What are the rules of 2-7 Triple draw?

What are the rules of 2-7 Triple draw?

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2-7 Triple Draw is an intriguing game with a lot of twists and turns; a variant of poker which turns the rules upside down by making the worst poker hand, the best hand of the game. Read on to learn more about a 2-7 Triple Draw.

Objective of 2-7 triple draw

Also known as the Kansas City Lowball, the objective of the game is the antithesis of a conventional poker hand. The main purpose that the players must work toward is to make the lowest five card hand possible which is 2,3,4,5,7 (unsuited).

Points you must remember about 2-7 triple draw

§  It is a fixed limit game. Therefore, there is a small and a big bet.

§  It is a 52-card game and is usually played on a table with 6 players maximum.

§  Every hand is limited to four bets.

§  Players bet and raise based on the value of the hand every successive betting round in 2-7 triple draw.

Let’s get the game started!

§  It is a blind game where the player to the left of the dealer puts the small blind and the player to the left of the small blind plays the big blind.

§  The game is initiated with everyone getting 5 cards face down.

§  With a lot of experts having mastered this game, the usual means to proceed in a game given a start hand has been devised as follows –

Pat hands

Hands that draw one card

Hands that draw two cards

Hands that draw three cards

These are the hands that the player must stay put with, without drawing any other cards.

Examples are 7-6-5-3-2, 8-5-4-3-2 etc.

Those hands have a very high chance of winning, having these immediately alerts the other players and gives away the advantage that a player has.


Some examples are 7-5-4-2, 6-4-3-2 etc.

These hands must be played aggressively as the chances of winning them are good.

These are most commonly found in the game. Some examples where this is resorted to is when the player has a 4-3-2, 7-3-2, or 5-3-2 etc.

This play must be resorted to in special circumstances. Some examples are 7-2, 4-2, 3-2, etc

It is best to avoid playing when the player has to draw four or all the five cards rather than resorting to a tight-aggressive play. Try your luck in the next round!

How does betting in 2-7 triple draw work?

§  The player to the left of the big blind starts the first betting round.

§  Once all bets are placed, the drawing round begins and each player declares the number of cards that he/ she would like to exchange for new ones. They also have the option to retain the cards as is, which is known as standing or rapping pat.

§  In circumstances that the player chooses to discard all the cards, then they will be dealt 4 cards at the first instance and the remaining one card will be given only after all other players have received the card. In case the player who is discarding all the five cards, is actually the last player of the round, then the dealer will deal them four cards, after which he burns a card i.e. discards it face down on the table and then gives the player his last card.

§  On completion of this round, the players get to look at all their existing cards and decide the bets that they will place for the next betting round. The entire process, given above repeats until only one player is left and the rest have folded or until after the third betting round is done.

The game at its very end

§  On completion of all betting rounds, the best 2-7 hand wins the pot (i.e. all the bets that have been placed in the betting rounds).

§  The best hand is that of 7,5,4,3,2 wherein all the 5 cards are not of the same suit. If two players happen to have the same hand, then will split the pot.

§  Straights, flushes and pairs are of lower values than a hand without a straight, flush of pair, regardless of the value of the cards in question.

§  The ace is regarded as a high card. For instance, 5,4,3,2,A is not considered to be a straight but an A-5 high.

§  The following round is dealt with by the person who is to the left of the dealer of the preceding round.

Hand rankings in variant games

Hand rank


Ace- to - 5 low

Also known as the wheel, an A,2,3,4,5 hand is the best possible hand that the player can get in

California Lowball, Razz, and Omaha Hi-Lo games.

Ace- to - 6 low

Also known as the 6-4 Low, an A,2,3,4,6 hand is the best possible hand in London Lowball game. Straights and flushes count and aces are low cards.

2- to- 7 Low

Also known as the 7-5 Low, 2,3,4,5,7 hand is the best possible hand and aces are high cards. Straights and flushes count in this game.

2- to- 6 Low

A rarely used form of this game, a 2- to- 6 Low has the best possible hand as 2,3,4,5,6, where the straights and flushes don’t count and the ace is a high card.

Some tips to know about 2-7 triple draw

§  Don’t leave home without a deuce.

§  One must want to draw from low to high cards and not vice versa.

§  Don’t ever break a 7 in a 2-7 triple draw.

§  Avoid drawing more than three cards.

§  Be careful with hands that contain a 6 as you can get into trouble by building a straight.

§  Bet if a worse hand than yours can call you. If not, then switch to check-call mode and anticipate your opponent’s bluff.

§  Bet in case you have a made hand or your opponent has drawn more cards than you.

The distinct allure of a 2-7 Triple Draw game lies in the relative value of different hands of all the players on the table. Oftentimes, two or more players draw three times, leaving each player wondering where he/ she stands, unless of course, one player has a 7,5,4,3,2 off suit, which is a rarity.

Follow these rules and strategy, build some more of your own, muster up all your lucky charms in one place and get ready to have an action-packed game that will surely keep you hooked all day long!

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