What are Marked Cards in Poker?

What are Marked Cards in Poker?

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What are marked cards?

Marked cards!

Aren’t all of us curious about this term? At first, all of the cards appear to be the same on the outside but it is not the case every time. The technicians mark the cards in different ways that are not that clear to a common man. Also, different types of markings are used in different types of poker. The process of altering the playing cards such that they are apparent to the marker or conspirator, by bending or adding visible values to a card is known as card marking.

Card bending is the easiest way. These cards have their integrity compromised through secret markings on their back. Card markings are used in an attempt to gain an edge over the opponent. This is used as a cheating method and the marks are used visible only to the conspirator. After the marking is done, the cards can be used for any magic trick and in different poker games.

Where is the marking done?

The conspirators may mark the cards in any number of ways. Mostly, these markings are done on the back side of the card. This is because the back side is uniform, and it is only visible to the doer. The backside of the card has a very complex structure and it becomes really hard to spot the marked card from a fair card.

How is the marking done?

Some players just want to win the game even if it means the use of unfair means. And the use of marked cards is the most insidious and standing type of unfair means. These marked cards help the cheater or the conspirator to read their opponent’s hands without being detected. The markings can be made by scratching the corner of the card by a fingernail or by making some point using a pen.

However, there are also scenarios when the marks occur accidentally. The card may be scratched or defaced due to normal wear and tear, and it becomes difficult to catch such cards. It is easy to mark the cards ahead of time. But it is far too difficult to mark the card accurately in between the game. The cheater can also contact the casino staff for such activities, but these types of activities are very rare.

Overcoming the problem of marked cards

How to overcome such problems in a game of poker? Marking cards and using them in a game of poker is a serious offense but unfortunately, it is something which happens quite regularly in many casinos around the world. If you are a beginner or are someone who is not that good at spotting such discrepancies, then it can cause you some serious damage in terms of winning the game.

This is where online games are much safer than offline table games. There is simply no scope of such things happening in an online poker game, making it a completely reliable source to play. Moreover, you have various kinds of poker games lined up for you to give you an added advantage of choosing the game you wish to play. You can simply download the GetMega app and play any game you want with any pot size.

We all know the kind of skills required in winning a game of poker and seeing such methods of cheating being used there makes you lose the trust in the game. So, why face that setback, when you can easily play fair and square on an online platform, and that too from your comfort zone?

Download the GetMega Poker app now and win big money in a fair manner.

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