How To Play Satte Pe Satta: Learn The Objective And Rules Of The Game

How To Play Satte Pe Satta: Learn The Objective And Rules Of The Game

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How to play satte pe satta

Satte pe satta game is a sequential card game that revolves around the number 7 cards in the 4 different suits in a single deck of 52 cards.

The dealer distributes all 52 cards equally among the players at the table. The player who holds the Hearts 7 card lays it on the playing table. The following players then take turns to play cards around the seven of hearts. This is to say, the next player can either play six of hearts or eight of hearts to create a sequence. The player after them can play the five of cards or the nine of cards based on which card the previous player laid down.

If a player is short of cards, i.e. they do not have a card for the next sequence, then they can play a seven from another suit. If they lack the seven of clubs, spades, or diamonds, then they can pass their turn to the next player. The satte pe satta card game ends when one player successfully gets rid of all their cards in sequences. The scores are tabulated based on the number of cards each of the remaining players is left holding. The scoring system is based on the value of each card in their hand.

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Objectives & Rules of satta game

The objective of the satte pe satta game is for the players to finish the cards in their hands before their opponents by creating correct sequences.

The rules of Satte pe satta card game are as follows:

  1. All the cards in the deck must be distributed equally among the players for a fair Satte pe satta game.
  2. Each player can only play one card during their turn.
  3. The ranking of the cards is Ace to King, i.e., Ace is lowest and King is highest.
  4. The players can only add cards to the sequence if they pertain to the consecutive number rule. That means a 9 can only be placed after the 8 not the 10 of any suit.
  5. The sequences must follow a single suit. Therefore, the players can only play the 10 of spades after the 9 of spades. They cannot mismatch the suits by playing the 10 of spades after the 9 of clubs.
  6. If a player doesn’t have a consecutive card to play in any of the running suits on the table, only then they can add a seven from another suit.
  7. If a player has no consecutive cards to add to the running sequences and no sevens either, they must pass and wait for other players to add cards so they can play the cards in their hand in the next turn.
  8. If a player finishes all their cards in hand, they are declared the winner.
  9. The remaining players are scored by adding the value of each card they are holding.
  10. The player with the minimum score at the end of several predetermined rounds wins the game.

Satte pe satta game is a fairly easy game to play with extremely simple guidelines to follow. You can play satte pe satta card game game with children or adults because it has no repercussions for developing a gambling addiction. It is a simple game to learn the sequences of cards and a precursor to learning solitaire.

Satte pe satta card game

Satte pe satta card game vs Poker

Although both are categorized under Card Games, the premise of satte pe satta game and poker differ in more ways than one.

  • For starters, Satte pe Satta game is a sequential card game whereas Poker is a betting card game.
  • Satte pe Satta game is played by all players with equal contribution wherein they try to finish the running sequence of cards on the board. Poker, on the other hand, is competitive wherein players try to create personal sequences with the cards in their hands.
  • The winner of Satte pe Satta is the player who finishes all their cards in hand first. The winner of poker is the player with the highest valued hand pertaining to the combination sequences of the game.
  • In Satte pe Satta, Ace is the lowest card on the rung whereas in Poker, unless specified otherwise in certain variations, Ace is the highest valued card.
  • The scoring of Satte pe Satta game is based on the value of the cards that each player is holding. The higher the number, the more disadvantageous it is. In Poker, there is no scoring but the highest valued cards are advantageous.
  • Satte pe Satta has a set of specified rules whereas poker games can differ based on the variations that the players are playing.
  • In Satte pe Satta game, only dividers of the number 52 can be allowed to play the game so that the cards are equally distributed. In Poker, gameplay dictates whether each player gets 2 cards or five cards in hand and how many cards may need to be dealt on the table. Therefore, a large number of players can play the game together.
  • Satte pe Satta game is permitted for kids whereas poker with chips is forbidden for children below the age of 18 due to a possibility of developing a gambling addiction.

Both games also have some similarities in terms of the amount of fun you can have so it’s not all bad. You can also play both Satte pe Satta game and poker across online platforms.

How to play satte pe satta

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