How to Play Black Hole Solitaire?

How to Play Black Hole Solitaire?

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A relatively easy game to play, Black hole solitaire, requires a great deal of calculation to win. This game is derived from the traditional games of “Golf” and “One Foundation” and was developed by David Parlett.

Keep reading to know how to play black hole solitaire!

Object of black hole solitaire

The object of the game is to move all the cards to one foundation pile or the black hole.

Some basic information to keep in mind while playing black hole solitaire

·  The game is played with a total of 51 cards.

·  There is only a single player in this game.

How to play black hole solitaire?

·  The game begins with 3 cards being dealt face up to 17 fans (tableau piles). In the middle of the game, the ace of spade is dealt to form the foundation pile.

·  The card is built up or down i.e. King or a deuce can be placed on an ace.

·  The cards are built up regardless of the suit.

·  An illustration of the manner in which the sequence could be built up is -Q-K-A-2-3-2-A-K.

·  Only the uncovered cards at the right end of the fan are eligible to move.

·  The black hole always shows the rank of the last card that is played into it.

·  Touch a fan card with a legal move and it will immediately move to the black hole.

·  If all the cards are put into a black hole, then the player scores a win of 100 points.

·  These games will be timed too, when it is being played online.

·  Aces and kings are considered to be consecutive, hence allowing for wrapping.

·  The game draws to a conclusion when there are no more cards left to be moved into the black hole or the foundation pile.

·  It is often best to play in the same direction (up or down) for as long as possible.

Games that are similar to black hole solitaire

·  Binary Star: in which there are two foundation piles on which the deck is to be built on.

·  Golf: in which the player must build up or down on a single foundation of cards.

·  Putt Putt: which is an easier variant of Golf.

·  All in a Row: in which the game is played without a stock.

·  Robert: an extremely difficult game to best for it has no tableau.

To sum it up

Black hole solitaire is an extremely fun game to play and Shlomi Fish has estimated that 87% of the games are solvable. So why waste time? Give Poker game a shot by downloading the GetMega Poker app!

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