How to Play Pineapple Poker?

How to Play Pineapple Poker?

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Pineapple poker is the variation of the most popular poker game in the world, texas hold'em. Although being a fun game it has always been a private poker game and has never been played at the World Series of Poker. The pineapple poker game branches out to its 2 variations known as crazy pineapple and lazy pineapple. In this article we are going to discuss the game of pineapple poker including its variations.

Since pineapple poker and texas hold'em poker are almost the same, let’s first revise the game of texas hold'em so as to understand the pineapple poker better.

What are the rules of texas holdem?

Going through the rules of texas hold'em basically means going through the instructions to play the game as the two are interchangeable. The following is a snapshot of how you play it:

·         In Texas hold'em the first thing done is putting out the blinds. These are essentially the basic cost required to participate in the game, after which you will be automatically provided the chips and cards.

·         This game is usually played between 1 to 10 players using a standard 52 card deck.

·         Each player receives 2 hole cards which are face down so that no other player can see the cards received except the receiver.

·         Then 5 community cards are spread on the board, face up, for every player to see.

·         These community cards are dealt on the board in an orderly fashion, wherein, the first 3 community cards are dealt at the same time which is known as ‘the flop’, after which the fourth and single card is dealt on the board known as the ‘fourth street’, then the fifth and final community card is dealt known as ‘the river’.

·         The betting takes place before and after the community cards are placed.

·         The player with the highest ranking 5 card hand wins the pot and on an event of a tie, the pot is split between the tied players equally.

Now, this was the game play of texas hold'em. Pineapple poker, being its variant, follows a very similar suit.

The pineapple poker game starts a little differently from a game of texas hold'em, but both of them reach the same ending. Read below to know all about the pineapple poker game and how its played online.

pineapple poker rules

What are the rules of pineapple poker?

The game of pineapple poker essentially follows the pineapple poker rules, the difference between them being their set-up. Following are the basic rules of this poker which are different from texas hold'em –

·         In this poker type every player receives 3 hole cards

·         Every player discards one of their hole cards before a certain betting round.

The above two points are the only basic difference between the game of texas hold'em and the game of pineapple poker.

In addition to this, the player doesn’t have to show the hole card that is being discarded by him/her.

What are the variations of pineapple poker?

Below we have discussed the variations of pineapple poker, their main factor of difference being the betting round in which one of the three hole cards is discarded.

1.      Regular Pineapple –

In a regular pineapple poker the discarding of the hole cards takes place before ‘the flop’ betting round. And after that, the game resumes as it would under texas holdem.

2.      Crazy Pineapple –

In crazy pineapple poker one of the 3 hole cards is discarded after the ‘the flop’ betting round. Which means that the players will have 2 hole cards for the ‘turn’ betting round. After the flop, the game continues as it would under texas hold'em.

3.      Lazy Pineapple –

Also known as Tahoe Pineapple poker, in this variant each player keeps all of the 3 hole cards throughout the betting rounds. The players have to discard one of their 3 hole cards only after the last betting round, which is ‘the river’. From here the game continues as it would under texas hold'em.

These were the main variations of pineapple poker. Like texas hold'em poker, the objective of the pineapple poker game is to make the best 5 card poker hand and win the pot. In the event of a tie, the pot is split between the tied players in equal amounts.

pineapple poker strategy

What are the betting limits in Pineapple poker?

Just like in texas hold'em, pineapple poker has 3 betting options which are as follows –

1.       Limit pineapple – In this type of pineapple game, the size of the bets are determined before the start of the game. Since the pineapple game spans over 4 betting rounds, the first 2 rounds have bets which are half the size of bets in the last 2 betting rounds.

2.       No-Limit pineapple – In this type of pineapple game, the players can bet any size of amount limited to their amount of chips. The lower limit amount of betting is predetermined and varies from one place to another.

3.       Pot-Limit pineapple – In this type of pineapple game, the betting limit is equal to the size of the pot. The players cannot bet more than the size of the pot.

Here are the basic things you should keep in mind before playing the pineapple poker.

What are some of the basic strategies of the pineapple game?

·         Although both pineapple and texas hold'em poker are almost the same, you cannot apply the same pineapple poker strategy as applied in texas hold'em. As both the games are different, the strategies applied should also be a little different.

·         In comparison to texas hold'em, the average hand value for winning in the pineapple game is higher, so to be on the winning side, remember to pay more attention on hands better than the average texas hold'em hands.

·         You need to concentrate on having the nuts more so in comparison to texas hold'em.

·         High pairs are always a good idea to start a hand and low pairs are a little tricky.

·         The strongest combination for pineapple is a pair of aces followed by a third card which is suited.

These were some of the basic strategies to keep in mind before trying your hand at the poker game of pineapple. These strategies will help you go a long way in your pineapple game journey. With this, we come to an end of our explanation of pineapple poker. Now that you know all that is needed to know, why wait? Download the GetMega Poker app now and start playing the pineapple poker game with your friends and enjoy together!

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