How To Deal Cards In Texas Hold'em?

How To Deal Cards In Texas Hold'em?

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The running of every poker game is dependent on a way off dealing in poker. In Texas Hold'em where the cards are to be dealt on the board after each betting round, the dealer essentially propels the game forward. A dealer is the backbone of any poker game. In this article we will discuss the roles of a dealer and how to deal poker in a game of Texas Hold'em.

While starting a poker round the dealer provides cards to every player, in this manner player with the highest card leads and starts the game. In case if there are more players with the same high cards then the suits are used as a solution.  

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Poker Dealer

In Texas Hold'em the one who is responsible for dealing hole cards to each player and laying out the community cards one by one on the board is known as a poker dealer. In addition to this, the dealer makes sure that the bets are being placed and the pot are being managed thoroughly throughout the game to ensure that the game runs smoothly from one hand to another without any road- blocks.

There are also poker dealer tips that are received by the dealer from the players. Although the tips are not necessary, they are given and received in good sport.

Although this responsibility is given to one person, it can also shift from one person to another. This means that every poker player must know how to deal poker cards and carry out the responsibility of being a dealer.To learn how to deal Texas Hold'em cards, one should know the basic structure of the game.

What does a dealer do in Texas Holdem?

Texas Hold'em is the most popular variation of poker in the world. Played in different marquee tournaments, this game is a classic. In this game a poker dealer has a very active role.

The dealer starts the game by dealing one card to each player to decide who is going to hold the button. The player with highest card gets the button. Post this the dealer starts distributing the hole cards.

Read below to know the basics of the game, how to deal poker and the role of a dealer to deal Texas Hold'em–

1. Shuffling the Cards –

The first and the most important thing in Texas Hold'em dealing, is shuffling the cards. If a deck is not shuffled, then the players may get cards in sequence, thus disrupting the game and gaining an unfair advantage. To prevent this, the dealer should shuffle the cards in an appropriate and conservative way so that not even one card is seen. Usually a deck is shuffled 4 times before a cut.

2. Dealing the Cards –

The second obvious thing is dealing with the cards among the players. The dealer should deal cards to each player in a way that the other players can’t see the cards being dealt. It is important to be careful so that no card which is supposed to be face-down turns out to be face-up. To know how and when to deal Texas Hold'em cards read below –

·         In Texas Hold'em the dealer is required to first, in a clockwise direction, deal 2 hole cards which have to be dealt face-down to each of the players.

·         Then before each betting round the dealer has to place 5 community cards on the board, face-up three at the same time, then another and then one more respectively.

3. Managing the Pot –

The third thing in how to deal poker cards is managing the pot. It is the responsibility of the poker dealer to ensure that all the bets and sizes of the bets are placed properly throughout the gameplay. The dealer has to oversee that the players are actually betting in with their poker chips with the correct denomination. To deal Texas Hold'em cards keep the following in mind –

·         Pre-flop – The betting rounds start with the player in position to the left of the big blind.

·         Post-flop – The betting rounds start with the player in position to the left of the dealer, still in the hand.

4. Burn and Turn –

The fourth thing in how to deal poker is the burn and turn. To ‘burn’ a card means to remove the top card from the deck into the muck pile also known as the discard pile face-down. This is done every time before the cards are dealt for each betting round so that even if there is a chance of marked cards being used, the players won't be able to identify the cards simply by looking at the markings on the back of the cards. To deal Texas Hold'em cards this burn and turn is done specifically before dealing the flop, the turn and the river.

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5. Awarding the Pot –

The final and equally important role of a poker dealer in how to deal poker cards in Texas Hold'em is awarding the pot after the showdown. The dealer has to determine the highest poker hand when more than one player is in the game leading to the showdown. The player who wins the hand is awarded the chips by the dealer and if there is a tie, the pot is split by the dealer between the winning players. And if by chance there are some chips left after splitting equally between the winning players, then the chips left is given to the player who is positioned to the left of the dealer button.

Dealer’s Responsibility

Now that you know the basic roles and functions of a poker dealer and how to deal poker specifically in Texas Hold'em, next you should know the additional responsibility that the dealer bears throughout the game which are as follows –

·         If a player did not announce the amount of bet placed by him/her and another player wants to know the amount of bet placed by the previous player, it is the dealers responsibility to check and announce the amount of bet placed.

·         At the end of each betting round, it is the role of the dealer to gather all the bets and place them into the pot.

·         If a side pot is created, the dealer has to make sure that the chips are distributed correctly in both the pots.

·         The dealer is not allowed to announce the amount of the pot and if a player requests it, the dealer can only ‘spread the pot’ so that the players can see the chips in the pot.

·         It is the responsibility of the poker dealer to oversee the players and their actions and make sure that everything is done in a proper manner and that the players are behaving themselves throughout the game.

With this we come to an end of how to deal poker cards being a poker dealer. Download the GetMega Poker app and put this theory to deal Texas Hold'em cards to the test and enjoy with your friends!

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