How To Hole Cards In Blackjack?

How To Hole Cards In Blackjack?

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“How to hole cards in Blackjack?” is by far the most common question raised by both seasoned and amateur blackjack players alike. Otherwise known as hole-carding, this technique is one of the most popular blackjack strategies for winning a game of blackjack. Using this technique, a player usually tries to see the dealer’s face-down or hole card to gain an advantage during the game of blackjack. Now, in this post, we have covered everything there is to know about hole-carding.

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What does hole carding mean?

Hole-carding is a blackjack strategy that is commonly used for reading the dealer’s hole card or the card that is usually facing down to get an edge over competitors due to amateur dealer gestures.

It is also used for other games as well with hidden hole cards, like the Caribbean stud poker and three-card poker. Now, it is a matter of rather common knowledge that in most Blackjack games, the dealer usually has one up card and one down or hole card. So, if a player is able to read the dealer's hole card (the down card), then he/she can use this information to improve his/her chances of winning the game.

How to hole cards in Blackjack?

Generally speaking, hole-carding isn’t exactly illegal. However, it is usually frowned upon. Therefore, if you are caught in the act of seeing hole cards in blackjack then you might actually be asked to quit the game mid-way. Therefore, to help our readers, we have mentioned some quick tips to hole cards in Blackjack.

Choose the appropriate side

If you are aiming to learn hole-carding, then to start with, you need to learn how to choose the appropriate side. In other words, if the dealer in your current hand is left-handed then as a pro tip, always try to sit on the first base or the left-hand side of the dealer. On the contrary, if the dealer is right-handed, then sitting further to the right or the third base might actually be an ideal option for you. This tip is extremely important because by choosing the appropriate seating position you will likely be able to see the dealer’s hole card when they are trying to check the same.

Make a note of the side of the dealer’s hole card in the blackjack

One of the key ways of seeing the dealer’s hole card is when they are first dealt the same. In this regard, once you choose the correct seating position, concentrate on seeing the closest corner of the hole card facing you. Furthermore, try to get a read on what card it actually is. For instance- if you spot the corner of the card and thereafter deduce that it does not look like a number then you can safely assume that it is a face card. However, always remember that while trying to catch a glimpse of the corner of the hole card, do not tilt your head or lean in, otherwise, it will make it obvious to other players and even the dealer itself that you are trying to hole cards in blackjack.

How to hole cards in blackjack

Keep an eye on the hole card when the dealer is close to the blackjack

In a game of blackjack, the dealer is usually dealt two cards - one face up and another face down. Now, in case a dealer is dealt a face card, an ace, or even a ten as an upcard then in all probability the dealer will check his down card to see if he has got a blackjack. In such a situation, keep a close eye on the dealer and as soon as he/she lifts his down card even a bit, try to get a peek at the corner of the card.

Conceal the fact you are hole-carding in blackjack

To prevent any trouble at the table, always conceal the fact that you are hole-carding in blackjack. To do so, always make it a point to lose a few bets here and there and keep the bets in a reasonable range to hide the fact that you can actually see the hole card. Additionally, do not ever try to hole cards in Blackjack when another player or the dealer is directly looking at you.

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How to change the strategy in Blackjack based on hole-carding?

You might have understood by now, that reading hole cards in Blackjack is no easy feat. Once you manage to pull this off, what should be done next? However, now the question arises - how should you actually tweak or change your blackjack strategy based on the information you receive through hole-carding. Well, read on to find out some best ways to use the information you so receive through hole-carding.

Hole carding strategy in blackjack

Do not change your basic strategy if you are unsure about the hole card in blackjack

In case you believe you have seen the hole card but are not exactly sure about the same, then as a rule of thumb, always stick to the basic strategy. A basic strategy is a fundamental strategy that is commonly used by all blackjack players to improve the odds of winning. This is because guessing the hole card value based on limited information can actually lead you to make wrong decisions during the game.

Split or double down

In case you have read the dea­ler’s hole card and have a fair idea that he is stuck at a hand that is 12-16. Then, as a pro tip, you must either split or double down your pairs to increase the amount of money you would eventually win. This is because with a hand containing 12-16 and enough high cards left in the deck there is a high chance that the dealer would likely bust.

To conclude, hole-carding is a powerful blackjack strategy that generally provides a significant advantage to most players during the game of blackjack. Therefore, practice the above-listed tips and master the skill of hole-carding to turn any game of blackjack in your favor.

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