The Payout Structure of Poker Tournaments

The Payout Structure of Poker Tournaments

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What is the poker-all-in payout structure of a poker tournament?

Poker tournaments are held in two different formats- the Sit n Go and the Multi Table Tournament. The poker-all-in payout for both these tournaments are different. There is no ‘winner takes all’ in these tournaments. Depending on the number of players playing the game, the poker-all-in payout goes to multiple players with the only difference being the amount of poker-all-in payout going to each player. If a player wins the game, they get more money as compared to the player who comes in second or third. The basic poker-all-in payout for an SNG game is-

Position 2 to 4 players 5 to 7 players 7 to 10 players
1st 100% 65% 50%
2nd   35% 30%
3rd     20%

An explanation of the poker-all-in payout structure!

As mentioned above, depending on the number of players playing the game, the poker all in payout differs. In the case of an STT game, he player who comes in first wins the whole pot at their prize if the game began with 2 to 4 players playing at the table and competing with each other. If there were 5 to 7 players sitting at the table and competing with each other, the player who comes in first does not win the whole pot as heir prize but 65% of it. The other 35% goes to the runner up of the game or, the player who comes in second. In a game consisting of 7 to 10 players sitting at the table and competing with each other, the top 3 players get the prize. The player who comes in first and is the winner of the game gets 50% of the total pot.

The runner up or, the player who comes in second, wins 30% of the pot. The second runner up or, the player who comes in third ends up winning 20% of the total pot. SNG games are small and usually do not have more than 10 players playing in a game. The player who comes in 4th or worse does not get anything from the pot and ends up forfeiting all the bets they contributed to in the pot. The poker-all-in payouts in an SNG game are usually small.

This is because SNG can be looked at as a home game. Homes games and SNGs have a lot in common. The number of players is very less and hence, the total buy-in amount if very less. That is what affects poker-all-in payouts so much. If the buy-in amounts are small, the final prize which is supposed to go to the winners gets small. This is because SNG poker-all-in payouts and prizes consist of the sum of all the buy-in amounts. So, the greater the number of players, the bigger the amount.

MTT games on the other hand are very big games. Most of the global tournaments that happen across the world happen in the MTT format.

The poker-all-in payouts for an MTT tournament

Position 8 to 12 players 13 to 18 players 19 to 27 players 28 to 36 players 37 to 50 payers 51 to 60 players
1st 50% 40% 40% 33% 29% 27%
2nd 30% 30% 23% 20% 18% 15%
3rd 20% 20% 16% 15% 13% 13%
4th   10% 12% 11% 10% 10%
5th     9% 8% 8% 9%
6th       7% 7% 7%
7th       6% 6% 7%
8th         5% 5%
9th         4% 4%
10th           3%

The numbers in this table are very different from that of SNG. This is because an MTT game is more complicated. The MTT game has a lot more entries or number of players as compared to the SNG game. This helps increase the poker-all-in payout size by increasing the total number of buy-ins and hence increasing the amount of the final prize. This has a direct implication of increasing the total poker-all-in payout.

MTT games are conducted in a very unique way. There are a lot of different games and different variations of poker that are played in an MTT game. Once a player has decided the variation of the game they are interested in, they are supposed to sit at that table and start playing the game. The winners of that game are then supposed to play at a table with all the winners of all the other tables of that specific game. This is called the final table.

The winners of the final table are then distributed the prizes and the final poker-all-in payouts from the total poker-all-in payouts in the awarded dictated in the table. The more the players are, the bigger the total prize money is and the more people get paid.

Final thoughts

Due to the difference in the poker-all-in payouts between both these formats, players who are new or are looking for experience tend to go for SNG games. This is because the risk of losing large amounts of money is less when compared to playing MTT games. In MTT games, the risk of losing large amounts of money is high but the chance of earning good money and making profits is also high. Players tend to play a lot of SNG games to build their bankroll before going and enrolling in MTT games. This helps them build confidence and does not hurt their financials a lot if they lose.

High poker-all-in payouts are the reason that more seasoned and experienced players tend to go for the MTT formats. The fact that the poker-all-in payouts are substantially higher in MTT games as compared to SNG games, the stakes are high as well. These seasoned players like to feel challenged in this setting. Players playing in the MTT formats also have the options of buying in again if they lose all their money.

This helps increase the poker-all-in payout even more and the winners and the runner ups end up getting a higher poker-all-in payout. It is these provisions that make the MTT format so much more renowned and famous. This is one of the reasons that most tournaments opt for this type of format.

Now you know all about poker-all-in payouts and how they work in tournaments. Download the GetMega Poker app and start playing with your friends!

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