How to Identify Collusion in Online Poker Rooms?

How to Identify Collusion in Online Poker Rooms?

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What is Collusion in poker?

Collusion in poker is basically two or more players coming up with illegal means or strategies to deceive the poker house/casino or online game in an attempt to win their bets with an unfair advantage. Collusion is very much common in live casinos and the management has found various ways to avoid the same. Whereas, collusion in online poker rooms isn’t as frequent and common as in live casinos. However, it can be extremely destructive for the ones putting in the money, in turn losing to a deceiving strategy.

What is collusion in poker

Hence, collusion in poker isn’t deemed legal or fair in both live casinos and online poker rooms. This type of cheating can be done in multiple ways without the knowledge of other players or the dealer. Now, let's see how to collude in poker.

How is collusion in poker done?

In the case of online poker rooms, two players who know each other could reveal their hole cards and communicate via a telephone call or messaging application throughout the entire game. They can talk about their strategies, which could lead to one of them winning over a deceiving note, hence leaving the other poker players at an unfair stand. Then they split the riches between them after a substantial period of time. A player, by all means, can easily influence the course or process of the game by raising and calling bets to suit his/her own poker hand and the hand of their friend. While in this particular scenario there is no common bankroll that the players can share, colluding friends may still share the constituents of a pot with one another if they are lucky enough to fool the poker website and the other contestants.

This is only a simple example of how collusion in poker could work between two people but this act could be way more vigorous than this. Expert colluders could even intimidate other players into folding and manipulating the game making them lose a humongous number of chips.

Another form of collusion in poker is called self-collusion, in which a single player makes multiple fake accounts and uses them to masquerade as different players, in turn having an unfair benefit of being able to view the hole cards from different accounts. In this method, one single player can influence the game similar to how more than one colluding player would affect the game.

Examples of collusion in poker

Some of the examples of collusion in poker happening among a group of six players can be displayed by the following –

  • Think of a situation where Player 1 has pocket kings and Player 2 has pocket tens and goes all-in on the board. As both of them know each other and have a possibility to cheat, Player 2 will fold his hand instead of making a call during the game.
  • If two players never bump heads during the game or lose money or chips to one another, there is a high chance that both of them are playing as a team.·         Player 1 has the best possible hand among the rest of the players. He bets on the board against the rest, and the next player on the table, who supposedly has the second-best hand on the table, makes a call. Then, Player 2 (an ally of Player 1) will raise the pot for Player 1, The player holding the second-best hand loses 4 times the money he/she has put in. This just shows how two players could possibly be cheating and looting money off of others illegally.
How is collusion in poker done

Is there any way out of collusion in poker?

While it seems like an easier option to collude your way through the game, many of the reputed online poker websites have invested in advanced technology that can detect these sorts of cheating techniques.  Using this, they can disqualify or ban the colluding players from the game directly. If any suspicious activity is detected from the side of the players, the host can manually eject the players.

One of the most efficient systems for detecting collusion in poker games online is by using a player logging system. This system keeps a record or note of all the players who have won against each other in previous poker games. On account of any suspicious or colluding activities, the host can check the authenticity of the players by checking the log system and chucking the deceitful players from the game. They will also be able to check the previously played games of these players and can assess on their current game is a fair one or not. As a result, the logging system helps these online sites protect their users, along with their reputation.

In comparison to all the detection systems that are already in use, the best way to prevent collusion in poker is having honest users who return to the websites. Most of the online poker rooms have report features attached to them which can be used by players if they happen to come by any sort of deceitful or suspicious behavior. No proof or evidence of cheating is needed to report the player; a user needs to only report another user to have their records checked by the online poker room or website. And while this may end up leading to false accusations on certain accounts, it is way better to encourage vigilance (on other players) than be a victim to a player or players wanting to manipulate a poker game using deceitful or illegal methods.

As a player, what you can do is to report suspicious players so that the online game creators keep an eye on them. You should also pick online gaming platforms that are reliable and have a strong anti-collision system in place. To enjoy multiple poker games in a reliable manner, download the GetMega Poker app now. GetMega is the safest platform to play Poker in India.

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