Court Piece Card Game: Objective, Rules, Gameplay, Scroring And More

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What is a court piece card game?

Court piece or as it is also known as Coat piece card game is a trick-taking game involving 4 players in partnership. The game has roots in India, although the exact origins cannot be determined with certainty.

The game involves scoring as many court piece tricks as possible in a predetermined time frame. The players or teams who win the highest number of tricks win the court piece card game online and offline, whichever version they are playing.

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About the game

1. Objective

The objective of the game is for each team to win court piece tricks with the highest card in the suit or a trump card. The team or players with the maximum number of tricks during the court piece gameplay which is inadvertently converted to points.

Players also strive to win the 52 courts in collaboration with their teammates for a head-start in the game. In most cases, this generates a sure winner.

2. How to play?

At the beginning of the game, the 4 players are divided into teams of two. The teammates must sit opposite each other during gameplay and accept invites as they come.

The players must specify a time period for the entire gameplay so the winners can be determined.

The dealer is chosen at random at first and the player sitting on their right cuts the deck. The dealer when then proceed to distribute 5 cards facing down to each player. The person who cut the deck also announces the trump suit for the current round before the dealer follows up with distributing the remainder of the deck. Four cards are dealt out together at this point in two rounds.

The deck cutter now starts the game by playing any card in their hand and the other players follow the suite that they introduced. If a player doesn’t have that suit then they can play another card including a trump card if they want. The highest-ranked card in the suit introduced is the winner. In case one or more trump cards are played then the highest trump card wins the court piece trick.

The team to win the maximum tricks also wins the game.

3. Rules of court piece

There are a few Court Piece rules that you must follow during gameplay. These guidelines are applicable to both offline and online court piece games:

  • The timeframe for the game or the maximum number of rounds must be decided beforehand.
  • The dealer for the first round is chosen at random, however, in the following rounds they are chosen based on the following
  • The player to the right of the dealer cuts the deck of cards, calls the trump and starts the game.
  • If the player who chose the trump or his team wins a court then the dealer’s teammate will be the new dealer for the next round.
  • If the player who chooses the trump or his team doesn’t score a court but wins the round, then the same dealer deals again.
  • If the dealer or his team wins, then the player who chose the court is the new dealer.
  • The trump must be announced after the first 20 cards are dealt but before the next 32 cards.
  • The remainder of the deck must be distributed 4 cards at a time to each player.
  • The winner of each trick will start the next trick.
  • Scoring begins only after all the tricks in a round are played.
  • When the timeframe ends, the player with the highest score wins.
  • If a player on the opposite team cheats or misplays their hand, the other team scores a court.

4. Tips and tricks

The game is pretty straight forward but there are a couple of tricks you can use to win:

  • Don’t cheat or the other team inadvertently wins a court.
  • Try to win tricks using the cards with 8 and below in the first few rounds.
  • Lose the first two or three tricks by encouraging your opponents to play their high-value cards in the beginning.
  • If you win the 7 consecutive tricks to score a court, opt to continue the game to try your hand at winning 13 tricks. If you succeed, your team wins 52 courts which is essentially a given win.
  • When you play online court piece games, try to prevent using your high-value cards and trump suite till the end unless the opponents are already on a consecutive winning streak.

These incredible tips and tricks can be used during the court piece game to score additional points, especially the 52 courts which pretty much decide the winner before gameplay ends.

5. Scoring and ranking

The scoring system for the court piece card game is very simple.

If the players of one team win 7 tricks consecutively, they score a court. Once this is done, the players can choose to reset the game or continue to play.

At this time, the team with a court can strive to win the remaining 6 tricks as well which makes a total of 13 consecutive court piece tricks won. On this rare occasion, the team scores 52 courts.

If the players reset the game to the next round after one team wins a court then the court piece or point is carried to the next round to be calculated after the timeframe ends.

According to court piece card game rules, the ranking of cards in a game of court piece is Ace to two. That means Ace is the highest value card followed by Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, 9s, 8s, 7s, 6s, 5s, 4s, 3s, and 2s where 2 has the lowest value.

6. Variations

In some games of court piece, the players choose the trump suit from one of the cards they are holding.

You can also play a court piece card game by keeping a trump card from the selected suite facing down and not announcing it. Only when the chooser needs to use cards from the trump suit, they can reveal it.

Another Variant is Double Sir where when a player wins a certain trick, the cards remain on the table. If they manage to win a consecutive trick, only then do they collect the cards.

If you want to practice your skills then there are several downloadable court piece games available offline on your computer. You can also play the court piece online with friends and family. If you cannot find a companion, you can play an online court piece with random strangers to add a bit of thrill to your gameplay.

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