How to Play Horse Poker Online?

How to Play Horse Poker Online?

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Horse poker is a collection of poker variants consisting of some popular and some-not-so-popular variants. This famous game which made a debut at the World Series of Poker in the year of 2002 is most of the time played in a limited format.

The word horse in horse poker is essentially an acronym in which the letters stand for –

·         Hold'em

·         Omaha Hi-Lo

·         Razz (7-card stud Low)

·         Stud (7-card stud High)

·         Eight-or-better (stud Hi-Lo)

These above games are played back-to-back on the same table, being switched after completing the orbit at the table, and this is known as horse poker. Normally, poker horse run 8-handed.

How to play horse poker?

In poker horse, it is important to know that a majority of the players are not well-versed in all the poker variants. In poker games, the players tend to be more specialized in a single variant of poker instead of all five of the variations in poker horse. So, if you know a decent amount of all the games included in poker horse you can increase your chances of winning. Before anything else, you should know the rules of all the 5 variants in poker horse to ensure that you don’t get any major surprises when you are actually playing. You should be knowing the basic structure of all the variants in order to play horse poker at your full potential.

1. Texas Holdem Poker –

The first poker variant in the game of poker horse is the famous hold'em poker. The objective in this game is to make the best 5 card poker hand in conjunction with the hole cards and the community cards.

In hold'em each player is dealt 2 hole cards face down which are only for the eyes of the players that received them.

Then 5 community cards are placed on the board, face up, in an orderly fashion – first three cards are placed, then one single card, then another single card.

The betting takes place before and after the community cards are dealt.

2. Omaha Hi Lo Poker –

The second poker variant in the game of poker horse which comes after Texas hold'em in popularity is the Omaha poker.

The objective of this game for each player is to make 2 pairs of a 5 card hand in which one pair is a high hand and the other pair is ace-to-five low hand (limited to eight high or lower).

Each player receives 4 hole cards face down which are private cards as only the receiver can see and 5 community cards are dealt on the board.

Each player must use 2 of his/her hole cards in conjunction with community cards to make a high hand and 2 of his/her hole cards with the community cards in making a low hand.

3. Razz (7 card stud low) -

Razz is the third poker variation in horse poker. It is a low-ball game which means that in this variation the lowest hand wins.

Each player receives 7 cards in a combination of face up cards and face down cards. These 7 cards are received by each player in an orderly fashion in which 4 are face-up and 3 are face down.

Players are first dealt 3 cards each and then receive the next card after each betting round till every player has 7 cards.

4. Stud (7 card stud high) -

Stud is the fourth variation of poker played in poker horse. It is the same as Razz except in stud, the highest hand wins.

Each player receives 7 cards in a combination of face up cards and face down cards.

These 7 cards are received by each player in an orderly fashion in which 4 are faceup and 3 are face down.

The player having the highest-ranking hand out of all the players wins the game.

5. Eight-or-better (stud Hi-Lo) -

Eight-or-better (stud Hi-Lo) is the fifth variation of poker played in horse poker. It is almost identical to the seven-card stud except that this variation splits the pot at showdown equally between the best high hand and the best low hand.

Although the objective should be to make both high hand and low hand simultaneously, many players concentrate on making either a high hand or a low hand.

Rules of Horse Poker

Now that you know all the basics for the 5 variants of poker included in poker horse, it’s time to read below to keep the following horse poker rules in mind before starting your first game –

Learn horse poker rules -

This is the most important and obvious thing for a horse poker tournament. It is mandatory that you learn the rules of all the poker variants played in this game. This will not only help you gain an upper hand but also smooth out your experience of playing the horse as a beginner.

It is imperative that you learn all the horse poker rules in all the 5 variants and make sure that you don’t confuse them.

Hit the Soft spots –

It is rare that you will get a poker player who is well-versed with all the horse poker rules and can play all the 5 variants well. You can find these gaps in your opponent’s strategy and fill it for yourself. If you identify the players who are good in a certain variant and nor good in others you will dramatically gain an upper hand.

Play aggressive in your best game –

In a horse poker game, it is likely that you have specialty in one or more variants. Make sure to play them aggressively and to the best of your ability. It is advisable that to avoid going big on the variants that you are not as good at.

General Rules –

A horse game tournament generally follows a standard set of rules which are flexible that are as follows –

o   Each player must agree to the games being played in rotation before the game commences.

o   If a player wants to add or remove a certain variant of poker, all players need to give their affirmation before the decision can be taken.

o   Although it is not an explicit rule, a player is expected to take part in all the variants.

Now that you have gone through this article, you know how to go about a horse poker game and are more than ready to participate in a horse game keeping the horse poker rules in mind. Download the GetMega Poker app now and enjoy the horse tournaments with your friends!

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