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The world of poker has so many games that one can get confused to pick a game to master. While games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud are the most popular ones, there are quite a few that are relatively lesser-known. In fact, there are more than 20 variants of the poker card games for you to explore. Now, rather than playing multiple rounds of any of these different versions, how about playing a few of them in one single game? Well, Dealer Choice Poker is an interesting game that requires you to do just this.

Here, we will tell you all that you need to know about this wonderful game, which requires you to be ideally good at multiple games in order to win big money.

What is Dealers Choice Poker?

The dealers’ choice poker game is one of the most popular household card games, which involves 5-7 players. What makes a game of choice poker so interestingly different from other poker games is the fact that it is an amalgamation of multiple poker games. Thanks to this, players get to learn new dealers’ choice card games in quick time and be part of a fun experience. In fact, the game got so viral in the last couple of decades that it has now become part of the World Series of Poker as well. It is no longer a household game but is now professionally played by players to win money. Moreover, it has seamlessly become a big part of the world of online poker games as well.

What are the rules of dealers’ choice poker?

How to play choice poker? The rules of choice poker/choice poker rules are quite simple because while actually playing the game, it does not have its own set of rules. The dealers’ choice card game is played between 5-7 players, where each one of them gets a chance to be a dealer in every round. The amazing twist in the game comes with the fact that each round involves a different poker game, as per the choice of the dealer of that round. So, technically, you play 5-7 different games of poker in one parent game of choice poker.

A dealer is selected at the start randomly, and he/she will choose the game she wants to play. Once that game is done, the player sitting left to the initial dealer now becomes the dealer and has the right to choose his/her favourite game. This way, every player gets to become the dealer and choose the game they are most comfortable with.

What are the tactics that you may follow in selecting the game in the choice poker game?

One of the biggest decisions you need to make while playing dealers’ choice poker game is that of choosing the right game during your turn. You need to consider several things before making the move.

  • You should consider playing the game that is your strongest suit. It is very important to be confident about at least one game before starting a game of choice poker.
  • You should also consider what you might feel to be the weakest game of your opponent. Opting to play that game does have the possibility of eventually helping you win.
  • The blind sizes and relative stacks are two things that you need to think about when choosing the right game for you. Choose the ones that make you win big money even if they are slightly riskier, especially if your opponents are not that great at the different dealers’ choice card games.
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How many dealers’ choice card games are there?

As per WSOF, there are 20 different dealers’ choice card games that you can try, which can be mainly categorised into 5 slots.

  • Variants of Hold’em – No limit Hold’em, Pot-limit Hold’em, and Limit Hold’em.
  • Variants of Omaha- Pot-Limit Omaha (High), Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Eight-or-Better, Limit Omaha (High), Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Eight-or-Better and Big "O"
  • Variants of Stud – Razz, Seven-card Stud, Seven-card Stud Hi-lo, No Qualifier and Eight-or-better.
  • Variants of Single Draw- No-Limit Five-Card Draw (High) and No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw
  • Variants of Triple Draw – 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw, A-5 Lowball Triple Draw, Badugi, Badeucy, Badacey and Pot-Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

Explaining all these games in detail can turn out to be too much to digest, and hence we will give you a brief overview of these top dealer choice poker games that you should definitely try.

What are the top dealer choice poker games to be played?

Without a doubt, Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game in the world, and naturally it is part of the dealer choice poker games as well. The major difference between the three variants of this game is the betting structure used in them. While No limit Hold’em has no restrictions on the betting size, it is not the case in the other two variants, be it for bets or for raises. One general tip for this game is to make sure that you bluff intelligently when there is a limit structure in place.

The variants of Omaha are the next set of dealers’ choice card games that you must know to play the online choice poker game.  In the “high” versions of the above mentioned games, the player is supposed to make the highest hand to take home the money and the “Hi-Lo” versions can have two winners at the end of the game, one with the highest hand and one with the lowest. The pot money is split into two in this case. In all the Omaha games, the player has to make the best 5-card hand, where he/she has to use two Hole cards and three community cards. Big O is the latest variant of the game that uses 5 hole cards instead of 4 to make it a more interesting affair.

When it comes to stud games as part of the dealer choice card games, all the versions follow a similar betting structure of fixed limits and the dealing pattern as well. Each player gets a total of seven cards, which consists of two hole cards face down, four cards face up and one final hole card with face down. In the Razz version, you are supposed to make the lowest five-card hand, whereas in a seven-card stud game, you have to make the highest hand. In the Hi-lo version, the pot will be split between the best high and low hands, and same is the case with the “no-qualifier version”. Finally, in the eight-or-better version, if there is no low hand that is better than the 8-high, then the winner of the pot will be the best high hand. Knowing all these versions is important to play choice poker, as they are quite popular in the world of online gaming.

In both variants of single draw, there is absolutely no limit on the wager that you can make. However, this does not make the games as volatile as other no-limit poker games because there are only two betting rounds involved in this, a pre-draw betting round and a final betting round after the drawing is done. In the five-card draw, the one with the highest hand will be declared the winner, whereas the one with the lowest hand will win the pot money in the 2-7 lowball version. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be good at bluffing because none of the cards will be visible to you. This is exactly what makes these two of the most interesting dealers’ choice card games of all.

Now, coming to the triple draw variants of the dealers choice card games, in the 2-7 and A-5 triple draw, everyone gets 5 cards and each one of them have three drawing chances to make the smallest possible hand. While Aces are undesirable cards in the former, they are desirable in the latter even though they have a lower value. Badugi is a similar game where the lowest hand wins but it only involves 4 cards. However, all the four cards will have to be from different suits. These are the most popular dealer choice poker games among the triple draw variants.

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Why play dealer choice poker online?

Now, that you know the incredible number of games that you can play in such dealer's choice poker games/dealer's choice poker app, you must have also got an idea about how difficult it will be to do this on a regular table. You will need a big bankroll to maintain such a game that requires you to be good at multiple games at the same time. This is where online choice poker games can help you practice the game with ease, without having to spend a lot.

You can play with different players from different parts of the world and get to learn more about the games as well. This also helps you ace multiple games at a time, which you can later play individually to win big money there as well. Download GetMega Poker App now to play all these poker games online and get a joining bonus to get you started.

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