limit of the game is about 50 or 100 points and any player who reaches the score of the said points, brings the game to an end. Then, the player with the lowest score is the winner of the black queen card game.

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Rules of the black queen card game

To enjoy and increase your chances of winning the black queen card game, you must know the rules of the game. This will also ensure that you enjoy this game to its full potential. These are the rules that you will need to keep in mind while playing the game –

1.   This game is commonly played between 4 people, where each player gets an equal distribution of 13 cards.

The black queen card game players always have to get an equal distribution of cards between them, therefore if there are less than 4 players or more than 4 players, the number of cards have to be adjusted, even removing some cards before the game to distribute the cards equally.

2.   All the cards are dealt one by one each to the players.

3.   There are no trump suits and no formations of partnerships in the black queen card game.

4.   All the heart cards are worth 1 penalty point, the queen of ♠ is worth 13 penalty points and all the other cards are of no value.

5.   The player who has the 2 of ♣ will start the game, placing it faceup on the table.

6.   The players will pass 3 chosen cards to their left placed opponent and will receive 3 cards from their right placed opponents.

7.   The highest-ranking card placer in the trick will win the trick, and then that player will lead in the next round.

8.   All the players will follow suit unless they don’t have any cards of that particular suit in which case, they can place any of the other cards except the point cards in the first trick.

9.   No player will start with a ♥ card in the first trick, the ♥ cards can be used when eventually, a player can’t follow suit and has no choice but to place the ♥ card.

10.  Shooting the moon is a rule in the black queen card game in which, if a player manages to get all 26 penalty points which includes all the ♥ cards and the queen of ♠, that player will win the game.

Now that you know all the major rules of the black queen card game, it's time that you also learn how to play it.

Playing the black queen card game

Since you will be playing the black queen card game online, the cards will be divided and available to you automatically so that you can enjoy the game hassle free and start it without wasting any time.

All 4 players will be given 13 private cards one by one in a way that only the respective players can see.

From here, the black queen card game proceeds in the following way –

·         Once, all the cards have been distributed equally between the players, they each have to select 3 cards from the 13 cards they received and give them to the next player placed after them.

This way all the 4 players will give 3 cards each and receive 3 cards each, maintaining the number of cards at 13 of every player.

·         After this, the player who has 2 of ♣ will start the game and place the same card on the table face up, for everyone to see.

·         From here, the players will follow suit one by one, that is, try to place the cards having ♣.

·         If a player has no ♣ card available, he/she can place any card on the table, except the point cards, hence changing the suit of the cards.

·         After this, the player having the highest-ranking card wins the first trick and now will lead the next trick by placing a card first.

·         The players will now be able to use the point cards from the second trick if they don’t have the ongoing suit card.

·         Now, the black queen card game tricks continue till all the cards have been used by the players and when they reach the predetermined number of penalty points.

After using up all the 13 cards provided to each of the players to a certain number of tricks, and when any one of the players reaches the penalty of the score predetermined before the start of the game, it will be time for scoring all the players individually.

Scoring in the game

In the black queen card game, each ♥ card has 1 penalty point and the queen of ♠ has 13 penalty points. Penalty points of all the players will be counted accordingly and the player with the lowest points will win the game.

And in case, if a player has shot the moon which in a black queen card game means that he/she has collected all the 26 penalty points(1 point for every 13 heart cards and 13 points for the card of queen of spades) then, the 26 penalty points scored will not be considered and he/she will have 0 penalty points, which will lead that player to win the game.

With this the black lady game comes to an end. Now that you know the black queen card game inside out so what’s the wait for? Download the GetMega Poker app now, enjoy this fun and easy game with all of your friends and family and show them how it’s done!

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